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No matter what I do I cannot change my homepage. Everytime I open Firefox, even after changing my hompage under Options, it opens to Mockbox.net. HELP!!!!!


All changes I make in about:config do not take effect, and whatever settings were there before return as soon as I close and reopen Firefox. I have tried creating a new profile and the Mockbox.com site comes up under that as well and cannot be changed. HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!

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It seems Mockbox.net has some kind of configuration tool for Firefox for businesses. If you are running in a managed environment, you might need to complain to your IT about this -- Firefox may be altered in a way that end users are not allowed to change.

If you desperately want to bypass a locked down copy of Firefox, and you won't get in serious trouble for doing it, you could consider a "portable" version of Firefox 12 from PortableApps.com: http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable

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I am not at a business.

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You're not at a business, but you are running the "enterprise" versions of Firefox, Firefox 10 ESR (version I don't have personal experience with that version, so I don't know whether you are seeing a genuine feature or you picked up some kind of unexpected add-on.

If you can't get Firefox ESR to work the way you want, you can switch back to a consumer version from http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/fx/ (green button).

In your new profile, if you open Help > Troubleshooting Information, what Extensions do you have listed, if any? If you follow the link to about:plugins, are there any that seem unusual, i.e., other than media players?

You might be able to manually edit the settings files in your profile folder. In particular, look for prefs.js and user.js. (An easy way to open your profile folder is using the button in Help > Troubleshooting Information labeled "Open Containing Folder".) After closing Firefox, try opening them in a text editor such as Notepad. If you see settings for the unwanted home page, try editing them to your desired home page. Does that work?

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First - any possibility that pref is set in a user.js file?
That will cause a pref to be reset when Firefox is launched - it overrides the prefs.js settings and about:config.

Any chance you did some mods that are outlined on Mockbox.net?

If you set pref("browser.startup.homepage","http://www.mockbox.net"); in a mozilla.cfg file - you need to remove that pref from that file, or just get rid of that file altogether.