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when using javascript window.open, bookmark toolbar icon doen't hide if its on nav toolbar


Hi, I'm dev a site that popups a window using the javascript function window.open. It doesnt show the bookmark toolbar in the open window even if its visible in the main window, and thats correct... I then custumized the nav toolbar buttons, and drag the "bookmark toolbar icons" from the bookmark toolbar to the nav toolbar. I then hide the bookmark toolbar and save some window space. Now my bookmark are shown on my nav toolbar, correct. But when I popup the window with the javascript window.open it hides the nav buttons but it doent hide the bookmarks on the nav toolbar! stange... It should have the same behaviour as the nav buttons and the bookmark toolbar that is hidding... What is going wrong? Many thanks for your time Pedro

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You can't really prevent toolbars from showing up in a pop-up window, see:

There are also extensions with a setting to show them in a pop-up window.
I don't know what setting will cause the Bookmarks Toolbar items to get displayed or hidden on a pop-up window.

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Ok, I see that "personalbar" option hides the bookmark toolbar but there something not right in firefox behaviour because if the bookmarks are in the nav toolbar it is supose to have the same behaviour too... there is the "toolbar=no" option that hides all the nav toolbar buttons, but the bookmarks are still visible, even with the "personalbar=no" option combined. Its something that only happens if you move the bookmark to the nav toolbar so only if you customise your nav toolbar. I think its a bug... Thanks for the help anyway.