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Why are FF29 and Australis so extremely bad compared to older Firefox version? What were the developers thinking when producing this catastrophy?

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Why are you trying so hard to make Firefox look like Chrome? WHY? Why is Firefox trying so hard to be a bad copy of Chrome? WHY? Why isn't Firefox the nice and functional Browser I once knew? WHY?

Whoever had the idea of making Australis, please kick him out. And if you're gonna copy Chrome, then WHY DON'T YOU MAKE MULTIPLE PROCESSES FOR TABS?! Instead, you're working not make Firefox look dumb. Great.

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That is a matter of opinion. Many users like the new UI.

You can submit feedback to the developers here:

The majority of the people providing support here are users just like you.

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You're dreaming. No user likes the new interface. The comments on the feedback page make it pretty clear. Who are you trying to fool?

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If you don't like it, simply stop using version 29. Simple as that. There's no need to be rude to other contributors. By the way, Mozilla is actively monitoring social media and the reaction has been pretty good regarding Australis.

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hello, this forum is intended for technical support and not general discussion - so if you don't have a particular issue you want to troubleshoot use the feedback link provided by ed instead! (Mozilla Support rules and guidelines) thank you for your understanding...

btw. there is also work done under the hood of course - for progress on a multiprocess architecture in firefox see for example.

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Australis might be attractive to 13 year old kids on their smartphones using facebook and twitter (your so called "social media"), but that's it. It's just pitiful how obviously Firefox is trying to imitate the Chrome look, instead of improving and adding important functions.

Sorry if I sounded rude to the-edmeister, it's just that I'm really really annoyed by this update. I always loved Firefox in the past, and this is the first time I feel ashamed for using Firefox.

@philipp From what I've heard, the development on that one is basically 'on-hold indefinitely'.

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I understand your frustration but this change is good! You should give it a try. The reception on Australis has been wonderful!

The interface you see in Firefox 29 is a major re-design (first one since Firefox 4) of Firefox's user interface called "Australis." We could argue about the UI similarity between 29 and Chrome but what good would that do? Main point is that Firefox is still way more customizable than Google and way more secure.

If you don't like the new Australis look, you can revert back to the view before Australis using the Classic Theme Restorer addon

And if you prefer tabs on bottom:

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@Moses Of course Firefox is more customizable than Chrome and that's also why it's always been a better browser than Chrome. But that customization also includes the 'tabs on bottom' option by default. This change is definitely not good, because obviously, Firefox is trying hard to look childish (and misinterpreting it as modern). This just absolutely ruins the image of Firefox. I had to try around for an hour or so (and adding several addons) to convert FF29 into an usable browser - which the older Firefox version were by default.

Seriously, please delete Australis in FF30. Or at least make the older look the default look.

And also, yes, I tried Australis. It was horrifying. The tabs look weird, the new settings button is bad (just as bad as the one in Chrome), and almost every other design change was just as bad.

And I'm really curious about where exactly there is this 'wonderul reception'. Most of the comments on FF29 across the net I've seen so far have been negative ones.

My guess is your reception was based on the beta testers. Now, that the official update has been released, I guess you'll see lot of negative opinions.

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Don't feel like I'm shutting you down because I'm not. philipp is right. This is intended for technical support only and not general discussion. You can submit feedback to the developers here:

I will say a couple of things before.

  • We are all volunteers, not Mozilla employees or Firefox developers.
  • To be perfectly blunt here (quick disclaimer: this is my opinion as a volunteer and in no way is the view of the Foundation or Corporation) I don't see Australis going away at all. The change is too new and I doubt Mozilla will pull back the UI just because some users don't like it. Even if they did go back to the old UI, Mozilla would be going backwards instead of forward into innovation which is what they're best known for.
  • If you want tabs on bottom, please download the Tabs on Bottom extension:
  • If you want to restore Firefox to the old layout, please download the Classic Theme Restorer extension:

This is all the information I have and I'll be closing this thread as it's not a support request. Please direct feedback to using the latest version of Firefox.

Thanks for your understanding!

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