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Setting homepage would not work in v10 or v3.6.26


I can't set my homepage, couldn't do it in v10, either by tools/options (on my desired website and clicking use current page or dragging the icon over to the little house as directed. My homepage program won't work with v10 so I uninstalled and installed v3.6.26. I can't set my home page with it either, even though I click current page and hover over the house. the house will show my selected page, but when I close and reopen, it keeps going back to search, the default. Using XP, SP3

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  • Next Generation Java Plug-in 1.6.0_29 for Mozilla browsers
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  • Npdsplay dll
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Hi hstansberry,

You should take a look at the Knowledge Base article How to set the home page.

There are steps in that article to reset your homepage preferences to default. I would try that first to clear out any strangeness. If that works, you can try setting your homepage again to your personal preference.

If that doesn't work you should look at the article Preferences not saved.

Finally, your issue may be because you've been hit with some Malware.

Hopefully this helps!

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I downloaded both versions of Firefox directly from Mozilla.org, not a third party. This web address has always been the window that opens. http://www.searchqu.com/406

I've set the homepage both ways dragging and through tools. I am not new at this, nor is this the first time I've used Firefox on different computers over the years. I went to restore defaults, closed, opened again, tried to reset homepage (I'm in 3.6 now) and though my page shows if I hover over the house while the window is open, when I close and reopen, the search page is displayed. I am on a LAN server through my school district and it catches most things. I ran a scan also and nothing came up. I installed FF on this computer since we were having some trouble running the program Tyler Student Information System in IE. We have to use IE7 or compatibility view if IE8. It's been fixed, but our IT person told me to install Firefox in the meantime, so I need set Tyler sis.k12 as my home page. If this can't be done I guess I'll have to do it with FF as default and open through my XP favorites.

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Chosen Solution

See these threads and pages about searchqu:

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My searchqu problem was solved. Searching through all the threads and thanks to Cor-el, (but I had to hunt to find the right place to go as I'm not familiar with the site) I found all kinds of things to check. Some of the options weren't on v3.6, but I kept going down the list and trying what I could find. After clearing history, I think, I tried to set the homepage again and a box popped up that searchqu blocked an attempt... did I want to disable searchqu or enable the new setting, somthing like that. I clicked yes and it set my page. Then did a Windows search for searchqu files, found 2, deleted them after looking at their path. Went to add/remove programs and found the Windows ilivid and removed it. When that got added, I don't know. But seems to be taken care of. thanks.

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@hstansberry-my name is John and I'm a member of the Searchqu support team.

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