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Won't play google music

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Hi...I'm having a lot of issues recently with Google Music. (FF v. 11)

Initially the problems started last week. I suspect Google changed something in their codes as many of their programs (music, offers) suddenly stopped working. I discovered if I unblocked the tracker "Google Analytics" that I had blocked (through Ghostery extension), it started working again. All was well for a few days.

Now, is once again not working even though Analytics is unblocked. Now, one thing that did happen in the interim is that Microsoft released a slew of security updates which affected both my XP desktop and Vista laptop, both of which run FF 11.

Whatever went wrong, though, it only affects FIREFOX. Internet Explorer plays it just fine. Music works no problem. Offers works no problem.

So the question is ....what else going on here?

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Yes I've personally used Nitro in the past as well, however I think it was prior to the fresh FF install which eventually ran into the mentioned PDF problems. By saying you disabled / re-enabled PDF programs, did you specifically remove and then scrub their remnants from the computer, registry, and browser(s)?.. or were both installed and you just flipped defaults? With the PDF fix I was speaking of, it was necessary to implement the former since it was the only thing that worked for FF. Literally making sure the browser had no connection to either program (sometimes "scrubbing" from the system), and then only installing a single instance of one viewer.

The first question I should ask since you are having multiple issues... how long have you been on your current system and how many times have you upgraded your standing FireFox? If it is fairly new, then my point may be mute, however if you've been upgraded for years on the same computer you may need to scrub Firefox and start fresh. It doesn't always require such, but in the end I've had to do it a few times for clients and it generally fixes all quirks with the least amount of "duct taping" (saving time in the end as well). And I do not mean simply uninstall and then reload... you need to remove every trace. (Many Google article how-to's). The beauty with FF Sync is you can quickly refresh many of your basic items (save your key!). However, I would be wary of re-syncing config settings after having issues.

Last, I have a few clients who can ONLY use Adobe for certain sites they work with. Even though they had spent money with Nitro and we discussed the issue with their support, it still never worked. Are you by chance working with real estate? (4 out 5 mentioned do and MLS didn't play well for secondary PDF options)

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The PDF problem is of long standing....I noticed it first on's interface with I had simply disabled the Nitro plugin and enabled Adobe without effect, not scrubbed the registry.

The USAir problem is of long standing as well.

All of the sites work fine in both Chrome and I.E.

I've been around with FF for awhile.

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If you decide to go the "clean" route, I hope the following helps. ...worst case scenario after your invested time, Firefox and corresponding software is grounded from a solid starting point. Like an oil change per se :-)

Also, after dealing with issues relating to FF and improper PDF operation might I suggest you:

1. Remove ALL installed PDF viewers/programs before going through the FF cleaning process listed below. Even though some have been "removed" from Windows, they sometime still have remnants hanging out. You may wish to peruse your C:\Program Files folder (and Program Files (x86) if you have a 64bit OS) to see if there are any unnecessary folders with files left over after uninstall. And I do agree with the suggestion of CCleaner's Registry Scan to clean out old registry entries:

2. Re-install only a single PDF program AFTER your new FF is loaded in order to make sure it properly recognizes and injects itself into the browser.

3. Test online PDF operation (potentially for a few days) to make sure everything is working normally before loading any secondary PDF software you may desire (in the chance something breaks again thereafter to give a troubleshooting reference point).

Last, be sure that you have all licensing/serial codes for purchased/upgraded versions of any software you are looking to re-install BEFORE removal process.

RE: Getting back to a clean Firefox:

Basics list of to do's found here: ______________________________________________________


"But if you want to re-install Firefox from scratch, you need to make sure you delete everything, otherwise the new installation is going to detect those old settings and nothing will really change."

First, take detailed notes of all your extensions, Greasemonkey scripts, browser theme and search plug-ins (you don’t want to forget them later!)

Backup your bookmarks to your PC. The bookmarks manager has a handy export function for this.

