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Drop Down menus on Kickstarter.com don't work anymore


I've been using Aurora for a while now, with no issues with this site, I think it even worked fine on an early version of 20.0a2, but a recent update has caused an annoying issue on kickstarter.com. Usually if you click on one of the three icons in the top right corner a drop down menu appears, however now when you click on them they take you to your profile page or your inbox, [whatever the icon corresponds to].

It works with IE, and on my iPhone, but not on Aurora. Not a major issue just an annoyance, as there are some sections you can only access on the drop down menu.



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The problem is even worse than described by the OP. Most Kickstarter pages have a FAQ at the bottom that displays the answers to common questions when you click on them. But now because of the disabled drop-down menus, the answers to these questions cannot be read at all.

In addition, using multiple Kickstarter tabs now is all screwy. For example, let's say I am browsing the various projects and open up three of them in three new tabs (let's call them projects A, B, and C). Then, I navigate to project A (the first new tab I opened), find that it interests me, and select the "Remind Me" button (the star icon located just below the project's main video). Before Firefox 19.0.2, clicking that button would bring up a small pop-up message that reads "Thanks. We'll remind you by email." Now, though, clicking the button causes the page for Project C (the third and final tab I opened) to load in the current tab.

  • Edit: I am actually using 19.0.2 unlike the OP. But the problem is still there.

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Hy mate, the Aurora team fixed the issue a while ago, it's working fine in 21 alpha. Have you tried installing the Beta?

flang 0 solutions 4 answers

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I've just installed the 20b6 beta version of Firefox and the problem is still there. Nothing's improved at all.

EDIT: I've found that the problem is caused by Ghostery and not Firefox itself. I have raised the issue in that community to find a solution.

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Still working in Aurora.