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Won't play google music

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Hi...I'm having a lot of issues recently with Google Music. (FF v. 11)

Initially the problems started last week. I suspect Google changed something in their codes as many of their programs (music, offers) suddenly stopped working. I discovered if I unblocked the tracker "Google Analytics" that I had blocked (through Ghostery extension), it started working again. All was well for a few days.

Now, is once again not working even though Analytics is unblocked. Now, one thing that did happen in the interim is that Microsoft released a slew of security updates which affected both my XP desktop and Vista laptop, both of which run FF 11.

Whatever went wrong, though, it only affects FIREFOX. Internet Explorer plays it just fine. Music works no problem. Offers works no problem.

So the question is ....what else going on here?

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Clear the cache and the cookies from sites that cause problems.

"Clear the Cache":

  • Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"

"Remove Cookies" from sites causing problems:

  • Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"

Start Firefox in Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).

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I was about to go through your checklist, figured I try it one more time for clues...

Plus, I wanted to see if I could isolate that error message I keep getting of a chrome script js.... stopped working.

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, Music works again.

I can only theorize that the Windows updates did something odd and that on rebooting it fixed itself...or maybe Google figured out that Windows did something odd and fixed it from their end.

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And now it doesn't work again.

I went through your checklist and restarted in safe mode.

It still did not work.

Note that if disabling all add-ons and other things includes Adobe Flash, Google music will not work.

Also, at one point I got error messages of a script error in chrome....js... Unfortunately I did not copy the whole thing down at the time and since it was repetitively popping up (even though the site worked), I eventually checked the "do not show this again" entry on the dialog box popup. I wonder if that is related.

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monsieurms -- I was going to post this yesterday until I saw your post saying your Google Music worked again. Then I saw it did not work again today.

Mine hasn't been working for months, I think since I upgraded to FF 10, not for sure. It works in both Chrome and IE. I am pretty sure there's something in Firefox that's blocking it from playing the music. Every time I try to play any songs, it kept asking me to REFRESH the page, but it doesn't help at all. And I have cleared all cookies, cache, etc. and still doesn't help.

I went to Google forums and couldn't find any solutions either (Google forums have gone downhill a lot recently, not much help like they used to). So I have given up fixing it a month ago and will use Chrome instead.

If you ever find a solution, or any other users for that matter, please post a reply here. Thank you.

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Thanks for that silkphoenix. My original theory was that it was Ghostery blocking Google analytics. That indeed seemed relevant. But now it's stopped again even though I unblocked analytics. It didn't even work in safe mode.

On contacting Google, their great solution to this was basically " use another browser." I guess that's what I'll do too. I have to think that error message on chrome--js script stopping (and my clicking 'don't bother me again') has something to do with this, but I just don't know enough about that to know.

I also can't get pdfs to populate in the browser when I click on links--the output is just blank.

I seem to be building in terms of anomalies. I am wondering what's with FF these days, frankly.

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Google is getting too big and I don't think they bother to fix any problems with Google Music, which is not one of the primary products.

As for your pdf problem, many users have this problem on and off, you might want to read this thread to see if any of its solutions help:

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monsieurms -- I found the following thread and you can check to see if that helps you or not. It doesn't help me at all:!topic/apps/ZcB0DUJTBlU

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I'll have to play with this more tomorrow, but one problem with that thread--which otherwise sounds right on point!--is that I don't have flash blocker as an extension.

It does seem likely to be a FLASH issue. But I've reinstalled flash direct from Adobe repeatedly. It says I'm up to date. I'll try the pop up thing as well.

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I don't have flash blocker as well, and I have disabled AdBlock Plus just in case, still doesn't help. I know for sure Flash is enabled as I am able to play YouTube videos and all kinds of videos. So it's obviously a Firefox and/or Goog issue.

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I also don't have Ad Blocker....and I can play YouTube vids without problem as well. Yet, it works in IE and Chrome.

So, I'm wondering what the issue is.

Restarting in safe mode does not work; of course if Safe Mode blocks Flash, then it won't work by definition. I have many of the same extensions installed in chrome--yet it works without problem. (Big surprise..)

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And now on the USAir website--the calendar that opens when you try to select flights and point and click on the date won't work.

Works fine in IE. And in Chrome.

I wonder if the answer at this point is unfortunately--just stop using Firefox.

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Ya im having the same problem, it sucks. For me it just started a couple days ago. Before that it was fine. Maybe Google is trying to force us all to Chrome! lol Anyways I filled out a tech support request with Google Play Tech Support Team, and am waiting for their solution. Ill repost on here what they come up with to keep every one posted.

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"For me it just started a couple days ago. "

Yes! Originally, I ran into a problem when I blocked Google Analytics. Unblocking fixed the problem.

Then a couple of days later---it comes back. No blocking enabled.

What happened in between?

Well, one thing that happened is that Microsoft released a slew of patches.