You might also want to take a screenshot of your Firefox browser so you can refer to it later while putting everything together again. I did this but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Now uninstall Firefox from the PC by going to the software list via the start menu.

Delete the Firefox folders from Windows Explorer. There are two – the one in Program Files with the installation files and the other one in your Documents and Settings which contains your profile. The profile one is probably the most important one to delete because it contains all your settings and tweaks.

Make sure all Firefox shortcuts are deleted from the desktop, quick start menu and start menu.

The last stage is to wipe any Firefox traces from the Windows Registry. The easiest method is to use a Registry cleaning program such as CCleaner. ______________________________________________________

Thorough walk-through from:

Snippet: To get my add-ons working I tried uninstalling and installing all the add-ons, but it does not help me. Then I decided to uninstall the Firefox browser through Add or Remove program and install latest version. Even this activity does not help me to get my add-ons working.

After Googling for couple of minutes I got information on how to remove Firefox application completely by removing settings associated with my profile. After that complete uninstall I was able to install a fresh copy of Firefox with all the required add-ons and all the add-ons are working properly.

Here are the steps to be followed to remove Firefox completely

   Uninstall Firefox browser through Add/Remove Programs(Windows XP) or Programs & Features(Windows Vista)
   Remove bookmarks and other settings of Firefox by deleting the folder \Firefox from the folders Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Mozilla in Windows XP, or the \Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Mozilla and \Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\ in Windows Vista.
   Delete the folder \Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ (This is the place where Firefox is installed, and on most of the PC's it is installed in the path C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\)
   The final step is to remove all registry entries of Firefox with the help of Regedit application. Launch Regedit(Start-->Run-->Regedit) and search for all the entries containing the text Firefox or Mozilla and delete them. The entries which I was able to locate and delete in my registry are 

If you are using any other Mozilla applications make sure to uninstall only Firefox related entries from Windows registry and installation folders.

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I'm having exactly the same problem with Google Music and Firefox 11 on a Win 7 32 bit machine... Never really used Google Music much in the past, just a bit when it first launched and it ran OK on Firefox then.

But now in the past couple weeks, I went back to Google Music to try to finish setting up my music collection there and everything uploads fine. But anytime I try to play any song in Google Music on Firefox, it fails and I get the message telling me to refresh my browser, which accomplishes nothing.

I have AdBlock Plus and a series of other add-ons installed, but no script blockers.. And my Flash and Adobe plug-ins and players work fine on everything else. So what the heck is the problem with Google Music and Firefox???

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JFCHANDLER: one hopes someone will find out what Music is doing lately. This is a rather major module to have a blip like this. I get "script stopped working" errors on a lot of Google sites, but this is the first time the actual module stopped working.

Of course, Google does have an answer. Use Chrome. ;)

Phoenixblue: Thanks so much for that--but frankly I can't see that investment of time. As the problems begin to accumulate, I am concluding there is an underlying issue with FF that simply needs a broader look. I'm content for PDFs to open IE or Chrome, but if it gets to the point where I have to go through this process without even a clear concept that it will work, I'm pretty much just going to start using another browser. I am more concerned with the original Google Music issue. No one has ever been able to point to why USAir's site doesn't work for the calendar and seat selection.

I would think these things, esp. with music and USAir would be fairly obvious to someone who understands what those sites are doing---but the problem is they may be doing things we do not know about. What it needs is a universal answer and some specific investigation. Obviously Google couldn't care less. USAir lets the problem persist for years. There are no answers with FF.

Maybe the Google plot is to make everyone adopt Chrome. You'd think FF would want to address that. ;)

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monsieurms: Since Firefox is a fully customizable browser with the ability for users to load, tweak, and manipulate how they choose (meaning it is often the user who has screwed it up, generally without their knowledge), I do not fully agree with the argument. FYI: A person with decent computer ability should be able to go through all the steps I listed in under 30 minutes (sans potentially the CCleaner scans).

