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How do I move curser to end of line on Mac (cmd+arrow key doesn't work)

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I all of my apps in my computer I can use alt+arrow key to move the curser one word left or right and cmd+arrow key to move the curser to beginning or end of line. But in Firefox this doesn't work other than in certain windows (like this one). I use Mac OS 10.7.3 and Firefox 3.6.13 Please advice /Janne

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Be careful with Command+LeftArrow or Command+RightArrow, as those correspond to the Back and Forward buttons and you may lose your work pressing those.

I am not familiar with the keyboard on a Mac, but on Windows, when you are in a one-line or multi-line text editing control, you can use the Home key to return to the start of the line and the End key to go to the end of the line.

Does that work on your system?

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I don't know what the equivalent of the 'Home' and 'End' key would be on my Mac keyboard?

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According to Wikipedia, on MacOS, Ctrl+A is an alternative to Cmd+LeftArrow for Home and Ctrl+E is an alternative to Cmd+RightArrow for End. I can't test it myself:

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Sorry, but Ctrl+E does not take the curser to the end of the line.

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I STILL have the same problem as I have described before:

I all of my apps in my computer I can use alt+arrow key to move the curser one word left or right and cmd+arrow key to move the curser to beginning or end of line. But in Firefox this doesn't work other than in certain windows (like this one). I use Mac OS 10.7.3. Please advice /Janne

In this window where I'm writing this message the cmd+arrow key works as 'end of line' command. But it doesn't work when I'm writing in Gmail or moving the curser in web pages. This is driving me nuts. And I haven't found a solution yet.




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maybe some websites use certain javascripts to process the input in textfields that's incompatible with this function. have you already tried updating to the latest version of firefox from

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Thanks for your suggestion but I already have the latest version, Firefox 12.0 Janne

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before you've said the problem is occuring in Firefox 3.6.13 - do you use both versions alongside? and is it working as intended in firefox 12?

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Sorry about the confusion but when I click 'Firefox/About firefox' it says 12.0. When I go to I'm told I have the most recent version. Where I got the number 3.6.13 from before, I have no idea. I definitely don't have any other Firefox version in my computer than 12.0 right now. Maybe I should add that I don't have this curser movement problem with Safari...

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does the problem also occur when you run firefox in Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode(just select continue in safemode on the start dialog)?

the 3.6.13 version number is strange, since it's also showing up as user agent under more system details at your initially submitted question (that part is automatically submitted to websites by the browser to identify itself). have you used any extensions to alter the user agent & what name/version/useragent is shown when you type about:support into the firefox adress bar?

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Running firefox in Safe Mode doesn't solve the problem. Cmd+ arrow key doesn't work.

If I type about:support I get the following: Name: Firefox Version: 12.0 Useragent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.7; rv:12.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/12.0

I have no Idea what this means, but maybe you do? :)

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See also:

Key Combination Effect:

fn-left arrow	home
fn-right arrow	end
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Useful webpage! Thanks! But: fn-left arrow scrolls up to the top of the page fn-right arrow scrolls down to the bottom of the page Neither of them moves the curser.

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Hi janwal, those keys should work in a standard one-line text input control or multi-line textarea control. However, Firefox may not interpret other editable regions in the same manner. For example, some webmail sites do not have you type into a textarea or input box, but instead display your input in a separate frame or division. This allows them to display a WYSIWYG display of formatted email, rather than just the actual text you typed. In those cases, the site takes responsibility for intercepting your keystrokes and changing their behavior so that you can (mostly) work with it although it was a standard HTML form.

I don't know whether there is a workaround for those kinds of editing interfaces, but considering the number of Mac users, maybe someone will be motivated to create an add-on.

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Thank you for your information which brings me to the core of the problem: If I could use an appropriate combination of key strokes to get to the beginning or end of the line when writing in Gmail I could work around other areas where the problem occurs.

In other words: Is there a way for me to work conveniently in Gmail to get to the end or beginning of a line?