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When I try to open an image I am redirected to The image won't open

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Example: Search in Google = Royal Navy Open link in Wikipedia. Wikipedia has an image I would like to open. When I click on the image a get a blank window with this in the address:

Example: Search in Google = Royal Navy Open link in Wikipedia. Wikipedia has an image I would like to open. When I click on the image a get a blank window with this in the address:

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When you say you installed "from Yahoo" was it a special customized edition of Firefox??

This could be a feature of an add-on. Could you check to see whether you have any unrecognized add-ons and disable (or remove) them. In particular:

orange Firefox button or classic Tools menu > Add-ons > Extensions category

Then restart Firefox and watch for the toolbar, which hopefully will not appear.

You also could paste a list of your extensions here for review. You can copy them from this page:

Help > Troubleshooting Information

It's the second table, which appears below the Extensions heading.

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That issue you wrote here are solved by those guys, all works good now I'm also use it to enlarge all photos on the web.

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Hey, My name is Efrat from we had a massive load on our servers and the system was unstable with limited responsive rate for 20 hours. Everything should be 100% working and stable right now so if you encounter any farther problems or want to know more about the tool, please contact me via this email address GoPhoto.It is extension for Firefox or Chrome and it can be easily remove from the extension manager page in your browser, Let me know if you have any problems there also. Hope you will keep using it, Thanks , Efrat.

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I am sick of being redirected to this site whenever I try to download an image. I don't have the extension installed.

This is malware.

How do I get rid of it?

Is it built in to firefox or something?

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I am having the same problem and have been unable to remove the GoPhotoIt (and FreeHDSport) from Firefox. The only option I have is disable. I have tried Safe Mode and also searching for the extension folders in My Home Library/ Application Support/ Profile. I ended up COMPLETELY deleting Firefox and associated folders and reinstalling Firefox. What were the only Two extensions that held over? GoPhotoIt and FreeHDSport TV. This is insidious malware if it has to be embedded so deeply and so hard to remove, regardless of whether these companies say it is harmless. Please, please help. I've wasted hours and hours of my life trying to resolve this issue.

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Your problem is worse than mine. My re-directs were coming from 1Click Downloader which was installed as a part of DownThemAll. DTA doesn't need 1CD. It can be removed in the usual manner, and DTA works better without it.

1CD has been defined by Kaspersky as malware with a 5 out of 5 rating. Quite dangerous.

The greyed out extensions to Firefox are a different matter. They haven't been installed in the usual manner, but by making changes to the registry, which forces Firefox to install them without an uninstall option. This is a security loophole in Windows, and there is nothing that Mozilla can do about it.

Do a search here, instructions are given on removal.

Warning: you have to make alterations to the registry by hand. Dangerous.

You could try sending efrat (post above my last one) an e-mail, but his reply assumes that you have the IQ of a quilt cover. Quite useless.

If you are only downloading individual images rather than DTA;s batches, there is an extension called Redirect Remover which bypasses the problem.

You are still left with a piece of malware on your system which really does need to be removed though.

Let me know how you get on.

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By the way, I'm using a Macbook Pro 2011

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Ah. Didn't realise you were a mac user. Most of my previous post will be of no use to you. Have you tried the apple forums?

PS: Take a look at marineking555's post (3rd on in this thread). Doesn't really fit does it?

I have seen similar threads to this one on a number of forums. You always get an answer like his. One post, never any more, saying the same thing.

Facebook has an app for resizing any image you mouse over. It is also a re-direct to Does his post make more sense now?

Modified by lokke

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Yeah, I've seen that post on other threads as well. I'm very wary of that. I'm amazed at how hard it is to find help for this issue. It makes me think it's either nothing to worry about, or that I got extremely unlucky trying to watch a soccer game online at a bad website....

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Hi jeremymaxwell, if the extensions are disabled (as they appear to be), then they should not be affecting your browsing. Is the problem persisting or did you want to clean those out from wherever they are lurking?

The location of the actual extension file is stored in the extensions.sqlite database, but you can't read it with a text editor. You can research the location using a SQLite database reader such as the SQLite Manager extension ( If you like to hack around, you could try it.

When you launch SQLite Manager from the Tools menu, it may ask whether you want to open a particular database. Cancel that so you can choose from the full list.

On the main icon bar, drop down the list that says Profile Databases and choose extensions.sqlite. In the left pane, click addon and in the right pane, click the Browse & Search tab if it's not already selected. Expand the descriptor column and look for unusual directory paths.

If the list is long, you can drill down to nonstandard locations by clicking the Execute SQL tab, pasting this query, and then clicking Run SQL.

SELECT id, location, descriptor FROM addon 
WHERE descriptor not like '%profiles%'

You should get a short list like the one in the attached image.

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It's been several years since I used OSX, so I may be barking up the wrong tree here...

I seem to recall that Firefox has folders / files in both the root library and the user library.

Don't see how it could have installed anything in the system folder, but have you checked the early startup items?

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Was there ever a resolution for this? Having the exact same problem as jeremymaxwell (also on a Mac).

Modified by greenh0rn

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Hi greenh0rn, to recap, the problem that jeremymaxwell reported was persistent extensions that he could not remove. I assume you have checked for a Remove button here (or at least disabled it):

Tools > Add-ons > Extensions category

When an extension does not have Remove button on that page, it probably is located outside of your current personal settings folder (AKA your Firefox profile folder). Tracking it down may take a little work.

As a first step, try opening the following page

Help > Troubleshooting Information

The "ID" column lists a string of characters you can search for on your hard drive. It may be the name of a folder or the name of an XPI file (which contains the code of the extension). Does that show up anywhere?

Note: I read on other sites that this feature may also be bundled with or built into other programs, including one named 1ClickDownloader. You might need to remove that program if the unwanted extension keeps coming back.

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No resolution as of now. Bummed that Mozilla has no answer, response, or help to offer. At the end of the day, the apps are disabled. On the other hand, I'm very uncomfortable having apps installed by 3rd parties that I can't remove without some serious hacking on my part. That's not my cup of tea.

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Hi jeremymaxwell, I've described two ways to try to track down those extensions on your hard drive. I regret that I don't own a Mac or have a background in Unix-based operating systems. If you have a portable device, maybe someone at an Apple store can do a little hands-on diagnosis? Otherwise, you could post a question on the Apple discussion forums with a link to this thread to see how they recommend going about it.

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Yes, I appreciate your attempts to help out. Unfortunately, although I've gone down the road of id-ing the (hidden) firefox folders in question, nothing has removed the two items from Firefox. As I said before, Safe Mode, extensions folders, etc proved to be of no avail. I plan on going to the Apple store when I can. But this issue seems to be one that SHOULD be easily sorted with help from Mozilla without a trip to the Apple store.

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jeremymaxwell - Please keep me posted as to what they say/what the resolution is...thanks!

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Hi greenh0rn, while you wait, you probably want to at least disable the problem extension(s) as noted above.

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Thank you jscher2000, I did do that.

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I had this exact same problem. The solution for me was quite simple. The extensions are located in the Firefox folder, but that is located in a hidden "Library" folder on your mac. Follow these instructions to unhide the folder:

Now on your hard drive you can go to: Users\"Your Profile"\Application Support\Mozilla\Extensions

And delete the troublesome extensions. Hope this helps.

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