Unfortunately, there is no other browser on the market with Firefox's depth. IE9 is no question the worst browser to date, and while Chrome is decent (and a good alternative) it eventually can have the same issues upon user interaction/customization. Simply the nature of the beast. Being in I.T. and web development, I use all three (plus a few others), and have switched to Chrome full time for a spell in the past as well. Still, nothing beats the customization of FF.

I say this because, while trying to help here on this thread, I've spent a few extra hours reading through other threads on this topic over the last 2 days. Those who have fixed the issue, myself included, have either had to disable specific add-ons, install newer version of specific add-ons, or reload Firefox due to add-on or about:config manipulation. None of these are core Firefox problems.

This is the "price" one pays for using an advanced option for the internet. Realize, Firefox has the ability to be built upon through many outside means which makes it powerful, in the same light it can weaken it since not every tweak or add-on is understood or perfect over the long haul. (Meaning as time passes, a clean re-load as mentioned is simply a good idea). This can be said for just about any program, product, or item in our physical world which allows 3rd part add-ons or aftermarket parts.. some are good, some eventually break down, and some are clearly junk. (i.e. You can't blame your car manufacturer for poor quality/performance if you put cheap rims on it and one bends when you hit a curb)

Best of luck! If I find anything else direct I'll be sure to post for everyone.

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I've stuck with FF because I like it better than Chrome and IE too. In fact, I rather dislike Chrome period and don't quite understand the increasing fascination with it amongst the technorati. If I stop using FF, I'd be more likely to go to IE.

But I do think FF has taken many wrong steps of late, including its reckless and incessant urge to create new version updates every 10 seconds which have a tendency to leave you feeling like you (a) never know what you're doing and (b) never know how to fix things when things go awry, which they do now with increasing frequency as developers have trouble keeping up, add-ons break, and so on.

To some extent, this is the dark side of open source software. When you say:

''Those who have fixed the issue, myself included, have either had to disable specific add-ons, install newer version of specific add-ons, or reload Firefox due to add-on or about:config manipulation. None of these are core Firefox problems.''

I disagree. It is part of the core open source experience. No one knows what is happening, no one knows how to fix it, and there is nowhere to go for an easy answer from someone paid to give you one. I think after 3 years of being unable to use USAir's seat selection module, someone should have an easy answer by now and this should be an obvious problem, even if it is an add on issue, although I suspect there are also some issues with how FF handles java script and flash.( I certainly don't get a wave of constant script error warnings on either IE or Chrome!)

You're in IT and working through stuff like this is in essence what you do. I'm not and I admittedly have far less patience with it. Working with software is not a goal in and of itself--it is a productivity tool and FF is increasingly unproductive. I am not paid to be a beta tester for Mozilla. I'm not paid to debug its software. To some extent as well, depending on what the issue ultimately turns out to be, I may not have the ability to do so even if willing as I may not really understand the issue. You are far better versed than I and you just indicated you spent hours reading about such things. In and of itself--that constitutes a problem, doesn't it? I shouldn't have to make an investment of time like that.

When I find a slew of major sites from Google to to USAir etc that don't seem to work right, that basically IS a core FF problem, depending on how you look at it, even if one correctly says that confusion is the price one pays for the ability to customize FF. Perhaps that is becoming too high a price. Some things are easy to workaround. Some things aren't.

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monsieurms: I completely understand and it is a common discussion, closed vs open (or pre-deployment "tested" vs perpetually experimental). Just remember, beyond items designed for ease of use (and generally limited functionality), with expanded functionality does come a bit of responsibility and interaction. And to be blunt, in our new technological society I think all individuals wishing to utilize such advances need to undertake a bit of responsibility themselves.... even if it is just allowing the time and effort to keep abreast of what is available, how to work the tools (even if only at a minimum), and understanding that -just like cars- the newer technology in your life requires maintenance. Does a user need to be an expert? Not at all. Yet the days of only a few options are over as well. Your tech devices and all the compounded options therein are not your run of the mill manual egg beater. They require more than turning the crank.

