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Firefox freezes entire system then everything resumes running again

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As above.Started occurring since v20 came out.Seems like many people have this error.

Reverted to v19.Problems occurs as well.

Tried everything ( starting FF in safe mode , creating a new profile, resetting FF, uninstalling and a fresh install, booting in safe mode Windows). Nothing seems to work.

It freezes again and again only to resume normal service only to freeze again. On and on and on. Really frustrating.

Can someone point to me if this FF's problem or is there a problem with my system itself?

My system doesn't seem to freeze when FF isn't running though.

Chosen solution

Hi all.Thought I'd share my revelations on my problem

For my case, it was a result of my system not running 8 cpu processors,basically causing FF to run like a snail. FF runs fine now in general, still a little sluggish sometimes but by and large the freezes have stopped.

On a more serious note, I need to figure out what or why my system was running on 1 processor. Could be a malware or virus of sum sort. Need to suss it out more. I've never ever changed my cores ever on my system. Took me a while to get around this possibility though. I guess it's something worth looking at from another angle.


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hello knnthsm, can you try to disable the adobe flash plugin for testing purposes once in firefox > addons > plugins and see if the freezes are continuing?

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Hi phillipp, do u mean the shockwave flash plugin?

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yes exactly. please report back if this has an impact.

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Thanks for your reply. Will continue monitoring. Will keep you posted.

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Freeze occured a few seconds ago.

Is that the only plugin I shud disable?

What other plugins shud I enable and disable?

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i'm only aware of the flash plugin causing such hangs, however there's no damage in disabling all the other plugins too for testing purposes (however there's a bug in current firefox versions that will prevent the disabling of plugins that are currently in use by the browser - this will be addressed in firefox 22)...

you could try if uninstalling the current adobe flash 11.7 plugin from the windows control panel & downgrading to flash 10.3 (which is still supported by adobe) is making a difference.

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Thanks. Will try that. Let's see how it goes.

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Try to boot the computer in Windows Safe Mode with network support (press F8 on the boot screen) as a test to see if that helps.

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I think downgrading the flash version might have solved it.

It seems normal now though but still a little sluggish.

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woops froze again when on Youtube...spoke too soon

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Freezes are still occurring.

No replies.No one seems to have a clue here.

Standard troubleshooting tips dun seem to help.Oh well, there's Chrome and IE.

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Same problem here. I've never, ever had a negative issue using FF and this is very frustrating. I've tried all of the above suggestions and it still freezes :(

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I've had the same problem over the past two months. Long-time user of Firefox, and I now use Chrome because of this issue. Just like the original poster I've tried all the commonly suggested methods of solving this issue -- fresh Firefox/Windows installation, disabling every plugin/extension, deleting the default profile.

I can only cross my fingers that this issue is resolved in a future version of Firefox, since there are some quality of life features I miss when using Chrome.

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Not sure everyone tried these:

A recent Windows update + Flash player protected mode on Windows 7 causes pages to hang for extended periods, eventually displaying a stop/continue script dialog. If you have this issue, disable protected mode (Windows Vista/7/8) as described in this support article from Adobe under the heading "Last Resort": Adobe Forums: How do I troubleshoot Flash Player's protected mode for Firefox?

If Firefox 21-22 hangs when you wake Windows 7 from sleep, this is fixed in Firefox 23. Although test versions of Firefox are not for everyone, if you can't wait for the official release around August 6th, you can get the beta version here:

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Personally, as important as this is...I think a patch would be appropriate instead of waiting on a new version. Your browser being unuseable by so many requires a critical patch...quickly. You are forcing me to use another browser and I'm starting to like it better. Just sayin'...

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Hi tshcomm, which problems are you having, exactly? The fix in Firefox 23 relates to the slow-wake-up-from-sleep problem. It may or may not help you depending on your symptoms.

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Neither of your posted remedies addressed my issue, jscher2000. As with all the other things I've tried it will initially appear to work, however, after prolonged use Firefox will cause my system to freeze frequent enough that it causes frustration. This is very disappointing, since I'm now losing hope that even the release version of Firefox 23 will address this.

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Hi Esus, is prolonged use measured in hours or days? I'm guessing hours, since you already did the test.

Is the problem that Firefox consumes all the CPU cycles, or all the memory? Heavy disk thrashing? Or the system freezes with no apparent resources problem?

Same issue in Firefox's Safe Mode, or does that manage to run more smoothly?

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I've been having the same issues as others. It runs up high % of CPU, a couple GIGS of RAM, and oddly, it runs up my "Inactive memory", two or three times what any other browser does, up to almost 4 GIGS! So it runs down my total RAM availability, as well. It runs slow, freezes, even will freeze when I simply try closing it, requiring a force quit, then when I re-open it LOSES all my previous session, so I have to hunt all over the place to try and manually, laboriously reconstruct it, because for some odd, very frustrating reason, it doesn't show all the pages in HISTORY, when it does work, and open them, unlike every other browser, which makes zero sense to me. I am obviously very unhappy & frustrated with the totally lousy performance of version 22, and will end up having to use Chrome or Safari....

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Hi StevenCee, what version of MacOS X are you also running?

Have you tried a Reset? More info: Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings.

Because this thread has been very Windows-centric, you might want to start a new thread with your system information (e.g., OS version, add-ons, custom settings). You can do that here:

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