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Hello my dear comrads/ I was tryed to use FF Nightly x64 portable. No found reason why it more good then standart x32 version.

2. It reqest more RAM, because any tab use RAM isolated. For example x32 version consumption 800mB RAM for 32 Tabs.

 But also we must know that in x64 i can't get work of prevent image download  plugins. 

may be if i get it, x64 will be more thrifty of RAM.

  3. And big funny about cash. I don't know where it and how it size! 

That's now this problem in x32 version!

   4. May be developments do present for me?
 I want change cash  size to 4gB. It seasonly with Russian GSM providers and i also have SSD=))

Inf:"D:\6 Inet\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox" Best wishes for you and youг Job.

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No any won't help me?

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saifullin said

  • Until someone else jumps-in:
  • How large is your Paging File Size?
  • What does it recommend?
  • How much remaining Hard Drive Disk Space do you have?
  • The attached image may help.


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I haven'tthis settings.

3. " How much remaining Hard Drive Disk Space do you have? " Used 1,5G. Free 3,5Gb.

2. "What does it recommend? " -My experimens for decrease inet traffic.

1. Where i can see it\test it? King regards.

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saifullin said

Remaining Hard Drive Disk Space: Used 1.5G. Free 3.5Gb.

Ooh. Just 3 1/2 GB of Free Remaining Space? That's a small, small Hard Drive.

I hope someone else jumps-in here with more tech experience, as I don't know how your Windows 7 Performance is working decent with such low Disk Space. Sorry.

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Sorry. Firefox live on dedicated logic partition of SSDdisk area. There are 3 partitions on SSD at all.

OS W7 x64 live on HDD. There are 4 partitions on SSD at all.

King regards.

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Sorry, wrong sended.

OS W7 x64 live on HDD.

There are 3(C\D\H) partitions on HDD at all.
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Portable Firefox versions do not use the disk cache, so you will have to use a regular Firefox version. Only a 64-bit Firefox version can probably use a disk cache larger than 1 GB

Keep in mind that Nightly builds are an unstable branch and are only meant to experienced testers.

Note that Nightly builds have the number of content processes set to 8 and thus use more RAM, so you may want to check and possibly adjust this number.

Modified by cor-el

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Ok, i some use Nightly. But have some new question about it. 1. Where it containt? 2.How chang e it's size?

"Portable Firefox versions do not use the disk cache" -maybe it's wrong for portables? King regards/San.