Current social recommendation / hearsay regarding tech is some of the worst at best all the while being propagated on a 24/7 in your face medium; and in the end, for an individual to make a tool really work for individualistic needs it simply requires user interaction and self education. Apple included.

Upon which, my favorite example is the Apple vs PC debate. (FYI: I use & support both) Apple in essence is a "brain dead" easy & closed approach with limited function for the majority of users (You pay for a lot, and ultimately get little except for "frame of mind" that a few basic items will work). Which is FINE for many, until their needs grow and begin complaining about their expensive, locked architecture. Going farther, you have the iPhone vs Android camps. I send plenty of people to the iPhone because I know they can't be bothered with expanded functionality or the responsibility of more advanced alternatives. Those users who I know will respect the design model and understand that to get more out of the device they'll have to actually submit some of their brain power to doing so, it is Android all the way. In the end, the latter is 100x more powerful in the right hands. Regardless, Android is all FINE for the "basic user" camp too until they start to complain about the open architecture and they have to take time to actually learn to get ahead.

My point... you will always have both sides, and in either there will always be many ups and downs (obviously my points were limited). Regardless of either, to get MORE out of something the individual generally has to accept these +/-'s instead of fight them. Like Android, Firefox has more power. Period. Can every user utilize it. No. Does every user need to? Nope. But if you understand there are a few things you'd like to accomplish or actually control beyond the basic offering, a bit of rewarding effort will be required.

Knowledge is power, right? And "productivity" is relative. To make an open source tool work in special ways, one needs need to modify it. If you make a mistake, the beauty is the user can start over upon gained knowledge. (Yes, at the expense of time)

I have no idea how you have tweaked your install, but as an expert trying to save you time... do a clean install of Firefox. Of course I have no idea if it will fix the other issues you are having.. all I do know is Google Music plays fine on my four systems in said browser.

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"Like Android, Firefox has more power. Period. Can every user utilize it. No. Does every user need to? Nope. But if you understand there are a few things you'd like to accomplish or actually control beyond the basic offering, a bit of rewarding effort will be required."

You make some good points in terms of becoming a power user.

I am in the Android camp myself and I like to know how things work and what tweaks will give me advantages.

That, however, is NOT the same issue as being forced into the role of system debugger on even basic functions. It is not quite the same thing. That's where I think I've been put now. I don't think I should have to commit hours or days of time to get Google music to work. If that is the dedication Firefox demands, I imagine the user base will shrink dramatically.

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But Friefox DOES work with Google Play (at least here across 4 machines with misc variances).. it is outside, non-Firefox controlled, add-ons that appear to occasionally cripple it. (And according to other threads, potentially any remnants of add-ons that have even been "removed" yet still plague proper operation.) Can this be blamed on FF? Maybe a little. However I would tend to lean towards the fact that user customization sometimes leaves its scars.

Thankfully, these scars are quickly repaired through the simple steps given.

Due to the context of the original question, your answer of "I've been around with FF for awhile" leads me to believe you have had the same install of FF running for some time. Elsewhere, you have also admittedly modified the "base" Firefox install. Now you appear unwilling to fix any potential issues caused upon such. Even though this software can be upgraded upon itself, it doesn't mean problems created through customization are simply fixed with a new update. Generally, issues can actually become compounded since an old custom tweak may still reside in a config file or similar, yet no longer be compatible upon each new revision.

The PDF issue discussed earlier fits this paradigm perfectly... old "crap" lingers and mucks up the system. Regarding USAir, I have no say since it is something I've never used.

And as also mentioned, these issues can start to arise with a customized install of Chrome as well upon new revisions and compounding on an old base. It's the nature of the beast.

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"it is outside, non-Firefox controlled, add-ons that appear to occasionally cripple it. '

But this what Firefox does. The reason I started using Firefox was because of the heavy advertising on how many add-ons there were, how you could customize it, etc.

