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firefox 19 freezes after downloading adobe flash player 11.6


firefox said it deactivated my flash player for my "safety" and that i had to get the newer flash player version. i installed flash player 11.6 but went onto a website that used the flash player but my whole computer freezes!!! i checked with other websites and the same thing happened. i reinstalled an old version of adobe flash player and firefox deactivates it, saying that i need to install the newer version!!! my os: windows vista 32-bit flash player now: adobe flasher player 10.3 HELP!!

Additional System Details

Installed Plug-ins

  • Shockwave Flash 10.3 r183
  • Next Generation Java Plug-in 10.17.2 for Mozilla browsers
  • NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
  • Google Talk Plugin Video Accelerator version:
  • Version
  • Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 12.0
  • Google Update
  • RealPlayer(tm) LiveConnect-Enabled Plug-In
  • RealPlayer Download Plugin
  • VLC media player Web Plugin 2.0.2
  • RealNetworks(tm) RealDownloader Chrome Background Extension Plug-In
  • RealNetworks(tm) RealDownloader PepperFlashVideoShim Plug-In
  • RealNetworks(tm) RealDownloader HTML5VideoShim Plug-In
  • RealDownloader Plugin
  • The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in Web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.
  • iTunes Detector Plug-in
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 10.1.4
  • RealNetworks(tm) RealPlayer Chrome Background Extension Plug-In
  • RealPlayer(tm) HTML5VideoShim Plug-In
  • 5.1.10411.0
  • DivX Plus Web Player version
  • Winamp Application Detector
  • E-centives Coupon Activator
  • Motive Plugin for Mozilla Browsers
  • npdivxplayerplugin
  • Coupons, Inc. Coupon Printer Plugin
  • Coupons, Inc. Coupon Printer DLL
  • npdnu
  • npdnupdater2
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plug-in for Mozilla browsers


  • Firefox 19.0
  • User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; rv:19.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/19.0
  • Support URL: http://support.mozilla.org/1/firefox/19.0/WINNT/en-US/


  • ColorfulTabs 17.6 ({0545b830-f0aa-4d7e-8820-50a4629a56fe})
  • Easy YouTube Video Downloader 6.7 ({c0c9a2c7-2e5c-4447-bc53-97718bc91e1b})
  • Flash Video Downloader Youtube Downloader 3.8.2 (artur.dubovoy@gmail.com)
  • Java Console 6.0.35 ({CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0035-ABCDEFFEDCBA})
  • NoScript 2.4.6 ({73a6fe31-595d-460b-a920-fcc0f8843232})
  • Tab Popup 1.2.3 (tabpopup@adarsh.tp)
  • Troubleshooter 1.0a (troubleshooter@mozilla.org)
  • Conduit Engine (engine@conduit.com) (Inactive)
  • DivX Plus Web Player HTML5 <video> ({23fcfd51-4958-4f00-80a3-ae97e717ed8b}) (Inactive)
  • General Crawler 2.0 (gencrawler@some.com) (Inactive)
  • Java Console 6.0.33 ({CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0033-ABCDEFFEDCBA}) (Inactive)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 0.0.0 ({20a82645-c095-46ed-80e3-08825760534b}) (Inactive)
  • RealDownloader 1.3.0 ({34712C68-7391-4c47-94F3-8F88D49AD632}) (Inactive)
  • Skype Click to Call ({82AF8DCA-6DE9-405D-BD5E-43525BDAD38A}) (Inactive)


  • incrementalGCEnabled: True


  • adapterDescription: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family
  • adapterDescription2:
  • adapterDeviceID: 0x2a02
  • adapterDeviceID2:
  • adapterDrivers: igdumd32
  • adapterDrivers2:
  • adapterRAM: Unknown
  • adapterRAM2:
  • adapterVendorID: 0x8086
  • adapterVendorID2:
  • direct2DEnabled: False
  • direct2DEnabledMessage: [u'blockedDriver']
  • directWriteEnabled: False
  • directWriteVersion: 7.0.6002.18592
  • driverDate: 2-11-2008
  • driverDate2:
  • driverVersion:
  • driverVersion2:
  • info: {u'AzureContentBackend': u'none', u'AzureCanvasBackend': u'cairo', u'AzureFallbackCanvasBackend': u'none'}
  • isGPU2Active: False
  • numAcceleratedWindows: 0
  • numAcceleratedWindowsMessage: [u'tryNewerDriver', u'7.1500.1000.1666']
  • numTotalWindows: 2
  • webglRendererMessage: [u'tryNewerDriver', u'7.1500.1000.1666']
  • windowLayerManagerType: Basic

