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Warning: Unresponsive Plugin; Shockwave flash may be busy, or it may have stopped responding.

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I've been using firefox for a really really long time, and I play quite a lot of facebook games. Yesterday morning, things were working perfectly fine, but later in the day, I suddenly started getting these shockwave errors. I can't recall downloading anything and I must have uninstalled and reinstalled the flash player at least 8 times. It's honestly starting to frustrate me. I love firefox, but if the browser refuses to work, I probably won't be using it for much longer.

I've been using firefox for a really really long time, and I play quite a lot of facebook games. Yesterday morning, things were working perfectly fine, but later in the day, I suddenly started getting these shockwave errors. I can't recall downloading anything and I must have uninstalled and reinstalled the flash player at least 8 times. It's honestly starting to frustrate me. I love firefox, but if the browser refuses to work, I probably won't be using it for much longer.

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This thread is now 5 pages and so excessively long. The comments possibly do not all relate to exactly the same problem.
(Just unlocking temporarily to comment this page at August 2013 has had about 156 thousand Views. It was opened in April so that is over 10 thousand hits a week)

At this point it is going to be impossible to propose a solution that everyone will agree on. I will lock this thread, marking this post as the solution and link to some of the post most likely to be helpful:

Potentially Useful posts

I think really it would have been better to lock this thread earlier. Threads are best when they are definitely a single problem with solutions, rather than being about a symptom with many possible causes.

Read this answer in context 👍 0

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Goce, funny you should mention Nvidia. I just updated my Nvidia geforce 8500 GT display driver yesterday and I noticed this shockwave problem last night and today. I also installed 314.22. I did a custom / clean install and just installed the driver and PhysX. I've never had to use safe mode to uninstall or install Nvidia drivers. Windows Control Panel Programs Uninstall and Nvidia installer usually takes care of any old stuff if you do a clean install.

I am getting the "Shockwave Flash is busy or not responding" only in Firefox 21. I updated flash in May 26 to the latest version. No problems until today.

BUT...shockwave flash is working in IE9. No problems loading Youtube, no freezes or error messages.

Where is the flash hardware acceleration? Maybe I could check the Nvidia settings.

The only other thing I did online yesterday that I haven't done in a long time is play Bejeweled online which loads Popcap, I think.

Modified by LexieMac

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Well whaddya know.

I cleared my Firefox "Recent History" cache and the pages I was having trouble with and getting the Shockwave flash error message are working now. I hope it holds.

Sometimes it's the simple things....

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Hi LexieMac,

Here is an article that explains how to enable or disable hardware acceleration in Flash:

Modified by Goce Mitevski

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Thanks Goce. The problem seems to have gone away since I cleared Firefox cache.

Disabling/enabling hardware acceleration in Flash is an easy thing to check if it happens again though. Thank you.

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Tried updating to the Beta testing version of Flash player (11.8). For a few days I didn't see the error :) ...but today there it is again! :(

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Well, it's back again for me too today. I'll try disabling hardware acceleration in flash now. Any other solutions out there. It's only in Firefox and I have version 21.

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for me this has been going on for about 6-8 weeks .. not made any changes to my pc or added anything .. mozilla plug in check said everything is up to date . I download shockwave again and it works for a bit then stops. Frustrating Mozilla did something to their latest versions or has not kept up with shockwave. Googlechrome now I guess. its super ridiculous.

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"I tried going to the Adobe website where it asks TEST SHOCKWAVE PLAYER this test installed a plugin called SHOCKWAVE FOR DIRECTOR

So far things are running smoothly. No more hangups"

^^^^This worked like a charm , thank you so much, mikky!

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Firefox simply does not allow for flash at slower computers nowm which is ridiculous. On my windows tablet firefox hangs even when facing simple ads in the browser, while Internet Explorer works fine. On my desktop PC firefox manages to handle flash, but it is sluggish and processor gets hot, while IE and chrome work ok. It must be Firefox specific fault then and I dont really get why the company behind it does nothing to resolve this issue. Shame.

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Some background information.

The Company behind FlashPlayer is Adobe.

Internet Explorer does not use the same FlashPlayer plugin as Firefox. IE is of course intended for Windows use. IE is not a cross platform browser.

Google Chrome has a rather close relationship with Adobe & directly integrates propriety Adobe products.

Firefox tends to favour open source solutions and is cross platform.

This thread is drifting around rather. Anyone with problems I suggest you start your own thread using /questions/new , unless you can find a solution yourself by reading this rather long thread.

This forum is intended for asking support questions, and not for discussing: development issues, other browsers, or third party software.

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John, I'm not sure what you are saying in your post. I'm just a Firefox user who is having problems and getting error messages constantly about Adobe Shockwave Flash. I can't even use the browser at the moment because every page with flash freezes.

The fact that IE is mentioned in the posts is a non-techies way of trying to explain/understand what is going on. And I didn't understand the reference to Windows, IE, cross platform browsers etc. and how it helps with this error message.

If you are saying that we should check with Adobe's forums or somewhere else for an answer than say so because your post seemed indirect.

