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Can't Find Red Icon To Activate Java For Web Sites

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As I Open many Tabs to Different Web Sites like just trying to go to Experience Project, Facebook and other News Sites. It is taking me like 5 minutes to get some things loaded on my Page. (I have to use a Phone Line Dial Up Modem for Internet) My Computer is saying to Download the latest Java and when I say (Yes). It finds out I already have it. I get the (Add-On) Page and Java has its List ... (Don't Activate) or (Ask To Activate) I have (X) (Ask To Activate) and my Tabs and Web Sites are not (Asking Me To Activate) or am I getting any kind of this (Red Icon) to Activate (Java) to my Web Sites. So What Gives? How Do I get my (Activating)? (Java) To Show and Come about? When This is not being very well Addressed! Been a problem all year, but I never been able to understand what is going on, then getting very little information as each month passes to lead me here (Now)! I Hope to get a Good Answer Soon, before I use some kind of Paper Mail Address and send something this way by Next Month being Very Annoyed! If it isn't Java, then what and why is my Computer confused on (Java) issues. Telling me Java needs to be Activated?

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First, to sort a few things out:

(1) Slow loading might not be related to Java. Are you getting any error pop-ups, like a script is running forever?

(2) The names are confusing... Most sites do not use Java applets (little programs which require the Java plugin) -- you tend to see it with scientific applications and games -- but most sites DO use JavaScript, a feature that is already built-in to Firefox and which adds interactivity to the page.

Generally speaking, you could disable the Java plugin (Never Activate) and not lose too much. If you can tolerate a bit more troubleshooting, let's try to get it working so Firefox doesn't bother you about having an old version.

(A) Check actual version installed

If you open the Windows control panel and launch the Java control panel from the Programs category, can you check your version using the About button? You should have version 7 update 25. If you do not have that one, go ahead and use the Update tab to update Java.

(B) Force Firefox to redetect plugins

If you do have that current version, and Firefox still shows the old version, the question is why Firefox is not picking up on it. You can remove Firefox's plugin registry file and have Firefox re-detect your plugins. Here's how:

Open your current Firefox settings (AKA Firefox profile) folder using

Help > Troubleshooting Information > "Show Folder" button

Switch back to Firefox and Exit

Pause while Firefox finishes its cleanup, then rename pluginreg.dat to something like pluginreg.old

Restart Firefox. Hopefully now Firefox will find your new Java. You can check whether it did by visiting the Plugins category on the Add-ons page:

orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons > Plugins category

Any progress?

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To "jscher2000" I am also having trouble getting Adobe Flash to work and Shockwave as well. I looked at my (JAVA) version. (Odd) In the Upper Red Box (JAVA 7) below in the White Box is saying: Version 6 update 30.

I have had many Up Date events, but it always turns around saying I already have it. That isn't making sense to me?

I noticed I am not getting on Experience Project when I want to compose the Format Editor's Took Box. I do see a small one here, but not on this Site since 3 days ago. Does this Tool Box require (JAVA)?

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Hi MGPfls, I'm not sure how your Java versions got mixed up between 6 and 7. I'd be inclined to uninstall everything Java, then get the latest installer from the test page.

Regarding Flash (also known as Shockwave Flash), it appears you have the latest version. What is the problem with getting it to work? For example, videos don't start on some sites, the video area shows that the plugin crashed, etc.

I'm not familiar with "Experience Project." Is there a public URL for it (i.e., login not required)?

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To: "jscher2000" My guess with Adobe Flash is it doesn't like working on the slow (Phone Line Dial Up Modem) youtube Videos takes 5 minutes to load and show the Frame in the Browser Page, then another 5 minutes trying to find connection. (If I have my Outlook trying to check for email or my annoying AVG wanting Up Dates every 15 minutes.) seems to want to interfere with my slow downloading. If a youtube is found it tries to download and I wait 10 minutes for it to give me 2 or 6 seconds of Video and then Quits. Adobe Flash doesn't Endure and go faster for me. Doesn't usually play the next 5 seconds, next 5 seconds (If I do wait as I do wait in additional 40 minutes more) as to getting 30 seconds and quits.

"Experience Project" is usually a Place for Members to have a Profile and Post things. It usually requires a Login for it. There can be Guess, but all they can do is just get pages of Members they may find and something and just read things and not be able to participate in anything. If anyone wants to get involved, so they have to make a Membership Profile otherwise.

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Given your internet connection, it sounds like YouTube is an even bigger waste of your time than for those with more bandwidth.

On the Experience Project, when you encounter the problem, do you see a "shield" icon to the left of the URL in the address bar? This indicates that there is insecure content in a secure page, a new feature of Firefox 23. This article describes it in more detail: Mixed content blocking in Firefox

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All I get is a Faded Globe about this Web Site Doesn't Supply Identity Information. For a Year I do think this Experience Project has put Adware into my Browser. Every-time I get a Page (Which for now I have a big habit to ignore it.) Is a Drop Down Notice in a Pale Box. [ () Firefox has prevented this Page from being Re-directed to another Web Site. ] Thank goodness, but I never been able to find how to get rid of this [ Adware ] trying to make it do so. So (JAVA) doesn't put Editor Tool Boxes into my Page? Then perhaps (JAVA) might be working half the time? I am getting multiple problems which is clashing with my slow downloading to get Internet pages to come up. I am Not getting a [ Shield ] Icon. On Experience Project.

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On some sites, it is normal to get a redirect, particularly after submitting a form or edit. You can allow that using the button on that bar or, if you like, allow it on all sites. That setting is in the Options dialog on the Advanced tab: Advanced panel - Accessibility, browsing, network, updates, and other advanced settings in Firefox.

Without working with the editor directly, I don't know what it does, sorry.