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Can Bookmarks On Your IPhone App Be Synced/Transferred To A New Device In Various Ways If The Old Computer Completely Crashed


Mozy failed to backup Firefox files. My bookmarks remain on my 'iphone app'. I've attempted to do syncs, using the supplied recovery codes, only to have them rejected as invalid. When I tried "get a new recovery code" (don't know if this was a mistake or not???) it did supposedly sync but none of the old data loaded. Now, the iphone app (data still intact) is saying "cannot sync" and "incorrect sync key". So, now I'm afraid if I do enable my iphone app to sync, it may erase the data that is still intact (???). "If" I could get the ipnone to pair with the new computer, can I have its data override what is on the new computer? Can I use itunes or icloud to transfer Firefox bookmarks or can I try importing the bookmarks (possibly only from the iphone) into Internet Explorer and then exporting them back to Firefox? Very confused and worried!

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Once you click "get new recovery key" all data on your sync account is erased forever. There is no way to get that back. If you have data on your iPhone you cannot move it from your iPhone to desktop Firefox. the iPhone sync is 1-way only. Unless you have a Firefox profile somewhere, you will ahve to manually rebuild your bookmarks.

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Is there anyway to transfer them via icloud or itunes even if they had to be imported into Internet Explorer and then re-exported back? If not, I guess I will have to email myself the links and then re-bookmark them? Lastly, how do I make sure Mozy backs up Firefox in the future?

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Mozy support is here: http://support.mozy.com/
That program isn't made by Mozilla.

Best to check with iCloud or iTunes support to ask if the iPhone browser is capable of exporting those bookmarks in bookmarks.html format; which is the standard interchange format for bookmarks / favorites with regards to importing and exporting.
Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and many other browsers support that interchange format.