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The Quick Filter Bar helps you sort your message list based on specific criterias. You can filter your messages based on the following filters:

tb-icon-pin  Pin Keep filters applied when switching folders.
tb-icon-unread  Unread Show only unread messages.
tb-icon-starred  Starred Show only starred messages.
tb-icon-address-book  Contact Show only messages from people in your address book.
tb-icon-tag  Tags Show only messages with tags on them.
tb-icon-attachment  Attachment Show only messages with attachments.

To show or hide the Quick Filter Bar, click on tb-icon-filter  Quick Filter in the Mail ToolbarMessage List Header. You can also reveal it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + KCommand + Shift + K or hide it by pressing Esc.


When you enter filter terms in the search box, you will be given the option to apply filters to limit your search to the Sender, Recipients, Subject and/or Body of the messages. Right-click on the relevant buttons to apply the desired filters.

Searching for multiple tags


When clicking on the Tags filter, you will see a dropdown menu and a list of all your tags. The drop down menu offers two filtering mode:

All of Show message where all the selected tag criteria must match.
Any of Show messages where at least one of the selected tag criteria should match.

To limit your search to certain tags, right-click on them.

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