Settings for privacy, browsing history and do-not-track

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This article describes the settings that are available in the Privacy panel of the Firefox OptionsPreferences window.

The Privacy panel allows you to:

  • Control how Firefox handles your history, which includes what pages you've visited, what files you've downloaded, what you've entered into forms, and what Cookies - Information that websites store on your computer sites have sent you.
  • Control what sites can send you cookies and remove cookies that sites have sent you.


The Firefox will setting controls how Firefox saves information about your web browsing.

Remember history

c429d2de8abb3a0c9ba3bdc67b5b7f5f-1258875743-327-6.png c429d2de8abb3a0c9ba3bdc67b5b7f5f-1260031568-484-2.png c429d2de8abb3a0c9ba3bdc67b5b7f5f-1258875743-327-1.png When Firefox will is set to Remember history:

Click on:

Never remember history

When Firefox will is set to Never remember history:

Using Never remember history is equivalent to always being in Firefox Private Browsing mode. For more information, see Private Browsing - Browse the web without saving information about the sites you visit.

Click on clear all current history to open the Clear Recent History window, which allows you to erase some or all of your history quickly. For more information, see Delete browsing, search and download history on Firefox.

Use custom settings for history

c429d2de8abb3a0c9ba3bdc67b5b7f5f-1258875743-327-5.png c429d2de8abb3a0c9ba3bdc67b5b7f5f-1260031568-484-1.png c429d2de8abb3a0c9ba3bdc67b5b7f5f-1258875743-327-2.png When Firefox will is set to Use custom settings for history, the following settings will be available:

Click Show Cookies... to display the Cookies window. For more information on the Cookies window, see Delete cookies to remove the information websites have stored on your computer.


Private Data

  • Always clear my private data when I close Firefox:
    Your history will be automatically deleted when you close Firefox. Click Settings... to control what items are deleted. If you have the next setting selected, you will be prompted to delete these items when you close Firefox.
  • Ask me before clearing private data:
    If selected, Firefox will prompt you for what items to clear when the you select Clear Private Data from the Tools. Click Clear Now... to display the Clear Private Data window. For more information, see Clearing private data.

Location Bar

  • When using the location bar, suggest:
    The Location Bar is the horizontal bar that displays a site's web address (URL). When you type in the location bar, Firefox can display results that match what you type:
    • History and Bookmarks: If selected, the Location bar will display results from the sites you've visited and the pages you've bookmarked.
    • History: If selected, the Location bar will display results from the sites you've visited.
    • Bookmarks: If selected, the Location bar will display results from the pages you've bookmarked.
    • Nothing: If selected, the Location bar will not display results that match what you type.