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Old addons i can find at new firefox

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Hi. Why some old addons like





Why i can find these or any addons are similar to these at new firefox 61 e.t.c. versions???????

Is there any way to make old addons work at newer firefox versions?

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HI, No you can not.

password-exporter - Security to stop people from exporting your passwords

add-to-search-bar - is sorta built in to the Search Bar if not getting a gree icon which when put mouse over it add Mozilla Support or tons of sites please keep a eye out for it.

classicthemerestorer too many permissions and can all be done by userChrome now to cusomize Firefox in 250 million ways

Note not all code in one place. Also have to find working code as some things changed in ver 60 Also can opt into this :

This is as close as your going to get to Tab Mix Plus :

As Firefox evolves and new way of coding takes off there is more and more all the time.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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So for these 4 old addons only 1 is upgrades to these new firefox versions?

Why i can't have one addon i create backup of MY STORED PASSWORDS?????? And no i don't want to sycronize with any email the firefox.

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And as i see the new tab mix plus web extention it CAN'T make all tabs appear down of the firefox and not up.

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So do not use Sync it is only to Sync settings between devices and is not a backup service. If your wanting to backup do what has always been available to you :

Or look into Password Manager Extensions that you can export from. Mind you it will not import into Firefox but will into the manager :

You will have to sort through 33 pages to find what you like.

And No, I said look in the search bar for the green icon inviting you to install other search engines. re add to search bar.

and no userChrome replaces Classic theme restorer by millions of ways. Please Read.

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Gregory said

And as i see the new tab mix plus web extention it CAN'T make all tabs appear down of the firefox and not up.

As mentioned, userChrome can do that, please read look, and explore.

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Tabs on bottom, may work oe not as from ver 57 also can cause breakage in other areas but can always delete the code to fix it.

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I simply want what these addons i mentioning at my first post do. For example the password exporter addon i want to simply i can create a backup of stored site password i use at my firefox to a file like the password exporter addon do.

Modified by Gregory

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And this is what I said as a answer to your question " HI, No you can not. "

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Why you can't????

And if there is no way to backup or export all my firefox site passwords then all these kind of addons is completely USELESS.

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Hi, please read what I have sent. It can not be done do to security as per : Firefox Volunteer Support can not make changes to Firefox. If you would like to submit info for consideration on improvements then please use the Help --> Submit Feedback and it will be reviewed by a team that can.

As I also said you can backup your your info anytime you want :

  • logins.json (passwords) and key4.db (58+) or key3.db (57 and older) (decryption key) for Passwords saved in the Password Manager

in compressed Java. If wanting to export in another format see Password Managers as I also mentioned.

So you have stated your point/s. Solutions and options/alternatives have been offered and seemly rejected with out study.

To solve this issue and for other reasons you can go back to 56.0.2 do not install the maintenance package and change the name of updater.exe to old-updater.exe This will then give you a insecure browser but exactly what you are asking for.

Thank You for Contacting Firefox Volunteer Support.

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Back up the key4.db and logins.json files which are located in your Profile folder. Those two files contain your Logins / Passwords data.

Use Help > Troubleshooting Information and then hit the Open Folder button which is to the right of where it says Profile Folder below Application Basics on that Troubleshooting Information internal page.

Until or unless Mozilla decides to create an API similar to what that old Password Exporter used to do its job, creating a WebExtension that does export of login data isn't possible.