Apparently no one put a footnote "But these things may screw the browser up and make half of the major sites on the internet unuseable."

Oooops. The main reason I use FF today rather than Chrome is the customization and add-ons.

When that becomes more trouble than its worth there is a logical conclusion there.

"quickly repaired through the simple steps given. "

When you yourself have advised that you spent HOURS reading threads to troubleshoot this issue, I think most would agree the word "Simple" does not belong in that sentence. I have other things to do. Firefox is not my job. I am not that emotionally committed to it. When it becomes this much effort, I get new software. I've done that before--Norton screwed my computer with a mangled update. THe solution was run through the registry line-by-line and manually uninstall every instance.

My solution was to buy McAfee. It's way easier.

I don't think I use weird extensions. Perhaps the oddest is a VPN. But for the most part if I'm having the problem so are others. It should be clear what is causing it by now. But it's not for some reason.

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First, IF there is ANY way I can help, please let me know. Or if anyone else has tried the suggestions with positive results (or any results for that matter) please let EVERYONE know. Otherwise, our continued "views" are not necessarily helping this thread find a solution... as much as I sincerely enjoy a good discussion with honest returns. (This doesn't appear to be stopping my fingers from continuing into a reply!)

monsieurms: I totally understand your frustration as it is not uncommon. Hence why I spent the extra time to help in this matter while also trying to expand on real world experience for reference. There are many on these threads who blindly say "try this" or "that" while actually causing harm to a system. And even while I couldn't guarantee the 1st-stage solution would fix all of your FF issues, it certainly wouldn't cause any more if followed properly. From there, diagnostics could continue as needed.

Understand I have worked with computers my whole life so my mind flows from analytical means. I agree with you on many points yet remain bewildered at the rejection of the possibility of a fix. Even when put in the simplest terms of the "oil change" scenario... I'd like to assume any sane person wouldn't deny their mechanic upon the recommendation of an initial oil change before diagnosing something that may or may NOT be deeper. Why not?.. because oil changes are common knowledge for proper operation. (and in reverse, not so common in the I.T. world)

Therefore, the analytical breakdown:

1. I actually fixed the issue in only a few seconds by disabling an add-on. I did this BEFORE spending any time researching or even posting to the thread. Yet in agreeance with your comments, my expertise in I.T. did allow me to quickly deduct where the initial issue(s) may reside. (I also offered reason why a simple disable may not be working in other cases for other users)

2. I spent extra time perusing parallel instances of the same issue in order to offer extended depth here on this thread. That's part of "debugging" and wasn't necessarily required, although for my own comfort it helped me build a stronger case to present. Not that it is relevant, but my services run in excess of $200/hr and I thought my time here would be a way of helping. I would still gladly take some of the debugging off your shoulders while helping to find a solid solution.

3. In the grand picture, it is rare for these issues to occur in browsers. There are always exceptions to the rule but they generally stem from other systematic problems. So in the status quo, yes, each browser actually has small issues at some random venture. They all do.. unfortunately in this thread we are looking at three... 2 of which have been proven by one person to work after implementation of an offered solution. Case study: In real world experience, I have clients who've never experienced a single issue with FF, and others whom require random tweaks for specific sites, add-ons, etc (Yet never in an excessive manner upon keeping the install clean).

4. Since everything a user clicks in the information age is not wrapped in gold for their clicking pleasure, the intended moral was that the power of Firefox lets each user config and expand to their own needs. In this, the add-ons offered are not controlled or regulated by Mozilla which ultimately leaves the user at their own peril. (Plus, FF is free for use, and others all over the world are devoting hours upon hours of their donated free-time to expand the core and/or its extended capabilities). In the end, user responsibility is good in the advancement of knowledge, yet bad in the frustration of those unwilling to accept small effort may be required. Out of the box, FF actually works just fine. Note: Analytical mind says the user should stop blaming the browser since the user is the one who changed it. Note 2: Ignorance is no longer an excuse for those who've come to realize that even though there is generally no giant flashing warning regarding user customization on ANY product, caution is recommended and care of use & maintenance does in fact exist.

