How to Customize the New Mail Sound

When you receive a new email message, Thunderbird plays a sound to alert you. By default, it uses your operating system’s new mail notification, but you can change it to anything you like.

To change the new mail sound:

1. At the top of the Thunderbird window, click the Tools menu (ALT+T) and select Options...Options In the menu bar, click the Thunderbird menu and select Preferences...At the top of the Thunderbird window, click the Edit menu and select Preferences or click the Application menu button New Fx Menu and choose Options...OptionsPreferences

2. Click the General tab.

3. Select Use the following sound file.

NOTE: If Use the following sound file is grayed out, ensure the Play a Sound box is checked.

4. Click Browse, then browse to the folder on your computer that contains the .WAV audio file you want to use.

TIP: Sound files in other formats such as .MP3 can easily be converted to .WAV. Use a media player like iTunes to convert a file, or a freeware application available on the web.

5. Double-click the file, then test it by clicking Play.

Choose and Play a custom sound file

6. Click OK.

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