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Hot Issues

Thunderbird 24 Signature is faded or grey The linked support topic contains a workaround while the bug is fixed.
Thunderbird 24 Printing of signatures broken This bug will be fixed in Thunderbird 24.0.2
Thunderbird All versions and McAfee High CPU usage, a message 'Sending of message failed. Unable to open the temporary file C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Temp\nsmail.tmp. Check your 'Temporary Directory' setting.' and in extreme cases Thunderbird crashes McAfee have been aware of the issue since early 2013. Issues should be raised with McAfee so that they can fix their product.
Thunderbird 17 and McAfee Thunderbird is very slow with intermediate "not responding" message Open McAfee and uncheck Email attachments under Real Time Scanning > Settings > Scan these attachments and locations
Eventually disable McAfee Anti-Spam Thunderbird Extension in Thunderbird.

The official workaround supplied by McAfee 22nd May 2013
  • Disable boot dats (Open security center and under startup settings in real time scanning settings, change it to check for all known threats during startup)
  • Reboot into safe mode (this will reset the cache)
  • Reboot into normal mode.

Thunderbird performance should be back to normal after this workaround.

Thunderbird 16 and 17 Thunderbird is inserting random and incorrect font size tags in the middle of words , which consequently breaks the spell-checker Click the menu button New Fx Menu Fx57Menu and choose Options.Preferences. Composition | General and then click on the Restore defaults button.
Thunderbird 17 on Windows XP only With some Windows themes, the Title bar is an illegible blue color due to a bug Click the menu button New Fx Menu Fx57Menu and choose Options.Preferences. | Advanced | General Click on the Config Editor... button,
Then set the mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar preference to false.
Thunderbird 17 Multiple messages windows are displayed when Thunderbird 17 launches Update to version 17.0.2 or later
Thunderbird 17 QuickText addon causes Thunderbird 17 to crash Update QuickText to version
Thunderbird 16 Spell checking broken if you backspace when using HTML email and a font like "Helvetica, Arial" Fix in Thunderbird 17
All versions Is there a version of Thunderbird for IOS (iPhone,iPad etc) and Android? There are no current plans to release a version of Thunderbird for these operating systems

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How to ask your question

As free and open software, Thunderbird is supported by a volunteer community and therefore Mozilla doesn't provide email or fax or phone or live chat support just community support forum support.

In the forum, your question will be posted in public (so don't post your email address or phone number!), allowing community volunteers to help you solve your problem.

1. First, please tell us about your computer:

  • Copy and Paste Thunderbird's Help | Troubleshooting Information (To tell support contributors your Thunderbird version, Operating System, mail providers, POP, IMAP and SMTP settings, and what extensions/plugins/themes are installed - which should help diagnose the problem. Make sure "Include account names" is unchecked so you don't expose personal identifying information.)
  • Who your ISP is (e.g. Verizon)
  • What antivirus and firewall programs you are running (firewall and anti-virus can slow down and block Thunderbird)

2. And then please tell us concisely:

  • What you did
  • What happened
  • What you expected

3. Ask a question in the Thunderbird support forum using the link below. Make sure to include the information you gathered in the previous steps.

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