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I just updated to Firefox 6.0.2 and it is still freezing intermitantly. It lasts for 30-60 seconds. Before the update it froze intermitantly for more than 60 seconds. Help me unfreeze firefox!

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Firefox will crash and say NOT RESPONDING at random. This happened when I updated to 6. I don't want to have to break into my system to make it work when Firefox 5 and under worked fine.

Firefox will crash and say NOT RESPONDING at random. This happened when I updated to 6. I don't want to have to break into my system to make it work when Firefox 5 and under worked fine.

Chosen solution

edit fix found! You could downgrade, but it would be recommended that you downgrade to Firefox 3.6 as that is still supported, whereas Firefox 5 and 6 are not.

Any problem is quite likely to be related to the plugins or add-ons that you use rather than to Firefox itself. Such problems are often quite specific to the setup and combinations of software extensions used, so if you do have a problem with Firefox not responding it may help to start your own thread with full details of your own setup.

If you are getting a message saying it is not responding then probably nothing is actually crashing.

If you do get a crash it could be (in order of severity)

  • your OS: Windows that crashes,
  • the Firefox Browser itself,
  • or a Firefox process running as a plugin container.

Firefox itself is usually quite stable and responsive. (You appear to be using a 64 bit computer system, so problems are unlikely to relate to the machine not meeting Firefox minimum specs)

First of all try in firefox's Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode but do not make changes when you get the check list just click on continue. If that fails to help, next try disabling or even uninstalling any plugins and themes. See Troubleshoot issues with plugins like Flash or Java to fix common Firefox problems.

If all else fails fall back on the guide

possible cause and workaround

Read this answer in context 👍 3

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If using a default theme solved the problem for you it would help others find that solution if you login and then whilst signed in mark the threas as solved, by clicking alongside a suitable post.

Using the default theme is another of the standard troubleshooting steps and is also explained in :

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Also on 64-bit here.

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The solution chosen is not a solution:

Downgrade three full levels, how? I do not know how to do that: I use the Firefox that comes with the default with Ubuntu and upgrades by default .

So the issue is NOT solved at all. The "solution" does not even explain how to downgrade.

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First of all, look at who had the initial question. I am pretty sure it was me. If you have a problem, you can make your own thread. The solution that worked for me was to use the default theme. That was in the troubleshooting section of the solution I picked. Also, **I** get to pick the solution that worked, not you. It is resolved for me, so there :^P~~~

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Thanks for your reply.

But I have been through the disable plugin route - it didnt help. I've also run under Linux and had similar problems

Down revving to earlier versions - well that just means I get nagged every time I start firefox about upgrading and this is like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - you only have to drop your guard for a second and you're done.

I'm sorry but Mozilla really arent doing it now. The constant releases are disabling plugins (eg. httpwatch which I need for my work) and its not good enough to say 'contact your vendor'

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Hi Maju,

The solution did apparently work for the Original Poster bokarosan.

Your problem whilst having similar symptoms could be completely different, you probably do not have the Themes that the OP removed, and you have a different OS. It would probably be best if you started a new thread by asking your own new question

You asked about downgrading that was mentioned in my first post in the thread where I provided the link

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Hi nickhsw19,

Similar to what I said above, you are probably best off starting your own thread.

Note if you did downgrade to Firefox 3.6 and left the upgrade option on, it has only been upgrading to the different point revisions, so it would very recently have upgraded you from 3.6.22 to 3.6.23. It will not without warning currently attempt to force you to upgrade to firefox 6, 7, 8 or 9

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Installing Pale Moon 6.0.2 instead of the official Firefox release worked great for me.

I'm using the same profile as the official Firefox, same plug-ins, add-ons, settings, etc. But Pale Moon hasn't had a single problem since I installed it a week ago.

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Save your time, we know that Firefox 6.0.2 is screwed, and that 6.0.1 was absolutely fine. If you can't get back to the previous version, then install a different browser.

As a temporary get around, dare I say it? I'm using Google Chrome which doesn't have this glitch in it. Been doing so for a couple of days now and no problems at all. I've gone back to Firefox a few times and the two or three second freeze every 10 or 15 seconds resumes, so I'll maybe check Firefox in a few months and see if there is any improvement. Or maybe, I'll be so used to Chrome by then I won't bother.

Hope this suggestion helps.

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Glad to see the OT poster found a solution. Seems like our issues were indeed much different. I've opened a new thread for my own issue as

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Something is wrong. Let us know Mozzila! Please.. Always worked great before. Don't want to use ie9 if possible. Thanks! And Best!

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This is absolutely ridiculous. First of all let me say that I've been a Firefox user since 0.9, and I have tried my best to tell people to use it over IE (Including people thinking I'm weird, etc), but now, these last few months have made me really wonder why I am still using Firefox, which pains me because I really do want to still enjoy Firefox.

This error here is posted all over the support forums, yet Mozilla does not even confirm it happens, or even assures users that they will fix it. All I see is the same old "LOL guys, must be your plugins LOL try safe mode".

Tried Safe mode, tired disabling plugins, and you know what the solution is? Get off you rear ends, admit there' a problem AND FIX IT. Wow! What a revolutionary idea, you idiots!

Man, this browser used to be about being innovative, yet now all Firefox seems to want to be is Chrome, only with Gecko. No thanks, I used Firefox because it was trying to define browsing, not because it was submitting to the will of a poorly designed browser.

Seriously, fix this garbage, it's been getting worse since Firefox 3.5, dear god how I miss how good Firefox 2 was!

