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Why have you changed design in new Firefox 29.0?

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Before 29.0 desing of Firefox was perfect, now it's more Chrome like. Design of FF was unique and amazing, easy to use, comfortable, now it's not. You've lost big part of people, who loved FF, with good old design.

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Firefox remains customisable. Maybe some of this information helps explain the improvements.

Try the new design, if it does not grow on you there are ways to make it more like the previous version.

One of the developers recently posted this explanation

MikeDeboer said (e.g. in 29 looks just awefull, how to completly revert back to 28? /questions/997009#answer-564641 )

Each setting you see in a computer program you use requires work; when a developer wants to build something new or improve something, he or she has to go through each related (hidden) setting and test if it still works like before and do that on each platform Firefox runs on. That's Apple's Mac OSX, various flavours of Linux and various flavours of Windows, including Windows XP. This costs time, lots of it, and that amount grows exponentially with each setting that's added. This comes on top of our work to continuously fix, improve and innovate Firefox. 

That's why we also removed the tabs.onTop preference. Awesome community members, who were unhappy about that change, created the Classic Theme Restorer add-on. They deserve our collective hugs.

Are you having any particular problem ? We may be able to suggest a workaround.

Note Firefox 29 is to some extent work in progress.

People helping here are mainly volunteers and users of Firefox like you and I. If you feel strongly about the new changes I would suggest you to provide feedback on for the people who decided on the changes to actually see it.

Personally one of my major gripes is that the upgrade happens without prior warning of major changes, and then we are left in a changed Firefox trying to find out what works still.
Sure the new features can best be demonstrated from the new version, but some prior warning with a chance to read up about the changes would surely help.

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"Note Firefox 29 is to some extent work in progress."

From what I have read 29 is a godawful mess, and installing 28 over 29 may or may not work.

I think I will stick with 28 until 29 has "progressed" to being as functional as 28. Which I believe means "cluttered". I prefer function to style.

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I suppose all Releases are work in progress. Most get a point Release. All get changed at the next Release. If you stick with Fx 28 you miss any fixes and increase risk to your personal data and your system.

You could consider the opposite path. Upgrade even further. Actually install and use the Beta channel Firefox (Currently Firefox 30). If you see a very major problem in that and report it you may actually change Firefox by getting agreement the change should be removed or fixed.

P.S. On beta you always have a secure and safe downgrade path to a good working Firefox without the changes, the Firefox Releases nearly everyone else is on and that you used 6 weeks earlier whilst it was in Beta.

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The security flaws are unfortunate. The developers have produced a new version that I cannot operate without extensive re-learning. At the age of 71, I'm afraid my learning curve is much flatter than it once was. The developers have effectively prevented me from upgrading.

"On beta you always have a secure and safe downgrade path to a good working Firefox without the changes...."

This sounds like it might have potential. Would you be kind enough to provide instructions for non-geeks to create a safe version that looks like 28? Or even earlier versions which I found more functional than 28? Or even provide a safe 28-like browser for the rest of us? Might some merciful developer be wiling to do this?

If not, I find myself stuck with 28. If Norton cannot cope with the security flaws of 28, I don't know what I will do.

The developers' arrogance has placed me, and, I am sure, thousands of other long time users, in a very difficult bind. Do they care enough to make 29 usable by the rest of us? I can only hope.

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@cbrookej, I don't think the devs care.

Some things, like the tabs on bottom were removed for "design purposes". So it's clear that they care more about design rather than functionality.

It is disappointing that I need to have 3 addons in order to get Firefox 29 to look like 28. They have also done some really stupid designs like attaching the back-forward button to the URL bar.

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Hi cbrookej,

Firefox is as always customisable. It is relatively easy toget ttolook like Fx28 or even Fx3 byusing an addon.

That's why the Dev was saying

 Awesome community members, who were unhappy about that change, created the Classic Theme Restorer add-on. They deserve our collective hugs.

For more information look at

  1. How to make the new Firefox look like the old Firefox
    he article mentions the steps and includes screenshots.
  2. and use

If you have not installed an addon before maybe it also helps looking at this article

If you have problems with doing this post back I am sure people will help you, even if that is not what they themselves are trying to do.

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@John99, you say "Firefox is as always customisable." but tell me, how do you separate the address bar from the back button?

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You need to use the Classic Theme Restorer extension to have a separate Back and Forward button and being able to move these buttons out of the urlbar-container while in Customize mode.

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As you have discovered, that will be by taking advantage of addons.

I am only a fellow user of Firefox and nothing to do with the Development or Development decisions. This subject is not even within the scope of this forum unfortunately. You can make comments in the feedback

The aggregated & statistical analysis of that is made available for Developer's , but I am not aware of anywhere on Mozilla you can easily discuss this.

I have tried to provide what potentially useful information is available.

I will close this tread.


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Note also new thread by cbrookej

  • Is it possible to continue using 28 while I see if I can customise 29 to my satisfaction? /questions/1003635