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norton does not support firefox 15


Just installed Firefox 15.0 on a Mac 10.5. Norton posted an alert that Norton Confidential does not support this version and cannot protect against phishing, Is this true?

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https://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Toolbar-Norton-Identity/Firefox-15-Support-for-Norton-Toolbar/td-p/791174 try to update your Norton. Also, just so you know, Firefox has it's own built in Phishing protection, so you don't need the Norton Toolbar.

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Why even use that crap from Comcast?
Those clowns seem to change their "free" AV stuff every 2 or 3 years, forcing their users to learn about the new application every time they provide an application from a different vendor.

If free is your primary criterion for using that application from Comcast, why not find a different free (for personal use) application or your own choice? Or purchase a reasonably priced application which does what you want?

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Okay, I believe I am beginning to understand the situation. Over the weekend, I contacted support at Comcast, Firefox, Norton, Apple to discuss this problem. First let me state that I am astonished about the lack of information about this situation at both Comcast and Norton. Since this is affecting thousand of users, it is reasonable to expect these two support groups to show sufficient interest to be aware of the situation.

Second let me state that I feel Comcast is blameless in this matter. Here Comcast is a customer, the same as I am. Comcast made an arrangement with Norton to attempt to protect our computers up through 11/2013. Now it appears that Norton has simply, arbitrarily, decided to abandon their word.

Finally I must wonder if Firefox has instituted these changes to create a problem for Norton. Firefox could have worked with Norton to ensure that we would continue to be protected, but chose to abandon their customers. Why? Things here that I have no idea about.

Apple's position is that Macs don't get virsuses, so why worry? I checked the Norton site with the intention of purchasing one of the Norton packages for the Mac. Surprise! Norton offers a range of products for Windows, but just one package for the Mac - the same one that Comcast offers

So I un-installed my current Norton software and re-installed the latest Norton software from the Comcast site. It may not be necessary to uninstall, but I was having some problems downloading updates. This cured my problems and I am now set up for the coming year. I plan to survey the other computer protection sites (MacAfee, whatever) over the coming months to see if there is something better than the Norton I am now using.

I will continue using FF 14 for a while, with the hope that FF and Norton will find some way to resolve the current incompatibility problem. Have fun!

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to the-edmeister: Any recommendations about which package you might choose. Based upon the number of answers ascribed to you, are you a Firefox employee?

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I do not work for Firefox. I think I was one of the original people asking about the problem, so it seems like I am educated. I assure you, I am not! Just was frustrated. Whenever I boot up, I just ignore the warning and follow the advice of the real Firefox recommendation. It's just one click, so I don't find it that annoying. Beats messing with all the other options.

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@j5567 after reading all posts again it seems COMCAST did bundle a deal with Symantec (Norton) but not one which includes Version Updates, only Life Updates and Software updates on same Product Version. It seems that they want be able to tell their Customers that we have covered your back when offering free Internet Security for their Customers. I am a COMCAST Customer and can tell I pay a lot every month for my service and nothing here is free it's all already included in my bill. For me it also seems that on Mac everybody now want sell a protection solution and I'm wondering what this product really can do beside slowing down your Mac and messing up your stuff like we have seen in all these reply's. Or does Symantec, Comcast or Firefox really care about it?

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to Jane7491: Is your post , about working for FF, in response to my question about that issue to" the-edmeister". If it was in response, please accept my apology since it appears something got messed up. The question was not intended for you. I had noticed the-edmeister was credited for 2505 solutions and 20156 answers. This tells me that he/she puts a lot of time in to this forum and probably gets paid for doing this. In such a situation, it is only proper to define one's self as being an employee of FF and not just a plain old hack like the rest of us, stumbling around trying to understand what is happening.

BTW, I believe you were either the second or third person to respond to my original post. This is from my rather faulty memory and not from any records. Tylerdowner was definitely the first respondent with his right-on explanation.

Also BTW, I do agree with your choice to just use FF 15 and do the one click-a-day thing. It does make sense. My choice is to wait a while and let FF work out any problems with FF 15.

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to oro12: I, too, am a Comcast customer and I, too, pay a ridiculous amount each month for TV/internet service. Since I pay, in my monthly bill, for the Norton software, it does seem reasonable to use it. However I am prepared to purchase software from Norton, MacAfee, whomever to protect my computer. As I wrote in my earlier note, it appears that no one really cares. The software writers seem focused on Windows, with very little interest in Mac.

I have used Norton since it was first introduced (1992??) and have found it an excellent product. I was playing with it on my Windows system last night and it seems to do a much more complete job on Windows than on Mac.

My feelings at the moment is that FF has done us a huge disservice by not co-dordinating its release with Norton. As I claimed, I think there is much more involved than we, as users, realize.

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@j5567 I'm an old PC User too, and started with DOS and used to love all Norton Products my favorite was always Norton Commander, today I use Total Commander (Greetings to CG) and Path Finder on Mac. (Would love DiskOrder more but is just not stable, and Total Finder I still have to figure out) Unfortunately some Norton Products have been washed out to be more user friendly and now you can control less and less. I wished they would have done something more like HandsOff! for Mac or LittleSnitch for the Firewall part of their Internet Protection Suite. After a short Google search on toptenreviews.com NIS for Mac rank 2 but 1 is Intego X6. OK they never really include all solutions so I can not say they are fair either. But what I can say is that after I have been let down by who ever I rather give a another one a chance on my next purchase.

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oro12: Interesting, thanks for the info. Actually, over the weekend I called tech service at Mac Outfitters in Doylestown, Pa about protection software. They are selling Intego. Since I have never heard of this, it is on my list of things to do. I shall check this out. I hate to leave Norton, but maybe the time has come. Since Comcast is charging me for Norton, how do I get that money back? Lot's of luck!

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to oro12: Okay, this is probably my last posting on the subject. I tend to accept that Comcast may have had a limited agreement with Norton. Did not consider that aspect. Sounds nutty.

I am taking your advice and plan to purchase Intego X6, sometime within the next few weeks. I would click Solution on your post, but cannot figure out how to do it.

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I have a better picture of my Firefox 15 and the Norton incompatibility information - as my Norton was just updated and it still (Norton tool bar) will not work. I want my Norton back (please).

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The 2013.2.3.1 is for Firefox 18.0 support. http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Toolbar-Norton-Identity/Firefox-18-Support-for-Norton-Toolbar/td-p/886714

Norton no longer supports the old (and insecure) Firefox 15.0 and older versions. http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Toolbar-Norton-Identity/Attention-Firefox-3-through-15-users/td-p/706331

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