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how do I delete the rcord of recently opened tabs and windows?


recently closed tabs and recently closed windows remain in my history even though I am using private browsing. How do I delete them?

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Tyler Downer
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Please update to Firefox 18.0.1 Update Firefox to the latest version

Then read Remove recent browsing, search and download history

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You can (temporarily) set the browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo pref to 0 to clear the "Recently Closed Tabs" list.
If you want to re-use the "Recently Closed Tabs" feature (Undo Closed Tabs) then you can reset the browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo pref to the default value via the right-click context menu.

You can temporarily set the browser.sessionstore.max_windows_undo pref to 0 to reset the "Recently Closed Windows" list.

Firefox will remember one window if you open additional windows and close that window while tabs are open in that window and the max_windows_undo is set to 0.

Close all tabs in a window before closing that window to prevent the window from appearing in the recently closed windows list.

  • Note that this may not be possible with a pop-up window.

Set the browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab pref to false on the about:config page to prevent closing the last tab from closing that window.

ariel 0 solutions 39 answers

i'm running firefox 20.0.1; even when i'm not in private browsing, i still am able to see my recently closed tabs and windows--which i thought was the whole idea for private browsing mode; that once closed. no one whould be able to see this.

what's the explanation for this, and how can mozilla prevent this from occurring?

in the tools/options tab, my firefox is set to remember nothing ,and to use custom settings for history.

advice appreciated. thanks

ariel 0 solutions 39 answers


i've been using ffox 20.0.1, with "use custom settings for history" checkmarked.

whenever i use private browsing, "recently closed windows" and "recently closed tabs" are still accesssible. why? and how can i fix this; otherwise, private browsing isn't private, correct?

thanks for your help.