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Is there a way for a developer to detect if the Java plugin was blocked?


For best UX in my web application I'd like to know if Java has been blocked because of security vulnerabilities.

If it's been blocked I'd like to show m own message that Java is out of date and they should update.

I don't want to show it everytime Java is out of date since it's only important for me and the user if there are security vulnerabilities. If Java version is not known to have vulnerablities I don't want my users to be disturbed by additional messages or steps reguired to update Java.

Is there a way to detect using Javascript if Firefox blocked a plugin because of security vulnerability?

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Firefox already does this, displaying a CTP notification that Java is out of date. Why do I have to click to activate plugins?

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Thanks for the reply.

I have already seen this page but my applet doesn't have a visible area. It's just for communication with external devices and it interacts with Javascript. In my case it doesn't look like in the link.

Fortunately in new version of Firefox a large modal appears with option to update Java which is quite OK. I am only affraid that if there are no new versions of Java Firefox will display this small dropdown in the top left hand corner which our users tend to miss.