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The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed help

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It started happening after i updated my flash plugin version 11.6.602.180 activeX version not installed . I've re installed the flash plugin many times and i have updated my firefox 20.0 every thing i updated dosn't even fix it.I have try all the regarding crashes in firefox,but i have tried all the methods all is updated and still keep constantly crashing i also have Google chrome install on my window.? How do i fix it to not crash any more like this?

Hers the list of all the submitted crash reports in sky-drive!124

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Please go to about:crashes in the URL bar and provide us with crash reports.


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Here some reports

bp-8366613e-9782-4322-b39c-52b1021304094/8/20137:57 PM
bp-a77e85c5-41b4-4ada-a820-6b68521304084/8/20133:41 PM
bp-cc4f2e5e-3fb0-4942-9a0d-d5e4221304084/8/20133:38 PM
bp-dba7b3cf-a371-47df-aba3-5592c21304084/8/20133:37 PM
bp-f9cfa43e-9fe8-42f5-87d9-a6aaf21304084/8/20133:33 PM
bp-a0c7bce8-f534-44bc-a12e-52f2021304084/8/20133:33 PM
bp-27787c18-b79a-4bff-a86c-8ada121304084/8/20133:33 PM
bp-008b86d0-d339-4407-a11a-4b34221304084/8/20133:33 PM
bp-c82f3458-def0-493e-a36f-4d49f21304084/8/20133:33 PM
bp-79b89e3e-7491-447d-9c7e-4e2e821304084/8/20132:59 PM

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In addition to updating, there are some configuration changes you can make that may be helpful.

(1) Disable hardware graphics acceleration in Firefox and in Flash

(A) In Firefox, un-check the box here and restart:

orange Firefox button or classic Tools menu > Options > Advanced > General > "Use hardware acceleration when available"

(B) In Flash, see this support article from Adobe:

(2) Disable protected mode (Win Vista & Win 7 & maybe Win 8)

See this support article from Adobe under the heading "Last Resort": Adobe Forums: How do I troubleshoot Flash Player's protected mode for Firefox?

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I just did those now and still get the new one i gotten is this crash bp-758762f2-ebb5-4b8a-8ab4-a18eb21304104/10/201311:13 AM

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This must be really frustrating. When I look at that crash report, it seems to be affecting enough people to have been logged into the bug system a few times. But I don't see an immediate solution there. I'm going to read a bit further.

Meanwhile, a new version of the Flash player was released yesterday. You might try updating to 11.7 in case they've resolved some of these issues.

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I note from one of the crash Reports, that Flash's protected mode may be involved in your crashes.

So whilst waiting for Jeff to get back to you it may be worth trying turning off protected mode. This article explains how to turn protected mode on or off by editing a config file:

For forum cross referencing purposes

  • Report for your CrashID bp-758762f2-ebb5-4b8a-8ab4-a18eb2130410
    • Crash Signature: F1398665248_____________________________
    • Related Bugs include: Bug 858831 & Bug 774281 - (F1398665248) Generic bug: Flash plugin-container crash in ....
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I try the new update and got this crash after the flash i updated and now i get a new message when it crashes like saying Adobe flash player r700 has stop working 4 times now and this shows after it finish loading then to click send report rbp-59d4c3d3-06d3-4edc-b569-b64412130411

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My Shockwave Plug-In crashes every day. Sometimes 3-6 times a day. (And yes, I send crash reports every time.)

Why bother reading the support forum? Time waster.

Mozilla needs to fix the problem.  Users cannot.
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Hi taranta, did you try the steps in the above post?

Since you have submitted crash reports, would you mind posting a few links to them? You can copy and paste the "bp" numbers from the about:crashes pages in to a reply. Type or paste about:crashes into the address bar and press Enter.

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Hi jscher2000, Thank you for your reply and interest. I really do appreciate it.

tbh: I refuse to do what is in the instruction link you provided as I believe it's a time waster. I'm leery about putting up links to crash reports as I don't want my IP addy on here.

But I've sent the crash reports to Mozilla. So Mozilla knows.

Yesterday when I googled this subject pages and pages and pages came up. So Mozilla knows.

