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Lost my bookmarks when I reinstalled Firefox. How can I get them back?


I have sent a message, it appears I am sending it again. I removed then reinstalled my firefox browser. I didn't tick the box that suggested I save my passwords etc. When I reinstalled Firefox I no longer have my bookmarks can I retreive them?

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get them back

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I use fireforx for work (a fast paced, always on the go environment), where the use of the links in my bookmarks are CRITICAL... I shut down my computer last night, only to return this morning, started up my work station, and opened up Firefox to find that Firefox updated itself (on its own to version 22.0) and I have lost about 250-300 bookmarks, 60% of which is used on a daily basis!!!!

WTF, firefox!!??!!??!!

How do I either get the old version along WITH my bookmarks or just get my bookmarks back!?!


Iketheberg 0 solutions 3 answers

I followed each of the instructions/directions on that link, but NONE of them are the issue I'm experiencing nor solve my problem. Of all the "default" profiles that are backed up, the latest one is dated 2011 (this is 2013)!!!

When an any update/upgrade occurs, you'd think firefox would automatically "back-up" all of your info (on its own) BEFORE the update/upgrade occurs... No!?! If not, it sure as HELL should!!!

Please advise, Grrrr...

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Firefox automatically creates backups of your bookmarks, which can be helpful if your bookmarks are lost or missing. To recover them, follow the instructions below.

  1. Use one of these methods to open the Bookmarks Library window:
    • Click the Firefox button to open the menu and click on Bookmarks.
    • Click the Bookmarks menu and click on Show All Bookmarks.
  2. At the top of the Library window, click the "Import and Backup" menu and select Restore.
  3. Click the date of the bookmark backup you want to recover.
  4. In the new window that appears, click OK.
  5. Your bookmarks from the selected date should now be restored.

For more information, see the Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer article. For other solutions, see the Recover lost or missing Bookmarks article.

If you are having trouble above, check for a corrupt places.sqlite.

Thank you.

Iketheberg 0 solutions 3 answers

Been there, done this too... This was actually the FIRST thing I did upon noticing my bookmarks & said "backups" were missing. That said (again), when I go to that "restore" backups, the latest in the list of backed up bookmark files is dated 2011! I know I probably should do a back up myself monthly or so, but I KNOW FOR SURE I've done a bookmark backup since 2011.

Whatever the case, I say again... If/When any update/upgrade occurs, you'd think firefox would automatically "back-up" all of your info (on its own) BEFORE the update/upgrade occurs...

In this case, it did NOT! Grrrr...

Any other suggestions (anyone)!?!

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Of all the "default" profiles that are backed up, the latest one is dated 2011 (this is 2013)!!!

How many Profiles do you have?
Where are you reading that "date"?

Are you familiar with using the Profile Manager? Have you opened any of those other Profiles?