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Babylon opens in a new tab despite everything being removed. Help?


I've searched this up and followed all instructions that I could find but it didn't help. There's no trace of Babylon on my system, it's not in my add-ons or extensions, it's uninstalled from my computer complete and every bit has been removed (from system32 as well). My homepage is fine, but whenever I open a new tab, there's Babylon. It's really annoying because this is stopping me from using Firefox's useful option to pin sites for easy access. :/ Help?

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If you install https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/searchreset/, does that get rid of Babylon?

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Yes! Ahhh, thank you so much! :)

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I have had this problem for a few days I realized that the Babylon search came in with a program I downloaded without my knowing it. I followed all the instruction in the forums and web but ended up with a solution I didn't find listed which worked for me. I AM NOT A PC GEEK JUST PERSISTENT TO FIND THE ANSWER KEEP THE FAITH AND DON'T GIVE UP EVEN THOUGH THEY TICK YOU OFF YOU CAN FIX IT

I deleted the tool bars, strings managed search engines followed all the instructions  and could not find Babylon listed anywhere on the pc except on the tab  ( they changed the name in the redirect so Babylon didn't show up.....after following suggestions and many restarts etc. my tabs were behaving perfect home page was correct as well as the other two tabs I use  .... BUT THE PROBLEM WAS STILL THERE.....When I opened a new tab it would still be Babylon search. using the about:config method suggested it was not there ether but kept opening nothing seemed to work

PROBLEM SOLVED FINALLY i have the final answer and the problem is that it was not showing as Babylon at all but an affiliate link listed beginning with Feed.Snap.do WHICH ON OPENING CHANGED TO http://isearch.babylon.com/?affID=113131&q=%22about:config%22

HERE IS THE FIX TYPE in the address line about:config - enter- in the search line type Feed.snap.do and it should come up IN THE LIST THEN double click and when the edit window opens DELETE THE FEED.SNAP entry and REPLACE IT WITH http://www.google.com/search?q= CLICK OK and then try a new tab it works re-start Firefox you are good to go Happy browsing

FOR FUTURE INFECTIONS THIS SHOULD BE A FIX IF THEY CHANGE THE NAME AGAIN-- USE THE EXCELLENT about:config process but when looking for an entry type in search line-- browser and the following entrys will be bold in the list

browser.keyword double click delete entry replace with 1

browser.new tab.url double click when box opens then - delete the entry and replace with http://www.google.com/search?q=

that should work if you have removed the toolbar