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How do I get rid of the automatic tab ? Have NEVER used this feature and don't like it as it reduces window size.

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Want to remove the automatic tab from firefox 23

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In Firefox 23, as part of an effort to simplify the firefox options set and protect users from unintentially damaging their Firefox, the option to hide the tab bar was removed.

Fortunately, this can easily be resolved if you desire the keep tabs hidden. You can install "Hide tab bar with one tab", an extension hosted on Mozilla's add-ons site, which will restore the ability to hide the tab bar.

Thank you and I hope this helps!

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Chosen Solution


In Firefox 23, as part of an effort to simplify the firefox options set and protect users from unintentially damaging their Firefox, the option to hide the tab bar was removed.

Fortunately, this can easily be resolved if you desire the keep tabs hidden. You can install "Hide tab bar with one tab", an extension hosted on Mozilla's add-ons site, which will restore the ability to hide the tab bar.

Thank you and I hope this helps!

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That add-on didn't solve anything.

I don't like tabs. I never use tabs. I don't want tabs.

That is why I have always had all boxes related to tabs unchecked.

Now with update to 23, I have tab bar above location bar that's bloody annoying.

How do you eliminate this new "feature?"

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Well, I installed suggested add-on again.

This time it appears to have taken --- Thank the Baby Jesus!

It still does not address the issue of why Mozilla needlessly decided to annoy its users by putting this "feature" in with update.

It's taken me better part of an hour to find a solution to problem I didn't ask for.

Leave well-enough alone!

Oh, and did I say that Tabs really suck!

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HOW in the world did unchecking a box to show the tab bar start "damaging" Firefox?

Mozilla's simple repeated answer leaves us all with a VERY bad taste that Mozilla/Firefox has finally dropped it's standards below that of Google and it's sloppy mess called Chrome.


I never liked Chrome because it has no option to stop those annoying tabs from redundantly showing exactly the same thing at the top as the bottom of the screen!

A row of 3 minimized windows is EXACTLY the same as a row of 3 tabs BUT Tabs show at the same time as the empty bar at the bottom, effectively WASTING MY SCREEN SPACE!!!

F* Tabs and F* this new piece of Sh!t version of Firefox! You're screwing up my only good browser I have left before I switch to Opera or Safari!

Stop altering that which isn't broken!

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I have to install add-on to get behaviour that I used to get just by unchecking one box. There is not even about:config option for this?

I have to say Mozilla, this was really really bad choice you've made.

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I strongly agree. I hate tabs and don't understand why decisions are made to FORCE everyone to use them when the option to either have them or not was previously available. Anyone who likes them can turn them on but there is no reason to force us all to use tabs, or alternatively, go through hoops of finding some obscure add-on to remove them. Trying to make Firefox more dummy proof (you said it was done so folks would not harm their Firefox software) is a noble idea, but there must be a better way than forcing something like tabs on everyone when we don't want them. Really bad call, Firefox.

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Apparently, to "simplify the firefox options set" means to take the "options" away from us. What made someone think that was a good idea? Why has the only browser I have ever used changing to be like all the other pieces of sh** out there???

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Because by the roll out of V26-27 it will become mandatory and we can all hate Firefox equal to Google and IE. They are making this so integrated in FF because the path was chosen by default when they started adding those crap TABS to every edition afterward. So no, miles down the design road, they are sticking to the idea and as soon as the V27 edition comes to level by years end, you will have no choice, it will become integrated with the address bar. Check the designer notes in the Mozilla forums. It's true! They're planning to bend all our arms to use TABS for everything.

The reason we are made to switch to a Add-On, was to make it easier when the time comes, to say that the Add-On is incompatible with the latest edition (and NEVER EVER AGAIN will be compatible).

I suggest that each and everyone who sees and reads this makes a HUGE Facebook rant and post endlessly (as I have) to inform all those who despise TABS to post on Mozilla and Firefox forums and let them see and know how much of a useless waste and redundant failure a TAB BAR above and a Windows Explorer Bar below are!

Is everyone happy with this progress that technology is making? I thought it would be EASIER to see and hear our voices, not our private lives and ignore our individual preferences. Mozilla/Firefox needs a FLOOD of emails, posts, and group interest to change this. It's extremely important... but I'll most likely end up like the guy carrying the "THIS IS THE END!" sign around NY till it's too late!

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@Kanata check and see if you get the same issue of that Add-On that supposedly stops opening tabs, opening at each link clicked and a tab bar with 1 tab for each window.

TABS SUCK! They are a worthless redundancy inside my screen.

Every if I open 10 TABS in 1 Window, it still equals 2 bars open. The Windows Explorer Bar below, and a tab bar. NOTHING is better or has been improved.

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I would also like to know how the he** clicking the option, not to have tabs could unintentionally hurt a person's Firefox???

What??? Are you turning into Microsoft now????

Then give me the option to go back to Firefox 22 or 23!!!

If you won't change this, I am going to dump Firefox-it's not worth it-IF I didn't want options, I would have stayed with IE 9. So if it's going to be the same experience, then I will delete this off my machine and have one less thing hogging space!!!

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Problem fixed-I deleted FF 23.0.1 and reinstalled FF 22!

Modified by user944780

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You should understand that you will get no developer attention here.

you can though go to so the devs can see your dissatisfaction, we are only volunteers.

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"Only" volunteers? Anywhere I ever worked or volunteered, when people spoke, I passed it on up the ladder-whatever dude.

However, I will take your advice and write higher up, but I am sure they will have the same attitude, it looks like.

Modified by user944780

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Get this add-on

Hide Tab Bar with One Tab

from here

No more tabs!



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Sadly that is only temporary fix if/when haildarklord's reply becomes reality with FF 27.

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There is always CSS, which will never be incompatible with firefox.

#tabbrowser-tabs {

display:none !important; }

Modified by kobe

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Right, and furthermore dietyyli, I am much more concerned about adding add-ons than I am about a check box that is integrated into the browser. Also, I don't appreciate having to add more things on the computer-I am somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to junk added to the pc. And again, if the prediction comes true, then I have to delete the crud.

I just went back to 22 and shut off the updates feature for now. I will figure out my next move later, when I have the time to do so.

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I've been reading lots of articles on this new tab changes. It appears Mozilla doesn't not like to hear all the negative comments, they have already shut down the ability of reply on those main thread. Personally I don't use tabs that often and it's a big shout to see the option is gone too.

What their plan is - "We will do it anyway, no matter what. We don't care you complains, if you want to leave Firefox then do it, we don't care."

If you take a look of It's easily to see Firefox's market share kept falling. I'm not saying that that was caused by the "new tabs changes", but it is not a good sign indeed. Plus, they still wouldn't listen to the loyalty users. People will be just leave Firefox one by one, remember it's world wide.

A simple question to ask: IS IT TOO HARD TO HAVE THE NO TAB BAR OPTION ON THE NEW AUSTRALIS THEME? and I know the work will need to be made across all the platforms. The new curved tabs look very feminine too me.

I like this comment "That sounds more like a theme problem than a tabs removal problem."

I certainly don't wish Firefox will end up like Opera. It is still the best web browser for me.

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"Marketshare" doesn't necessarily equate to the actual number of users.

The support aspect of this thread has ended - the question was asked and was answered. Since there is nothing that "we" support volunteers can do to change what Mozilla has already released, this thread is being locked.

Please let Mozilla know how you feel about changes in Firefox at