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Sync Server has been down all night. Do Devs even realize?

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The Firefox Mozilla Sync server has been down all night. I have tried from numerous computers, devices, and different ip address and locations.

Im unsure what more info I can provide, but I have not seen anything on the internet relating to this new event, so Im unsure when this will be fixed. It has caused tremendous headaches for what I have done sorting some bookmarks, intending on using the sync to update my other device.

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What exactly are you having a problem with.

I do not notice problems on these

Normally I would say that Sync is sometimes troublesome. IIRC the whole system is to be deprecated with a new one in development that hopefully will actually provide a backup from server service rather than merely device syncing.

I would normally also expect to say engineers would be aware of the problem but in this instance I see no indication of a problem or messages about a problem. Presumably you have considered any problems at your own end ?

There are methods of syncing bookmarks manually between machines but maybe that is not feasible if you are doing this on a network rather than a handful of standalone devices.

I also do not see any spike in sync questions or reports that it is down today, looking at this forum, and the UI feedback reports listing

I wonder if any other readers of the thread would like to comment does sync work or not for you at present.

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when you select sync. it brings up a bar at bottom of window. and it also give a button to click to check the status. which i did. and to be sure that it wasnt my end , i checked it out with the site above.

you are specifically checking certain ports arent you. this all confuses me now.

am i not to even trust the built in sync ...

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I am not sure what more to say. i checked your pages. But all said and done, the actual sites are down if you check manually.

Anything you do having to do with this does not work, which now makes me realize that their status pages are not checking in real time.

Or they are checking from within its own network.

For instance, i tried to get a sync code to sync other devices.

please tell me if you can access this site.

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After checking your status pages out, at the bottom here is what is stated

This site shows if Mozilla - (https) is down or has performance issues right now

That site is not down.

Please go to google. type in

then attempt to go to any of their pages regarding sync.. though maybe others are offline also.

Their status pages are obviously needing a tune up..

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I have just tried a hand full of links from the Google search and they all work fine for me. Yes I have tried Sync from the Firefox UI and I do get through.

Probably easier to sort out on a weekday !

I have tagged this thread as escalate so that it should not get overlooked. Maybe others will also comment on whether Sync works for them. I have pinged a couple of Helpdesk Staff by private message, but not sure that helps with this at a weekend.

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yes thanks.. This is extremely odd.

And i feel that it isnt just me, since many websites that check site statuses like the first one i posted shows that it is down for them.

And i also made sure that these sites are not in Canada, so that i can see it isnt just my region.

I dont understand how you can get to the site, yet i cant, aqnd i have tried from my ip, my mobile ip, as well as from other locations in the last bit.

I also have ping'd , tracerouted, and done other tests. all of which do show positive results.

This is very odd, and I do hope that either it is an issue within mozilla, otherwise, I will need a more direct support so we can resolve this.

Thanks for attempting to help

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I am not sure traceroute is effective for this probably pings get discarded or blocked.

On default 30 I can not ping all the way through, but I know the same occurs on other parts of mozilla even on higher settings. If I traceroute I do not get through yet we are using it ok.

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Try on IRC see if you can get through to someone yourself live who can follow upon this. I have other things I must do right now.

Good Luck, John

(And Please post back here, straight away, so that my reply is not the last one shown, it is easier then for others to find and follow up)

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I also did a few pings.. and a few went through fine.. Im not sure if this is even relevant but a tcp ping brought no access to a port that i now forget.

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Unfortunately I have to head out and take care of some things also. So i do not have time to go into irc to find live help. I have cleared and rest my dns cache.

I will hope we can find where the problem is first and then we can find a solution. Some websites that check status on sites show it as up and normal. others say it is down for the entire public

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From this is what they state


There seems to be a problem with We are not able to connect to the web site. The specific error is: 500 Can't connect to (certificate verify failed)

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I also got this from another query

Server Status for

HTTP: The website is accessible!

FTP: There seems to be a problem connecting to FTP

MAIL (Pop3): There seems to be a problem with the Pop3

MAIL (SMTP): Failed connecting to SMTP

MySQL: The MySQL seems to be offline.

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Sorry.. to the others who also have this problem, as there was no solution just yet,.

And i have even found it harder to find others with this same issue..

This issue is still open and was never meant to be (closed) sorry,. all the help available would be great thanks again.

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Maybe it's a coincidence, but here's another thread from a few hours ago about that server: Comcast is blocking

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Interesting.. Though 20 minutes ago I think i figured it out for me. Somewhat the same,. but not intentionally blocking Mozilla.

Our DNS Servers are having issues, due to The Rogers Cable Network in the Toronto Ontario Region of Canada. Which includes my provider Teksavvy, whom provides service on the Rogers Network.

Rather than waiting for them to correct this (I did alert a a technician at Tekksavy who was looking into it) But without Rogers Cable Network resolving there issue, Teksavvy may not resolve their issues.

I simply went into my router and looked for the page that would have DNS Server settings , along with Secondary DNS Server.

For now, I just put them in the First DNS Server using

which is Googles DNS, and alternately you may put as the Secondary DNS Server. I saved the settings, rebooted router. rebooted my computers.

And all is good now.

Thank everyone for there help.

I hope this also helps some people in the Toronto Ontario Region.

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The Firefox Sync service is operating, however we are having some DNS propagation issues, which should be resolved very shortly.