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How to remove babylon as homepage?

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I'm stuck with Babylon as a homepage. I used REVO to remove the toolbar but something in the process must have gone wrong because the homepage keeps coming back. I cleaned the About:config as stated in earlier posts (mstone, homepage and new tab) and when I restart Firefox the first tab is firefox and the second babylon. When I close and startup firefox again then the first tab is babylon and I'm back to square one. The removal of the browser manager seemd too technical to me and I didn't dare to do it. Any suggestions?

Chosen solution

I removed the browser manager (AND changed the About:config) and now babylon doesn't come back. The removal of the browser manager is quite simple through - configuration - programs. Thanks for the support, I was about to give up on this one.

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This sort of software often changes settings, and does things like leaving a user.js file that continues to reset things even after the original software is removed,

Whilst I suspect Babylon deliberately make it difficult to undo change to settings it is not out and out malware and may be uninstalled and settings reverted to normal.

If you have removed the Babylon software try this restartless add-on to reset your settings.

If that fails we need to look for other files left behind that have not yet been removed.

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Chosen Solution

I removed the browser manager (AND changed the About:config) and now babylon doesn't come back. The removal of the browser manager is quite simple through - configuration - programs. Thanks for the support, I was about to give up on this one.

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This thing is evil! i got rid of it after 2 days of trying everything! I even uninstalled and re-installed all my browsers but it was still there! It basically intalls a program that it hides somewhere on your system and ir runs when you turn on your computer. so any babylon files or registry keys you delete are re-created. Deleting files and changing registry keys did not work for me. and on top of that when you do locate the malicious program and its files it doesn't let you delete them.

You must do the following:

1. the malicious program is located in a file called Browser Manager. This folder will contain several sub-folders. look for this file on your system. I found mine in: DriveC --->documents and Settings-->All Users-->Application Data-->Browser Manager

if it's not in this location do a search on your system to find it. once you do, open it and its sub-folders and try to delete them. if it lets u to, restart your computer IMMEDIATELY. then proceed to step 4 Chances are that u will not be able to delete it, in which case follow step #2

2. go to and download their free malware removal program. (this scans and removes threats completely free, however it doesn't detect babylon but u will need it-see below)

3. Once you download it and install it open it go to More Tools where you will find something called File Assassin. open the folder Browser Manager and subfolders and start deleting the files. Begin the delete with the program files in the folder (the one with a round blue-grey icon) REstart system whenever prompted by the program (u may have to do this more than once). Once you delete everything inside the folder the actual folder and sub-folders will remain on the system but empty. you will return to these later to remove them.

(File asasin lets u delete locked files)

4. Run a system search using the term "babylon" as the search term in the file name. Delete everything that comes up. Empty your recycle bin.

5. Go into your registry (Start Menu, click Run, type REGEDIT). Search your registry usung the edit button on top to the left for "babylon". delete all entries that come up. then delete the following registry value: HK LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\EXPLORER\BROWSER HELPER OBJECTS delete that whole file. if u cant open it and delete each value individually and then delete whole file BROWSER HELPER OBJECTS NOTE: be VERY, VERY careful when changing regisrty, a small mistake can mess up your whole system. A good idea would be to back it up b4 u start this step (i didn't but i'm just saying)

6. restart. go back to Browser manager file from step3 and delete empty files and folders.

7. Go to Firefox and do the about:config in search bar, then search babylon. anything that has been found right-click and reset.


Hope it helps! If this still doesn't work tell me and I have a couple ideas about what could have gone wrong

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First of all Uninstall Babylon toolbar wih the windows Uninstaller (Control Panel). Remove Babylon And Browser Manager Add ons from firefox.

Open C:\Users\All Users and delete two folders there named as "Babylon" and "Browser Manager" after that restart your computer. Start Firefox and change your default home page to your favourite site and restart firefox . I hope your problem should be solved. and be aware next time before installing any software, just google its name and view reviews before you intall it on your computer.

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I tried everything to remove Babylon in order to stop it appearing as my homepage in Firefox. Now, at last, I have a 100% solution.

I have removed Mozilla Firefox and installed Google Chrome.

I half-expected that the auto-transfer of favorites, etc, would infect the new Chrome program, but it didn't.

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This is where everyone starts. It didn't work for me.

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This Mozilla support article explains how to remove Babylon software from your computer and how to remove the Firefox toolbar and reset Firefox search and home page options:

How to remove the Babylon toolbar, home page and search engine

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On my Roommate's computer, both her account and the guest account were affected by Babylon, but not mine. I think that was because I used the NoScript extension, that blocked the malware that installed the other malware.

I did a full disk scan using AVG (which did not find any malware), removed two Babylon thingos using ControlPanel->Uninstall a Program, reset the Homepage from Firefox options, and uninstalled the Babylon extension from the Add-Ons Menu, and that did it.