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Firefox Opening new windows reverts to original Window

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Just started with this problem, when I open a new window which is my preference rather than Tabs I find that whereas it used to open the new window and that was active, it is now opening a new window and then reverting to the original one.

Any ideas?

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Just updated to FF v17.0.1 and using Adobe Flash v11.5.502.110 and the problem is still there.

I don't see how it could be totally Flash's fault. Even though if you do revert to an older version and the problem goes away. Seems like it's how FF interacts with the latest Flash. Like how can Flash alone be able to alter your browser's other tabs and other windows? Isn't it supposed to be sand-boxed? FF just needs to hold on to its focus of the current window.

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Me too, only now the problem is worse than before. Even clicking the page a few times, it still goes back to the original.

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In my configuration, I have just solved this problem by disabling the flash download module. Not a problem as I do not download youtube videos that often, I can re-enable it temporarily on an ad-hoc basis.

Still, a fix would be nice

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I have just removed everything that has the words "flash" and "shockwave" from my installed list of programmes and then reinstalled flash for Firefox and this has cured my problem. I haven't reinstalled flash for IE as I hardly ever use IE, but this may not be the problem.

I use Google a lot; everytime I opened a new link, the newly opened window was hidden by the Google window, which was really getting on my tits (as we say in Britain!).

I am running W7 64bit.

Hope the cure lasts.

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This fix worked for me, Thanks a million strummer

The best solution I have found is to install an older version of Flash Player.

To use an older version of Flash: Uninstall Flash Player with their uninstaller. It is important to use their uninstaller.

Direct link:

Re-install an older Flash Player version. I'm using version which solves the problem.

If you get a message to 'update plugins' on flash sites, you can hide that nag if desired:

Good luck!

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After disabling my addons, uninstalling flash and reinstalling an older version the problem has gone, I then re-enabled my addons and the problem is still gone...YAY. Now i'm no great techy but to me that suggests it's adobe flash player not firefox that's causing the problem which would explain why firefox haven't applied a fix. I really hope that helps someone, if it does don't thank me just throw money, if it doesn't blame Strummer it was his idea :)

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Nope, I have uninstalled, rebooted, then re-installed then rebooted and the problem still exists!

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Did you reinstall using an older version of flash?

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Nope downloaded the latest version

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Remove flash with the uninstaller,

Then reinstall an older version of flash, I used the version mentioned in the post by strummer on page two version You'll find it about half way down the page.

Give that a go and see if it works, it did for me.

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Thanks Jimmy, that worked :-)

What now, do you refrain from installing any updates?

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I'm going to wait until adobe has a new update and try that, if it doesn't work i'll go back to the version that does. Really glad I was able to help, have a good christmas...assuming the world doesn't end tomorrow :)

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Thanks Jimmy, Have a great Christmas as well?

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Thanks all for and have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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I installed the latest version of flash for it to work for me, so it isn't the version that does the trick.

There is a conflict between a sequence of updates of flash and Firefox that has caused this and the resultant problem is in Firefox, not flash, so Mozilla could do with looking into this before too many people (who don't follow this forum) get so pissed off with it they move to another browser, as I was about to do.

See you all the other side of the end of the world!!

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I believe I have fixed this problem by disabling protected mode for Flash, as described here: Disabling Protected Mode in Flash 11.3

"Starting in Flash 11.3 the plugin runs in Protected Mode on Vista and above. This has been causing problems for some Firefox users." (Our issue is however not listed on that KB page.)

By adding the line ProtectedMode=0 to "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\mms.cfg", all problems seems to have disappeared. So no need to disable Flash, or install an older version.

Can anyone confirm?

I am now using Firefox 18 (latest) and Flash 11.5 r502 (latest).

Modified by NoahSUMO

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Many thanks - tested and does the job for me. All I needed was to figure how to open the cfg file (text editor). make a copy first in case......

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Thank you niekkouwenberg!!! none of the prior suggestions fixed the problem for me, but disabling the protected mode for flash finally did the trick,

I am using firefox 17.0.1 and the latest flash from adobe.

Not sure how much of a security risk is involved by disabling the protected mode, but the annoyance caused by the problem was unacceptable, so I'm willing to go with it.

Thanks again.

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YEA or YES in whatever language you can think of. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Protect mode is a significant security feature of flash but since I use noscript, it does alleviate some of the risk (at least you have a choice of running flash of only running selective flash on trusted site). I like the security feature but it caused me a lot of grief. Once again, THANK YOU!

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Just updated to FF v18 and using Adobe Flash beta v11.6.602.137 and the problem is still there.

I really don't think it's wise to downgrade to any lower version.

Look at the news recently about people saying to disable Java. It's because of security risks/holes. Flash has the same security issues too. Infections can now come through Flash, Java, IE, and many others. I say it's best to be up to date on everything.

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