4.To conclude.. I hate to be blunt but get used to the fact that as technology expands, user customization beyond Playskool devices (i.e. Apple) will require an individual to learn and expand for themselves. You appear to be a higher level user (Android, VPN, mentioned add-ons) and I commend you for such. However, while remaining a DIY'er I fear you may keep running into the same issues moving forward since the customized user experience & tools you desire will continue to remain a requirement of daily operation. (FYI: In my opinion, to remain in the operational know-how still will not require advanced knowledge. Probably just enough get-up to find somebody willing to help you for free online :-D )

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Since this thread is getting to the end, I would like to give my final thought:

1. If one of my add-ons is causing Google Play for not working properly, then why when I disabled ALL add-ons and run FF in safe mode, it still not working?

2. If it's something in my PC that prohibits Google Play from working (e.g. Anti-virus programs, etc.), then why would it work in Chrome and IE?

FYI, I have Adblock Plus in both FF and Chrome. I DID NOT disable Adblock Plus in Chrome and Google Play still works, so obviously it's not the one causing the problem.

As of now, it's a mystery to me why Google Play is not working in FF but all other browsers (Chrome, IE and Safari), in the same PC.

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Sigh. Has anybody actually reloaded to a fresh start with Firefox? Personally I have no problems on 4 systems regarding Google Play in Firefox: 1 Windows 7 Pro 64bit, 1 Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit, 1 Windows XP Pro, 1 Mac OS Lion. Each tested at separate times for a minimum of 2 hours continuous shuffle play with random user interaction to verify the dreaded "refresh" popup. Two are at an office, two home so different locations have come into play... both locations have different ISP backbones as well.

I've explained many times why it may not be working even though extensions are disabled. Furthermore, if something was modified in the about:config or elsewhere which is not necessarily effected by "safemode" you may still run into issues. (i.e. Flash still works in safe mode since it is not a direct extension. Other items of this nature may still be active as well)

Also, you can actually reset the entire browser back to defaults from safemode, but it is still recommended to to a clean full re-install since the safemode reset is considered a band-aid approach at the point of these multiple failures.

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phoenixblue -- As a matter of fact, yes, I DID have a fresh start of FF. About a month ago, my FF wasn't working properly, so I deleted everything and reinstall FF all over.

I have been using FF since the first version came out, and I haven't done anything with about:config for years. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Google Play wasn't working since FF 10 and WAS working properly before that.

Just because you have no problem in your 4 systems, doesn't mean that's not FF problem. Every system is different. You can say anything you want, but it still comes down to FF problem since it works in all other browsers, in the SAME system with the SAME settings.

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Re a couple of the issues mentioned above:

In my case, I've been using all the versions of FF for years as my main and pretty much only browser. The only time I'll use any other, IE, is when for some reason FF won't work right or display right on a site I'm trying to access.

It does seem to me, in my experience, that the number of sites where I'm experiencing some kind of problem using FF has been growing in the past year or two.. There always have been problems it seems particularly with various online banking sites, but now the problem roster is growing larger, and lately including Google Music.

Re fresh starts, I had the HD on my main home PC die lately, so I had to do a fresh Windows install and a fresh from scratch FF install as well. I also have a laptop where I've had older FF versions that have been upgraded on top of each other version to version. Right now, FF won't play Google Music on either of those two machines.

I dislike using IE so much that to deal with the past FF compatibility problems, I found and started using versions of the add-on IE Tab, which works within FF and makes FF run like IE... The other day, I tried opening Google Music in one of my FF/IE Tab modes, and to my surprise it played one song, but when I went to try another song, it resumed with the refresh your browser loop message.

