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"SKIP THIS AD" -- how to disable or stop this???

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Within the last couple days I'm getting the most annoying pop up the top right hand corner it says "SKIP THIS AD" and you have to click on it to get past it.

I've searched all around the net and I keep reading that this is specific to FireFox. I've tried running my spyware and protection software, all with no help.

I'm running Windows 7 64bit. I've installed the add on called "Ad Blocker Plus" and have added the different suggested filters, all with no help at all.

Can someone please tell me how to COMPLETELY disable these annoying ads. I've been a Firefox user for as long as I can remember...if I don't get this completely sorted out VERY soon I'm going to completely switch over to Safari.

Can anyone help me with this? Please email me if you have any permanent solutions. My contact email is

(it's jamcha "zero zero" @

Thanks in advance everyone!


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@Carltonh3....Did you check for yourprofitclub under Control Panel/Uninstall Programs?? That's where myself and SevenSeas found it last week. Once we uninstalled it, it asked for a password and then uninstalled it from our systems. Since then we haven't had ANY annoying pop ups.

Do you use any P2P torrent sites and download from them?? Both of us do and that's how it was installed in our systems (without our consent)

The best way to search inside control panel/uninstall programs is to SORT by DATE and see when the last few programs were installed. If something was installed recently and you can confirm that's when the problem started it'll likely be the issue and you should uninstall it.

Write back and let me know if you have found anything?

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This happens when you use Windows 7 loaders from Russian mobsters like "Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition v3.503-NAPALUM~DiBYA", it installs a lot of crap throughout the file system like this "Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub" entry that when you try to uninstall gets even worse because it creates new virus executables such as Au_.exe, Bu_.exe, Cu_.exe, ..., Yu_.exe, Zu_.exe on directory C:\Users\Masterfox\AppData\Local\Temp\~nsu.tmp\

From what I detected there's several variants of Win32/Adware.Primawega.AJ applications installed that I recommend you to delete:

  • C:\Windows\System32\6c45a486.exe
  • C:\Windows\system32\250447c9.dll
  • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{8badb25d-16c5-9d16-b13c-559a57918707}\components\6ff02329.dll

This last one it's a script connecting with "" that gets loaded on your Firefox every time you use it, showing scam adverts or tracking your browsing habits, unless NoScript is installed your in trouble. I recommend deleting all this directory (C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{8badb25d-16c5-9d16-b13c-559a57918707}) especially if you notice a "z" version on your add-ons list, to be sure type about:support into the location bar to check your currently installed add-ons.

There's also other files like a trojan NSIS/TrojanDownloader.Agent.NFB that installs as C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Components\messenger.exe

Having an anti-virus or anti-malware and NoScript add-on installed on your Firefox browser may prevent further damage on your system.

Stay safe ;)

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@Masterfox...Thanks for the response, but I checked every single folder and location you suggested and I can't find ANY of the files you mentioned.

My computer seems to be running perfectly since uninstalling you think I should be okay?

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Sure, if you have a good antivirus or antimalware to cleanup your system, you're ok. So if you didn't find any of those files it's a good sign.

Firefox it's my favorite browser mainly for its terrific add-0ns (NoScript, Adblock, WOT, WorldIP, Greasemonkey, Firebug, etc.) that provide great control over web navigation and help anyone trying to get rid of annoying ads, persistent cookies or obfuscated scripts. Always cleanup your cache and cookies on exit.

There's also some other great browsers that go ahead in terms of speed like Chrome, Safari and Opera (my 2nd choice), except any Internet Explorer which I HIGHLY UNRECOMMEND IT for its unpatched security flaws, but all this browsers provide less customization than Mozilla Firefox.

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When you say "Control Panel/Uninstall Programs", are you referring to Add or Remove Programs under Control Panel? This is where I checked and I do not have any thing that says "your profit". Am I looking at the right place?

Thanks, Carlton

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Yes that is what I's unfortunate that program wasn't there, because it would have solved your problems.

Give me some back ground details here...what operating system? When did it begin? Describe exactly what's happening? Do you use p2p torrents? Have you ran anti spyware scans? Can you sort your add/remove programs under control panel BY DATE and take a screen shot so we can see what was the last couple things to be installed on your system?

I'm sure we can figure this out and get you back to an enjoyable internet experience soon.

I'll check here tomorrow for your reply.



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ha bro. waw man my head is boxed with this skip ad, iv tried most things, i found this post and found "advanced performance platform revenuestreaming" and when i went to remove it my system froze and the wording changed to "Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub", and when i tried to remove that i got a message saying that i have to wait wile the other program is removed first so i restarted and after some messing about the " Yourprofitclub", was still there but when i went to click on it to remove my system just said it may have already deleted it and asked if i wanted to remove the words basically but i wanted to make sure it had gon b4 i removed the words so i had something there to try and delete, but low and behold the ad was still there and i tried to go back to see if i could remove it but my system just said it had removed it and the words disapeard. so now i still have the virus but no "Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub", or "advanced performance platform revenuestreaming" to try and remove. so wwwwoooow im fed up now. i have win 7 i got the virus from and the prog was nero 10 i downloaded and installed. i have used all virus and wail were removers as mentioned above. yes i can sort by date in programs and features.

OK that's about it guys. i really hope someone comes up with something cos im hot and bothered now.

cheers :O)

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I also have this virus, have run many malware programs, do NOT have profit club anywhere on drive. Since this is effecting firefox only, I am very surprised they are not coming up with a solution ASAP. (Plenty of virus specfic cleaners are available on the web when one popular virus hits). I have used firefox for many years and am now forced to use another browser. Shame on you Mozilla.

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@Bwanap....Did you check for yourprofitclub inside of Control Panel/uninstall programs??

That's the only place you'll find it, if it's anywhere inside your PC

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First, i got "Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub" which i removed from the system, and after I restarted my computer, it changed to "advanced performance platform revenuestreaming" ...  :((

I'm using P2P too and running on winXP. My guess is it must have some kind of trigger mechanism that already infected in the system. Problem is how to find that trigger file ... I tried clean registry with CCleaner, checked process at taskmanager, tweaking some startup from msconfig, kill suspected files at C:\Windows\System32 and all still without luck.

Though the annoying pop-up does not frequently appears anymore, I just want to make sure that my computer is clean from malicious things. Last hope, I'll try on some recommended software mentioned above... but personally, I still prefer with manual solution such as if i could break the chain reaction of the trigger and clean/heal the root cause/infected files.


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I have this problem myself. It all started on the third of June. I left my computer on that night and the next thing i know it is playing music and adds at 4 in the morning. I did find a program that i did not put on my computer . It is called Advanced Performance Revenuestreaming. I will remove this program and see if it stops. I hope so.

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Removing "Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub" did the trick.

Also I had an application something with "revenue ..." which seemed to have the same with the one that affected firefox but this one was targeted for iexplore

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go to tools in firefox and add ons.u should see all the add ons u have.if you see any u don't recognize like i have google toolbar and roboform i know the add ons i have if u see any specially with just #s and letters uninstall them.look under addons extensions.

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Download Microsoft securety essentials. Scan de computer en verwijder de gevonden virussen en spyware.

Ps begin met de snelle scan. Programma kun je downloaden bij microsoft support is gratis voor legale windows .


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Delete the firefox from program applications(start -> control panel -> add remove programs). Delete the folder from hard disk (My compute r-> C: -> program files -> mozilla firefox). Go to run type regedit.exe At the new window press Ctrl+F and type firefox and search, press delete and enter. Continue with F3 for each registry value at regedit, delete them all. Install again firefox.

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