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I went to Firefox extentions to remove facesmooch, but there isn't any extensions listed, how else can i get rid of it?


I downloaded a free youtube downloader and told it I didn't want facesmooch, but it installed it anyway and now I can't get rid of it. I have tried going to the add-ons manager and removing it from the extensions, but there are no extensions listed, it isn't in add/remove programs, the file I downloaded isn't a folder so I can't "get in to it", and I have uninstalled and deleted all content related to the youtube downloader. Please help me get rid of facesmooch.

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  • np-mswmp
  • Shockwave Flash 11.5 r502
  • Next Generation Java Plug-in 1.6.0_37 for Mozilla browsers
  • NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
  • WildTangent Games App V2 Presence Detector
  • A plugin to detect whether the Adobe Application Manager is installed on this machine.
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape "9.5.2"
  • RealJukebox Netscape Plugin
  • RealNetworks(tm) RealPlayer Chrome Background Extension Plug-In
  • RealPlayer(tm) HTML5VideoShim Plug-In
  • RealPlayer(tm) LiveConnect-Enabled Plug-In
  • RealPlayer Download Plugin
  • 5.1.10411.0
  • iTunes Detector Plug-in
  • DivX Plus Web Player version
  • DivX VOD Helper Plug-in
  • The plug-in allows you to open and edit files using Microsoft Office applications
  • Office Authorization plug-in for NPAPI browsers
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plug-in for Mozilla browsers


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In order to uninstall a possibly unwanted extension, please do the following:

  1. From the Firefox window click the Firefox button at the top left and select Add-ons, or, if the Firefox button is not shown, click the Tools menu and click Add-ons.
  2. Once the Add-on Manager has opened in a new tab, click the Extensions button on the left side of the window.
  3. You should now see a list of your installed extensions on the right side together with buttons on the right side of each extension.
  4. To remove an extension from Firefox, simply click the Remove button. You should see a message that informs you about the successful removal of the add-on.
  5. Note that some add-ons require a Firefox restart to be removed completely. To perform a Firefox restart after the add-on removal, click the Restart now link in the message.

You can find further information about uninstalling extensions in the following articles:

Disable or remove Add-ons

Remove a toolbar that has taken over your Firefox search or home page

jddockery 2 solutions 18 answers

Sounds like some form of ad-aware.

Boot up your pc in safe mode w/ networking, open FF and type "about:plugins" in the url address bar. Take note of anything that looks like it may be associated w/ "Facemooch". Close FF and do a search for any malicious looking files listed under the plugin section and append "bak" to the extension. You may need to open task manager prior to doing this to ensure the file isn't running, if "rundll32.exe or a malicious looking file, a simple search should be able to determine this, end the task prior to changing the extension (ie. somefile.dll.bak) <- this can be changed in the search wizard.

Fire up msconfig while your still in Safe Mode, and uncheck any startup programs that are of unknown origin. (this does not delete anything, but just keeps it from booting at startup) msconfig should be available from the run command, just type in "msconfig" and enter.

norton also has a freeware program called "autorun", very useful in stopping malicious files in their tracks.

Most file validity can usually be determined by the directory they are lying in, for example, most viruses or malicious programs tend to load themselves into the c://windows/system32 directory or root directory (synonym).

A quick google search also revealed this: http://www.howtogeek.com/forum/topic/how-do-i-get-rid-of-face-smooch

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