When I tried to tell that to the Google tech, she just kept repeating, in essence, "use a different browser."

I have to say...I'm having enough difficulties with FF on enough sites, which number gradually increases, that I just might. (The USAir and PDF problems are of long standing....)

But it would seem someone should know what the common thread is here and what the issue is.

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Another fine example. Someone sends me a PDF to fill out, gives me a link. I click on Firefox---nothing happens but a blank screen.

I go to Chrome. It downloads promptly.

I'm weary of the increasing number of sites where FF simply does not perform correctly. I suspect that they have have a common thread--perhaps java script or flash. But according to my system, both are correctly installed. One would think there would be suggestions that have figured this out. I'm not obviously the only person with some of these issues.

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I have had all the same problems you mentioned, but think you may be adding more weight to the problem than necessary (Windows updates, FF issues, etc). I suspect it is still the Ghostery add-on within FF creating the issue.

You claim to have "unblocked analytics" in Ghostery, but have you tried fully disabling the add-on? I did, restarted FF, and everything began working instantly. You can also do a simple test of simple checking "Pause blocking" (which doesn't require a browser restart) to see if it is indeed the actual add-on's active state. (Click Ghostery icon in bottom right corner and select from the list, reverse to "Resume")

My next assumption is Ghostery is blocking something beyond user control, or there is another layer required for Play to work. I'll mess around a bit, but honestly don;t play on using the online player much since I am a Pandora One subscriber. Therefore will probably just pause/resume Ghostery as needed while playing Google music.

If I do find a fix, this will be the first place I'll post. I hope you;ll do the same.

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phoenixblue -- I do not have Ghostery, and still have the problem.

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Regarding PDF, there is a bunch of info on this online and I've personally had to help a few clients in this regard. Do you by chance currently use something other that Adobe? Or have you at least used something else in the past that would've install a FF PDF plugin? (FF has a tenancy to "build" upon itself while carrying over old add-on remnants)

For a while I recommended Foxit, but found in the end it caused a lot of the issues you are explaining. For some reason FF was holding data for both plugins (even though Foxit had been removed) and the one needed to be scrubbed completely. I do not know if it is either PDF program's fault, or the fact FF couldn't handle remnants of both.

IMHO, Adobe has been doing a little better in regards to bloat & quick updates so I've been back to using their viewer... plus it appears some of the other PDF otions such as Foxit have simple compatibility issues from time to time which just doesn't sit well on a busy day.

If this rings true, there are a few quick tutorials online to get your browser focused on only one PDF viewer.

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silkphoenix: Do you use any type of blocking plug-in that would act similar to Ghostery? Better Privacy, Adblock Plus, etc? These listed actually run fine on mine, but have been tweaked enough they may be beyond Google's default requirements. I have come across a few blogs with people discussing Google's use of Analytics and other "required" background streams to remain active for their services to work. Therefore, any "privacy" add-on may cause issue.

My issue was completely fixed upon disabling Ghostery, and has been active for a few weeks now. Since this is my only reference point, my assumptions are only coming from this "background preventative" view.

EDIT: Also, is there chance any add-on you had previously installed or config-tweak you may have implemented which potentially made changes to the core settings in FF? Again, updating the version doesn't always reset core values. Maybe a clean re-install?

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Will certainly post if answers are found.

I already tried the "stop blocking" command with Ghostery, but it did not change anything. I also tried disabling Ghostery. I am willing to bet it is a flash issue and something I have is intefering with flash. Sometimes things can be very odd--recently for instance the new SKYPE click-to-call add-on interfered with MS Word's (and other programs) copy/paste while retaining formatting. Who would have guessed that?

RE: the PDF issue, I use Nitro. But in working with Nitro techs (who at least attempted to find a solution, unlike Google's "Use Chrome browser"), they indicated that they could not reproduce the problem at their end. When I disabled Nitro and re-enabled Adobe, there was no difference. So it isn't just Nitro. I also enabled pop-ups for the site that was problematic. Basically at this point I just have to DL every PDF and open from the desktop, or run Chrome / or IE and get it done correctly. No problems there.

It may be an extension--but considering that the Google Music stuff didn't work in safe mode either, it is hard to find out what. Does flash work in safe mode? Another browser add-on that came down recently was HotSpot VPN shield which I use on my laptop. Wonder if that could've done it? Anyone using that?

I do think something has changed recently somewhere. As I reported, unblocking Google Analytics seemed to fix Music for awhile and then suddenly it went haywire again for no apparent reasons. Whether it was the slew of win updates or something else---like Google making changes at their end--it is hard to say.

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phoenixblue -- The only blocking plug-in I have is Adblock Plus and I have disabled it and tried Google Music, still it doesn't work. As I mentioned before, this is not a new issue for me, it has been like that for the last few FF updates (10 and 11). I have been searching online for solutions, and the only one I found applied to No Script add-on, which I don't have either.

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