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i have down loaded fire fox 20 but i want to go back and load fire fox 19; becasue by down loading fire fox 20; i have lost my logins and passwords.i


i have down loaded fire fox 20 and i lost identity safe ;where i keep all my logins and passwords. i want to reload fire fox 19.Please help me to re load fire fox 19

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i have a live chat with representative of norton security and he says that fire fox 20 is not compatible with norton identity safe and they are working on it and check periodically and mean while there is no solution.

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He is mistaken, as Norton's own documentation says, Norton Identity Safe Standalone 2013.3.0.26 is compatible with Firefox 20. try running Norton Live update to update Norton's products.

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I just finished live chat with Norton ; same answer ; wait for the update or go back to fire fox 19.

          Can you please help me to down load fire fox 19 again.

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i have already run live update for norton security.it did not help.

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can please some one help me to down load fire fox 19. I have already firefox 20.

Tyler Downer
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downgrading to an older version of Firefox is going to leave you open to attack from any of the dozen or so security holes patched in Firefox (and norton won't protect you from these attacks through the browser). It is not suggested or recommended. I would strongly suggest you move away from norton identity safe since they can't be trusted to stay up to date or modern, and find another program (or use Firefox's built-in password store) to keep your passwords. Staying on old, insecure programs is not wise at all

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For information about downgrading Firefox to an older version, see this article: Install an older version of Firefox

Link: https://support.mozilla.org/kb/install-older-version-of-firefox

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Can you please help me to save my passwords in fire fox built in ; you have mentioned in your e mail.?

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Can you please help me to locate the password manager in fire fox?

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You could get the latest ESR version of Firefox, which will have the latest security patches.

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