Modified Preferences

  • accessibility.typeaheadfind.flashBar: 0
  • browser.cache.disk.capacity: 358400
  • browser.cache.disk.smart_size.first_run: False
  • browser.cache.disk.smart_size.use_old_max: False
  • browser.cache.disk.smart_size_cached_value: 358400
  • browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion: 4
  • browser.startup.homepage_override.buildID: 20130215130331
  • browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone: 19.0
  • browser.tabs.onTop: False
  • extensions.lastAppVersion: 19.0
  • network.cookie.prefsMigrated: True
  • places.database.lastMaintenance: 1362245346
  • places.history.expiration.transient_current_max_pages: 53407
  • plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types: application/pdf
  • privacy.popups.showBrowserMessage: False
  • privacy.sanitize.migrateFx3Prefs: True
  • security.warn_viewing_mixed: False


  • User JS: Yes
  • Accessibility: No
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  • Moderator
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You can check for problems with current Flash plugin versions and try these:

  • disable a possible RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension for Firefox and update the RealPlayer if installed
  • disable protected mode in Flash 11.3 and later
  • disable hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin

Also make sure that you have the latest divers for your graphic display card.

Evensteven 0 solutions 6 answers

I had the same problem. I disabled protected mode and hardware acceleration, and now it seems to work :)

posi-tracker 0 solutions 1 answers

Helpful Reply

See Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again - Solution 2 Downgrade to Flash 10.3.

I uninstalled Flash Player and Flash Plugin using Windows Control Panel (Programs and Features) then installed Flash Player 10.3.

Question owner

the thing is, flash player 10.3 has been block-listed. i installed and re-intalled 11.6 and it worked for two days and then started freezing again. i am going to try fixing the protected mode thing. i hope it works though.

Evensteven 0 solutions 6 answers

Does it work for you kanau? It worked several days for me, but to day the problem was back again but now it was even worse. Now Flash Player freezes Firefox completely.

Helpful Reply

i didnt do anything with the hardware acceleration but i did fix the protected mode and it has been running well. i will report again should anything happen. like the stupid freezing thing.

kuopiofi 0 solutions 22 answers

Given how much problem Flash-player has been for almost an year by now, wouldn't it be easier for all involved if it became built-in feature, like PDF did since the latest update?

FireFox_SUX 0 solutions 1 answers

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kuopiofi 0 solutions 22 answers

Is there anywhere a dumped down for amateurs version/explanation to disabling protected mode? I'd rather not try something I don't know how to reverse...

Evensteven 0 solutions 6 answers

The link posted previously by cor-el is pretty straightforward I think. It also tells you how to do if you want to reverse the process. Look for "Disabling Protected Mode in Flash 11.3"


kuopiofi 0 solutions 22 answers

Unless mms.cfg is a secret/hidden file, I don't see it. So that way doing things is a bust.

I see only FlashInstall.txt, flashplayer.xpt, FlashPlayerUpdateService, FlashUtil32_11_2_202_235_Plugin, NPSWF32_11_2_202_235.dll. which one of thses am I supposed to work on?

Evensteven 0 solutions 6 answers

None of them. That's strange, I have "don't show hidden files" checked and I can see it. Perhaps if you check " show hidden and secret files" in windows, you can see it?


or if you use 7 perhaps this will help I don't know, I use vista.


Modified by Evensteven

Evensteven 0 solutions 6 answers

Found this on another place here on the forum

"If the mms.cfg file does not exist, create one using any standard text editor (e.g.. notepad)"

Go there and have a look:) https://support.mozilla.org/sv/questions/941748

kuopiofi 0 solutions 22 answers

So just creating a mms.cfg in txt-file with nothing but ProtectedMode=0 does the thing?

Evensteven 0 solutions 6 answers

It seems so, i don't really know. You could give it a try.?