Can I use my screen reader with the new Firefox?

Modernizing Firefox required a new internal design for Firefox's accessibility functionality. We’ve worked very hard to make sure users of assistive technology can continue to enjoy Firefox but we do expect some issues. Please help us improve Firefox by reporting any problems to us.

Can I update to the new Firefox?

If you are using Freedom Scientific's JAWS screen reader versions 18 or lower we encourage you to switch to Firefox Extended Support Release. Firefox 57 and newer are not considered compatible with these JAWS versions and will prompt you to switch to ESR. See this Freedom Scientific blog post for more information.

In an effort to avoid forcing this switch, if you are using JAWS versions 18 or lower, you will not receive an automatic update from Firefox 56 to Firefox 57. We are working on solutions to helping users move back into regular Firefox in the future.

For all other screen reading software clients, Firefox will install and operate normally. If you encounter any issues see the section below.

What should I do if my screen reader doesn't work well?

We are continually trying to improve Firefox with your help. If you're still having problems, try the following:

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