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Got a weird default text color while editing posts with background colors on blogspot.


I believe that is a bug since ver. 15.0.1. It's easy to replicate that weird behavior though. Just create a new post on blogspot, type in a few paragraphs, set text color and background color for some sentences, then set cursor at the end of one of the sentences with non-default text and background color, try to type in a few words, instead of getting a default black text color (move cursor from the end of the sentence one letter forward to avoid getting the text color from the prior sentence), it'll come up with a weird text color, mostly dark red.

I tried ver. 16, ver 17, and the latest ver. 18. None of them work correctly, so I have to stick to ver 15.0.1. In another word, it's all good on 15.0.1. but not ever since.

Please tell me how to fix it if it's not a bug.


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  • npQQPhotoDrawEx Module
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Please update to Firefox 18, then Reset it. Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems

After that, if you still see the problem, please give the example page and a screenshot

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That may be a variation of Bug 790475.

(please do not comment in bug reports: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/page.cgi?id=etiquette.html)

Helpful Reply

Before you post such a useless reply, how about trying to do what I said to replicate this problem, to make sure this is problem is gone with the latest version, 18, 19, or whatever. To tell the truth, I posted this problem right after I accidentally upgraded to 18, and then found out the problem was still there then have to downgraded to ver 15.

I am sick of this kind of reply, which I am getting everywhere when I am reaching out for a help. "Please make sure you've got the latest version is always the answer I got first", which definitely would be the first step for me when trying to fix a problem before asking for a help. Then, "Please make sure you've had your computer powered on, please make sure you've opened your firefox properly, please make sure you are using firefox instead of IE or Chrome.... If the problem is still there....."

A example page and screenshot? I hope you did have read my question and understand it properly. Pardon me if you are actually a robot.