There are numerous /questions/ about this same problem posted in support. I don't know which one to read first to see if someone found a solution.

Please, if you have a link with help for the problem between Flash and Firefox, I'd really appreciate it.

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Hi LexieMac

(Please then post back in this thread to confirm that you have done so)

This forum is a bit odd in that it was designed with the intention of a single user asking a single question in a thread, but allowing multiple answers. The current guidelines suggest users should not post questions in someone else's thread.

Unfortunately threads often drift around and multiple questions appear with multiple answers making it impossible to workout what advice may work.

As to the reference of Firerfox being cross platform it will work on differing devices and differing Operating Systems. At the moment the majority of Firefox users may be using Windows, but that may not stay that way.

Back to FlashPlayer

  • To work in a browser FlashPlayer uses a plugin.
  • The plugin is from Adobe Flash.
  • Even if you have Windows it does not use the same plugin for IE and Firefox.
  • The plugins are from Adobe and are often updated.
  • As you will have noted already use of Flash Player is often problematic.

Some problems with FlashPlayer could be related to the particular site used or to other software installed. Sometimes no fix will be known with Firefox.

Some FlashPlayer related links.

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I really don't know if this is relevant, but I have had this problem for a few months, and it's been driving me crazy! Tried most suggested fixes - nothing. BUT then I discovered Silverlight had been installed on my machine in March (don't know how it got there) and when I dumped that, problem solved! No more annoying 'unresponsive plugin Shockwave blah blah' and no more freezing! These items (Shockwave Flash and Silverlight) were conflicting somehow?? Check to see if Silverlight showed up as part of a Microsoft update or something, and GET RID OF IT!

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Well I registered here because of this problem. Been using Chrome since it came out after previously using FF for many years. Tried chrome and it was faster and just as good in all other aspects... until recently that is! So I came back to FF a few days ago and first day was brilliant, then next day this problem. Went back to Chrome for a day, but I know for a fact that is causing all sorts of problems with CPU 100% every few minutes, it's bloatware now... Went back to FF and tried to track down the reason for this error. Now convinced that in my case the fault (main cause) is a failure of my audio starting correctly. I'm certain of this as when it does not start the error occurs, leave the error there and fix my audio by simply adjusting the sound level (note there is no sound at the time because of the problem). Not got around to investigating the built in sound (Realtek), but would guess the driver needs updating...Reading all the post here, if this is the cause of a lot of peoples problems, then I still don't really think anyone is at fault for the problem, BUT something raises the error and does not account correctly for there being an audio problem i.e. it loops and is causing the device to hang... Basic stuff to me which should not happen. Hopefully someone here with more knowledge can look at this and provide an answer to how to deal with it. To me without the audio working properly the plugin is useless and should msg this out and stop! I'm happily back using FF for the time being, the fault has happened at start up twice now and both times, adjust my sound, msg goes FF works fine and fan stops blowing....!!!

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Worked for me: use an ad blocker (!?!)

I've had this problem too, on one of the machines that I regularly use. What has worked for me is installing an ad blocker. (Don't ask why - I was getting the error regularly on certain forum sites wherever google ads or the like were to be found). Since putting the blocker on, I've not had any problems. On the machines where I've never had this issue, Ad blockers had already been installed.

YMMV, worked for me, hope it works for you.

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I was struggling with this issue on both Chrome and Firefox for quite a while, tried everything suggested for both the brwser. I am running W7 Starter on an old asus 1101ha with 2GB ram, you can imagine what a challenge!!! In any case I managed to fix it setting the system to manage the paging file! I don't know how much sense it has but for me worked don't have the issue anymore.

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Come on spill the beans... how? It saves me and a lot of others looking it up... However I', even more convinced than ever that my problem is the sound card failing as it's happened almost every day since my last post.. As soon as I fix that problem, FF is great for the rest of the day.....

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I am an online full-time student and depend on shockwave flash for classroom activities, in fact there are only two browsers that fully support Blackboard Learn, and those are FF and IE. All of my tests, which are timed, are online. I have had quite a few issues with this error message interfering with my testing. I have been a loyal FF user for many years and hate the thought of going back to IE. After reading all the posts here concerning this issue and checking that I have done everything as noted, even uninstalling FF and re-installing it, I continue to have the same issue with shockwave flash and the unresponsive error message. I did not have the issue with shockwave flash until the FF upgrade to version 21. And even doing this post I am having a responsiveness issue. If I could go back to the previous version of FF I would until the 'bugs' get exterminated...this is soooooooo frustrating.

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If it is a problem with Flash hanging (not responding) and the plugin hang detector kicks in then you can consider to increase the timeout or (not recommended) disable the hang detector because this makes Firefox hang.

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Thanks for the suggestion RE: removing Silverlight. Before I did that, I was repeatedly unable to run the Adobe Flash Player Version Type at:

The Shockwave Flash plugin crashed every time.

After uninstalling Silverlight (installed in late April) the Adobe page works perfectly, and everything else on Firefox has speeded up, too.

So, again, thanks for the suggestion.

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