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Reviewed M FredMcD Start Page
Current M AliceWyman Set multiple pages as your home page, purged pre-fx60 content, other edits
Reviewed M davidspriggs n/a
Approved M Tonnes fix fors
Unreviewed   Michele Rodaro "Set your home page" header: options/preferences
Approved M Joni updated for 61
Unreviewed   Joni in progress
Approved M AliceWyman Having problems? link to "An extension changed my home page" article for fx57.
Approved M AliceWyman {for not fx56}''Home Page''{/for}{for =fx56}''Home page''{/for}
Reviewed M Tonnes Home Page -> Home page (56+) + bolded (may need additional edit for line 32?)
Approved M Tonnes add removed comma, double "the"
Approved M AliceWyman edits to last revision
Unreviewed   AliceWyman "Tip": edits, images for fx57, 56, 52
Unreviewed   Lan More 57 edits
Unreviewed   Tonnes add "the web" + "on"
Reviewed M Tonnes + "the web"
Unreviewed   Lan Firefox 57 images
Approved M Joni updated for 57
Approved M Lan For not 56/for fx56 images
Approved   Tonnes remove colon, add comma (colons in prefs are being removed in 56+)
Approved M AliceWyman Restore the default home page: updated for Fx56 with new screenshot
Approved M AliceWyman removed extra {/for}
Approved M Lan Minor edits
Reviewed M akash attach keyboard shortcut
Approved M Lan Corrected Heather's update
Approved M Heather updated Preferences General Restore to default image Fx 38
Unreviewed   Moin Shaikh Added a tip for users asking them to cross check if they have setup home page properly, also provided keyboard shortcut key to navigate to home page.
Reviewed M Heather fixed image error update for General panel FF 36
Reviewed M Heather added new general page under menu prefrences
Approved M Joni hid outdated video
Approved M AliceWyman removed warning at top with "Reset Firefox" link; added related article link under "Having problems?"
Reviewed M Swarnava Sengupta Added fx 35 support
Approved M Lan Linux screenshot
Approved M Artist very minor edits (suggestions)
Approved M AliceWyman edit to last revision for fx34 updates- see discussion
Approved M AliceWyman edit to last revision: added fx34 screenshot for Mac (still need one for linux)
Unreviewed   AliceWyman Restore the default home page: updated for Fx34 (see discussion)
Approved   scootergrisen "%20" > "-"
Approved M AliceWyman (edit to last revision) bitable article renamed, for win
Approved M Joni added link to bitable
Approved   AliceWyman removed ShareArticle template. Also edited Description to add "slug" how-to-set-the-home-page
Approved M Michael Verdi moved video above TOC
Approved M Michael Verdi Added video for fx 29
Reviewed M jack102601 I Tweaked the code
Approved M pollti added answer for problems (Home button isn't available)
Approved M Michael Verdi site > web page, added home button image, added screenshots for Fx29
Reviewed M DaviNM perfeitamente traduzido do ingles para o Portugues
Reviewed M Tonnes site -> page, typo (based on r53585)
Reviewed M Wesley Branton "What is a home page" section added
Reviewed M Gaurav pareek introduce new method
Approved M Michael Verdi New steps (drag tab to home) for fx29
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi New version of the other home page options tip
Unreviewed   Joni Ready for review: made minor edits to the steps.
Unreviewed   Joni WIP: Changed intro and removed outdated steps on how to set a b
Unreviewed   Joni Edited the intro paragraph, reworded the tips for setting the home page.
Unreviewed   Joni Condensed the "multiple home pages and "restore previous sessions" into a tip.
Unreviewed   Joni WIP: Still fixing bullet points and steps for setting up multiple home pages.
Unreviewed   Joni Removed sections for < v16, shortened the search snippet, removed section on how to reopen pages from last session. The latter isn't a home page feature, and we can consider describing this feature in a separate article and link to this one.
Reviewed M Meghraj Suthar please dont't review these both
Reviewed M Meghraj Suthar Share this article added
Approved M Michael Verdi incorporated EeyoreGray's note
Reviewed M LightningFox7 Added some details
Reviewed M EeyoreGray Added "Important Note" regarding the multitabs loading for people with slow internet speeds.
Approved   jojo81 line 21 - deleted "in your homepage", Added "the" before "desired". Added ",for your homepage,".
Approved   adampeebleswrites made "homepage" into two words "home page"
Approved M Michael Verdi Based on previous edit, changed note styling, added a <br> for a mac image that was touching text above
Unreviewed   porubka Layout correction (removed/added <br> tags)
Approved M AliceWyman See discussion: "hijacked" bullet changed to a note, moved other bullet under Having problems?.
Approved M AliceWyman changed notes into bullets; "website" not "web site"
Approved   John99 made a link to search hijack article
Approved M jdrobertso Added a note at the beginning about removing toolbars, removed endnote linking to malware page.
Approved   Michael Verdi Swap video with youtube version
Reviewed   Mcrocker2013
Reviewed   acg650
Approved   scoobidiver fixed links, drop support for fx35
Approved M Michael Verdi removed fx 3.6 info, fx15 - Removed sub-bullet from "Show my windows and tabs from last time" - that pref is now in the Tabs panel.
Approved M Swarnava Sengupta added the Share this article template
Approved M Michael Verdi New 160 character search summary
Approved M Michael Verdi for fx13 - added info about tabs loaded on demand setting
Approved   scoobidiver removed home as a keyword (duplicated with the title)
Approved   mluna updating with Scoobidivers new keywords
Reviewed   scoobidiver changed keywords
Approved   Centinel Minor proofing.
Approved M Michael Verdi Removed redundancy from a line in the troubleshooting section
Unreviewed   scoobidiver added troubleshooting section
Approved   scoobidiver added keywords
Approved M Michael Verdi Added screencast and incorporated blank home page addition
Unreviewed   scoobidiver Added blank home page case
Reviewed   yosh Added info about how to set a blank home page. Could use a screen shot (but I don't know how to do that yet...)
Approved M Chris Ilias hide other instances of "(Main panel in Firefox 3.5)" for Fx4 users
Approved M Underpass "main panel" is for 3.5 only
Approved M Cheng Wang fixed list markup
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi updated for Fx 4, new screenshots for all OSs
Approved   Michael Verdi Cleaned up formatting, added a summary
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi I added a wiki comment at the top of the article with information for localizers.

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