Re Google Play, I've never had any problems in downloading apps or other content there using my FF browser. In fact, I really haven't had any compatibility problems at all accessing Google sites with my FF browser, until this issue with Google Music came along.

I know FF worked OK with Google Music some time back because I would have used FF to set up and populate my Google Music account originally, since as I said, I use FF pretty much exclusively. So I know it worked back then, whenever Google Music first launched in beta... And I pretty much had the same set of FF extensions back then as I do today. That leads me to think something else changed somewhere.

I just don't know where. BTW, my Google Music plays just fine now on all my PCs using their regular IE browsers. Likewise, Amazon's Cloud Music player works just fine in both my FF and IE browsers.

Ahh... the only settings change I've ever made in FF itself in about:config is to turn off its geolocation feature. I haven't tried Google Music with the gl feature turned back on to see if that makes any difference, since I've had no reason to think that might be a factor.

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BTW, the counter up to now says 37 people have clicked this thread this week indicating they're having the same problem with FF and Google Music. And needless to say, the number of people who'd find this thread and click here is going to be a tiny tiny share of the actual users having the same problem.

I only found the thread because I did a Google search to try to figure out what was going on with the problem and was it just me or a broader thing. Obviously, it's a broader thing.

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silkphoenix & jfchandler: Thank you for the direct answers since there's generally no way of knowing what each user has been or is currently using.

I understand each system is different and that a problem can arise on one system -vs- an identically configured system elsewhere. It is actually my daily business to know and work within this paradigm.

Alas, in lieu of participating on the thread in order to add info for all, I can only state what I am working with while passing on the solution that worked for me AND the apparent dozens of other people (in other threads). On top of which, I tried to add extended information for people to understand the WHY it was being suggested as a starting point. I have no way claimed it was the only possible cause of the issue, nor did I claim my 1st-stage recommendation be the final solution. Again, it is a starting point for troubleshooting to make sure everyone is on the same page. AND because it has worked for many others with the same issue, I simply added the advice here.

Since there is now an openly discussed variable or dynamic (upon "fresh" installs), new troubleshooting routes can be taken for those still affected. However, to be honest, it appears people only want to blame FF instead of find an actual solution.

Google Play works for me in Firefox across multiple test beds. As an I.T. admin, that tells me it isn't FF and SOMETHING else is causing the issue. Could it still be related to something surrounding FF? Absolutely. Yet, quite honestly my time is up since I am not here to debate logistics instead of actually helping somebody troubleshoot. I thought people were here to find answers, not to simply complain.

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I saw the info about about doing a clean/fresh FF install.

As I mentioned in my prior post above, it just so happened that a couple weeks ago the main HD died in my desktop PC, and so I had to do a fresh install of Windows and FF with an entirely new HD. The very first thing I installed after doing all the Windows updates was the latest version 11 of FF. And the only PDF-related thing I installed after that was Adobe Acrobat...

Google Music isn't working in FF on that freshly configured machine, just the same as it's not working on my other update ontop of update Windows and FF machine.

However, I did just find at least one solution to the problem that worked in my case. I exited out of my regular FF, and restarted FF from the start menu using Safe Mode, with all extensions disabled. Once in that version of Safe Mode, I again tried Google Music and the songs played in FF Safe Mode without any problem, and I repeated that several times just to make sure.

Then I exited out of Safe Mode and went back into my regular FF and tried Google Music again.... and the problem re-surfaced and I was unable to play via Google Music. So it would seem it's something going on with one of the extensions, or some other difference between Safe Mode and regular mode.

I'm running about a dozen add-ons of various varieties in FF, and then separately have at least that many plug-ins installed by various programs like Flash and Shockwave and others....

No idea how to start narrowing down where the offending plug-in or extension might be. But here's a screen shot of the FF add-ons I have running in normal mode.

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--Turned back on FF geolocation and restarted... No GM

--Uninstalled Skype and Reload Every Add-Ons.... No GM

--Disabled Ad Block Plus... No GM

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