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font "eras medium ITC" does not apply in Firefox - is that so?


I use font "eras medium ITC" on my web site. The font shows OK in Explorer and Safari but not in Mozilla. Happy for an answer.

Regards Ulf L

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This happened

Every time Firefox opened

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Can you post a link?

Do you see any error messages in the Tools > Error Console.

You can open the (Firefox/Tools) Web Developer > Web Console and enable the Net logging and reload the page with Ctrl+F5 (bypass cache) to see if the font is downloaded.

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Thank you for your answer. I didn´t help. I have noticed the font is not loaded in any Mozilla reader. This is the css om my site ssdk.nu:

.footerstyle1 {
	font-size: 20px;
	font-family: "eras medium ITC";
.footerstyle2 {
	font-size: 12px; 
	font-weight: lighter;
	margin-left: 30px;
	font-family: "eras medium ITC";
.footerstyle3 {
	color: #808080;
	font-size: 8px;
	font-weight: lighter;

Most grateful for any reply/ Ulf

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Helpful Reply

This is an answer to a closed thread (now re-opened): https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/868220?as=aaq (Hope that thread works.) Anyway, for Firefox users who want to use the Font Eras Medium ITC on their webpages and have difficulty viewing in Firefox, I have gone through a similar problem, and also a fix that works across browsers. Windows 7, Firefox 15.01. The answer lies in the way different browsers interpret fonts, and a designer needs to be able to get pages to render in all browsers. Firefox allows the use of "Eras ITC", Chrome wants you to pick one of the variations of Eras, as in "medium", "bold", etc. but won't let your just use "Eras ITC". IE9 doesn't care and will render all fonts installed on your windows system (you can check just by typing "fonts" in your start menu and picking installed fonts.) Opera seems to work similar to IE9 as far as using system fonts...and as little as Opera has in browser shares it is still good to check in Opera because it will show you problems with coding that just won't show up in the above "big three." Anyway, here is the solution I found after fooling around forever and even trying to use @fonts in the style sheet (that worked, except for fact that IE9 won't use a .tff file unless it is installable and to get that costs $$$ if you want to do it legally. So, OK, here is the answer that works:

{font-family: "Eras ITC", "Eras Medium ITC", Arial, sans-serif ;}

This will work in all browsers, at least on windows systems...Arial is just kind of a fall back for any failure with the first two fonts. This way I have found to work in the latest versions of Firefox, IE9, Chrome and Opera.

I hope it helps someone. Couldn't post to the link above (edit: now re-opened) because it was closed.

Regards, Axis

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Question owner

Thank you. I will try your solution and replace the image of text containing "eras medium itc" with solid text. Regards, Ulf