In this labyrinth of a support forum there are many, many threads about this subject. So Mozilla knows.

And I've read only one or two of these threads and found nothing seems to be working as a "fix" from the users' end. So Mozilla knows.

As I previously said: Mozilla needs to fix this problem. The user cannot.

And Mozilla knows that, too.  ;)

I hope they can fix it soon.

Until then I will do what I've been doing: sending the crash report to Mozilla and then re-installing the Shockwave. All told it takes about 20-30 seconds (no re-start required) to get the report done and get back up and running fine.

Until the next (inevitable) crash.  :(

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Hi taranta, I'm sure Mozilla appreciates getting the crash reports for future reference in the development process, but this forum is really about making Firefox usable now for people who feel enough pain to post here. It sounds as though you haven't crossed the line to wanting to change your settings, but if you reach that point, please let us know how that changes (or doesn't change) things.

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Note IP Addresses are not included in the published Crash Reports have a look at your own or any others on the forum.

I'm leery about putting up links to crash reports as I don't want my IP addy on here. 
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I have tried everything as well, however I decided to troubleshoot compatibility of Mozilla Firefox and ran it as a earlier operating system and it worked so give that a shot.

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Hi Peterson1993, what combination did you choose that works for you: for example, real OS = Windows 7, Firefox shortcut compatibility tab setting = Windows XP?? Had you already disabled the Flash player's protected mode? Since that doesn't run in Windows XP, I wonder whether this was an indirect way of disabling it?

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Os I am using is Windows 8, Compatibility I used was Windows Xp as it was an option to run as, however Windows 7 fixed it as well. I tried before any of this to disable flash players protected mode and since it did nothing at all to help I enabled it once again.

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Point of information
OP and Zahmnvia both apparently running Windows 7.

Possibly a often happens in these threads there are multiple & varied issues being raised with a similar symptom: Flash Crashing.

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@jscher2000: you said: "It sounds as though you haven't crossed the line to wanting to change your settings".

Um, no. It's just I've "been there done that" in that past. Don't want to go there again.

I know Mozilla Techs read these forums so I'm hoping logic will prevail and they will fix it on their end. taranta

@ peterson1993: Meh. I've done that in the past, too i.e.stepped back into previous versions of Mozilla. I found it fixed what my main problem was but then it became troublesome in other areas. So I'll just do what I'm doing and rely on Mozilla to address this issue. But thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it! taranta

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taranta: I understand that you are worried about personal and sensitive information in the crash report. Please be rest assure that our crash reports are used solely to determine the crash and what is causing it. Without it, we are unable to assist you with the problem and because of that we can not fix the issue. I understand that you are submitting crash reports but we receive thousands of crash reports daily and we can't get to all of them. We also receive about 100 threads here daily and our developers do not have time to go through each and every thread unless we determine it is something critical, then we escalate and if it's to be found as a bug then we know but without the information in the crash report we cannot determine what is causing it to and so we cannot help you and possibly the crashing will never stop because another program on the computer may be causing it to crash.

Side note: You are posting in a thread started by someone else, our rules strictly state that posting in another thread even though it is on topic is not allowed. If you would like us to continue assisting you better with your issue, please start a new thread.

Also if you are willing to provide crash id's you can view the report and determine if there is information on there you would not want to share and you can private message one of the contributors here to assist with it on another thread.

Thank you!

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Hi feer56, you wrote:

Side note: You are posting in a thread started by someone else, our rules strictly state that posting in another thread even though it is on topic is not allowed.

I don't know how that could be enforced...

To everyone:

We want to prevent posters from distracting from the original question; it's a bad support experience if your question is hijacked to solve different problems than yours.

We also want new posters to understand that "Flash crash" has many possible causes, many of which depend on your OS and add-ons, so even if you come to this thread thinking it's your problem, you are much better off starting a new question where you include your specific info. You also can provide a link to an existing thread saying that you read it, and what happened when you tried the suggestions here. That way, you don't have to start from scratch but all the posts are focused on your issue and not trying to answer several different people with different setups.

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jscher2000: Lets talk about this via private message or on the contributor forums.

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