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The problem possibly affects a minority of users, remember we have 100s of millions of firefox users. Any problem may well have many causes rather than a single fault.

carmic has posted above and started a thread to do some serious investigation of one aspect of the problem. Any one else wishing to lend a hand could try to start a thread of there their own and document reproducible problems as they see them.

Developers can not easily start to fix a problem unless they can clearly define it and know how to reliably reproduce it. I for one am lucky and did not experience freezing on Firefox 6. (Past tense as I upgraded to firefox 7, firefox 6 is now no longer supported, it is now considered insecure, after the release of firefox 7 and firefox 3.6.23)

Modified by John99

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I like how you ignore the rest of my post and focus on just one point. Good job, John. Here's the problem: Firefox has started to suck, the team has become lazy and is more interested in becoming a Chrome shell than a serious competing browser, no wonder people are leaving Firefox, heck on my friends said they just reverted back to IE because they're sick of Mozilla's incompetence.

And yeah okay I'll upgrade: To IE9, at least Microsoft seems to care about it's users and let us know that were not babbling idiots.

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Sorry if my answer did not meet your expectations.

This forum is for asking support questions and trying to resolve those problems. I tried my best to answer your post with that aim in mind. If you wish to provide feedback as to how you rate firefox then may I respectfully suggest that you try somewhere else, as a specific example try

On the other hand if you have a genuine problem requiring support then please provide the details in your own thread that will enable others to help with that problem.

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Might as well go back to IE. The problem appears to be that for some reason Firefox freezes, not everybody is able to produce documentation as to why it freezes. It may well be a one thing causes it problem, but not everybody can get the evidence you need. Why not tell us how we can get the evidence? Why not start a bug fix as plenty of people have this problem?

I only updated as my damned browser kept harassing me to, refusing to start unless I clicked on the update box, now I am becoming thoroughly sick of the freezes, sick of the way there has been no fix for this produced by mozilla and sick of the fact that the help team are so high handed you cannot even see their thumbs!

Speak and treat people like this and you will be left as an also ran, which is a shame as once this was the best browser!

Modified by secretagentmole

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Hi secretagenmole,

Help from any user with the freezing problems will I am sure be appreciated by the hundreds of others with the problem. Is anyone willing to step forward and start a new thread ?

 "Why not tell us how we can get the evidence?"  

To provide the evidence needed start a thread about your own problem, and follow the suggestions in this thread, and in the new thread you start.

 "Why not start a bug fix as plenty of people have this problem? " 

Anyone may file a bug, or ask in this forum and someone will help you, or even file a bug for you a long as the conditions where firefox freezes may be reproduced, preferably in safe mode, or with only named plugins extensions and sites. Also very importantly remember firefox 6 is now not supported. Developers working on fixes will be looking at problems that also occur in firefox 9 and 10, and as an ordinary user you would be recommended to be using firefox 7.0 or 7.1 not firefox 6.

I personally have 32 bit XP and do not see the problem on my machine, if I could reproduce the problem I would gladly file a bug and follow up as the developers tried to fix it. If anyone can reproduce the problem reliably, I am sure I can find someone who will file a bug for it, but remember the bugs are to fix firefox, not firefox with 50 outdated addons 10 plugins and opening 300 unspecified tabs whilst running multiple types of security software, in such circumstances freezes or other misbehaviour may be unavoidable. We need to be able to give the developers a problem they are able to define, investigate, and solve.

A lot of users are obviously clicking to say there is a problem, you would in my opinion do better to start your own thread, and try to help provide the evidence needed to investigate and solve this problem. You may also provide feedback as mentioned above, on that appropriate link, that should at least get logged and analysed.

Someone posting in this thread has already filed a bug, but about very specific circumstances. Others have solved their problems by disabling certain themes or extensions.

I do not think I can add anything else to this particular thread, about a now unsupported version of firefox, other than to wish you luck in solving the problem, and hope one or more of you will be able to provide the necessary information.

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One problem causing some freezes on 64 bit systems all platforms has been identified, and has a workaround.


 "     Install my Places Maintenance add-on 
1 Go to about:addons and open the add-on Options dialog
2 Select the Expire operation and click Execute
3 If you wish, uninstall the add-on (it's restartless, so the process is straight-forward)

Modified by John99

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Hi, everyone! Based on your reports we've been able to reproduce the symptoms that many people have been reporting in this question and others like this. The main symptom in question is that Firefox freezes for anywhere from 20 seconds to 2 minutes every 10 minutes, while utilizing the CPU at 100%.

We don't yet have a fix in our Aurora or Beta channels to test, but we do have a work-around that people can attempt to try to see if they are having the same problem that we've found.

We'd love it if people could try this out and report if it worked for them, or if it didn't. One of our developers, Marco, has posted an extension with instructions on the right options to choose:

I suffered from this periodic hang and when I ran this on my profile, my Firefox hung for a couple minutes, so please let it complete - it takes some time.

I know that there will be people who have commented on this question for which this will not solve their problems. We've found one serious hang here and are working on reproducing others as well.


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May I suggest

  • if it works add a helpful vote against the answer above
  • if it does not add an unhelpful vote to the above post

Because this thread will become unwieldy if you all add comments.

  • if it does not work and you still have a problem needing investigation
    • start another thread of your own
      (that helps to ensure we get full and specific information from one user and system, and should help anyone trying to recreate and investigate the problem)
      • and also allows other questions about less related problems & hangs to be answered separately
    • in the title of your question add the following [bug 686025]
      (that helps anyone wishing to search for and list all the replies.)
    • if you wish add a link in this thread, or in your new thread back to here
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