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Firefox 8 Memory Leak


Having two tabs open, memory rises slowlyall by itself, to where the main process is using almost 2.2GB and the plugin containers are taking up about another 1.2GB by themselves. CLosing Firefox didn't help. I had to go to task managed and End Process...I've got 4GB RAM and an intel Core 2 Duo CPU. Yes, everything is updated...

What's up with this? Please Mozilla, make FF awesome again!

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Chosen solution

With all the upgrades with firefox you would think they could fix the memory leaks. I downloaded 9 and 10 and it is so slow you can't use it. Why do they release these version before they actually test them out.

I hope all of the programmers are listening to people comments. Also, I wish someone could address the problem using windows vista with firefox 8.1

Veronica Smith

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A few times a week

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Ever since I went above 3.6


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hotkee 0 solutions 16 answers

No sooner you complain about one version, a new version comes along with exactly the same problems.

This morning I installed the new version 9 and its already crashed at least 10 times. And its chewing up memory like there is no end to destroying hardware. I mean its not just the memory chips and cpu cranking away, Firefox is killing the hard disk performance too.

What is the point of claiming its 30% faster loading javascript when its still so slow that it overloading on memory, crashing, going slower and slower with new tabs, does not cope well with flash. I tried in vain to use Noscript and Ghostery - to speed up page loading - just gets worse because of the memory usage firefox is hogging in the first place.

I download and give Seamonkey another go - and if only it had a few buttons for the Home on toolbar, some basic customisation of the toolbar button and supported a few addons I use in firefox, it would be suffice for me as a browser - its not using the same amount of memory as firefox which seems to be getting more and more out of control with each release.

I have defended firefox when other people have criticised it and I still think its the best browser for funtionality but I can't defend it for performance and memory leak which is destroying it's usage for me.

lmilesw 0 solutions 1 answers

Same problem. I use the Memory Restart plugin as a work around but I do wish FF would just manage the memory better.

akots 0 solutions 1 answers

How can a web page with 4 lines of text and 3 buttons occupy 5Mb of memory? How can gmail inbox page occupy 25 Mb of memory without me doing anything there. This particular reply page occupies 9 Mb of memory. None of the plugins occupy more than 2Mb each, so the problem is entirely due to a memory leak. Typically, each tab with some graphics on page eats up to 50 Mb memory even if it is a simple forum page or just a text. By the time (about 2 minutes) I typed this message, the memory came up from 463 Mb to 491 Mb and still climbing. Garbage collection or heap-minimize buttons do not do anything. It's Vista 32-bit with all updates.

Gogmagog 0 solutions 1 answers

I can reliably duplicate this memory leak by simply browsing to certain websites and simultaneously opening multiple links in tabs. I can then open Task Manager and watch the memory usage rise steadily at a rate of ~20MB per second until every single byte of free memory is consumed by this idiotic bug.

This memory leak nonsense is getting way out of hand. It's seriously never been this bad before. I think the last time Firefox actually managed memory properly was when it was still called Firebird. Please fix your lazy, sloppy bullshit.

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hotkee 0 solutions 16 answers

Its not a great solution but it helps to use NoScript addon.

Without it I could have a group of tab making Firefox eat up 1 Gig + of memory but with NoScript, its close to half (if not less) memory usage. And multiple tabs open up faster this way.

The drawback is having to pick and choose virtually every other site to filter or not filter with NoScript - just wish NoScript could identify carp and do more automatic filtering.

The javascript is eating up memory in Firefox on web pages, 30% performance increase in javascript in Firefox 9 was claimed - I can't see what the point is if the javascript is gobbling up 20MB per tab say as a rough estimate. Seriously can not be right that javascript should eat this much unless some of these web sites are written by idiots. Saying that forum web sites are real killers to Firefox memory, they have far higher memory consumption than other web sites.

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veronica59 1 solutions 2 answers

Chosen Solution

With all the upgrades with firefox you would think they could fix the memory leaks. I downloaded 9 and 10 and it is so slow you can't use it. Why do they release these version before they actually test them out.

I hope all of the programmers are listening to people comments. Also, I wish someone could address the problem using windows vista with firefox 8.1

Veronica Smith

Question owner

I've switched to Chrome as my primary web browser. Mozilla, show me you can fix these issues with Firefox (yes, this issue still occurs), and I will happily come back to Firefox.

hotkee 0 solutions 16 answers

Can't stand Chrome. I found another way to make firefox perform a bit better. Using an extension called QuickJS, you can disable javascript and sites load faster. And then re-enable it when need be by clicking a button on the toolbar.

jihbeach 0 solutions 5 answers

Yep, I'm done with Firefox. I JUST restarted my computer and opened Firefox and it already up to 800 mb. I have tried every suggestion on here. I have used Firefox exclusively for YEARS and am now dumping it for good. I don't see what the point is of doing upgrades with the same issue. I haven't noticed any difference with any updated version except the newer the version, the MORE memory usage not less. I don't know if you have the worst programmers in the world or if you aren't listening to your users but, whatever the problem, it is not worth using if I have to it down 3-4 times every time I work for a couple of hours. FIX IT OR FORGET IT!

I have defended and recommended Firefox for years. I do tech support and used to install for clients but not anymore. I don't want to deal with the calls about why it's constantly crashing. Get your act together and maybe I will come back.

jihbeach 0 solutions 5 answers

I think they hired all of the laid off AOL workers to program.

jihbeach 0 solutions 5 answers

It's not about fixing people's systems but fixing FIREFOX! This is the problem with them, they assume it is the systems that people are using and it cannot possibly be their software. Why do other browsers work fine on these same systems? I haven't heard about any other browser having these issues so it IS FIREFOX not the system or users fault. If you keep sticking your head in the sand and blaming the users, your browser will be extinct in a year or so. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!

hotkee 0 solutions 16 answers

To be fair, versions 9.01 and 9.02 are at least not crashing as version 8 used. The memory usage is still an issue but I believe its the javascript on some sites which is hogging so much memory and that is something that can be an issue with other browsers.

There are lots of performance improvements that would be nice to have in Firefox, hopefully this will happen ... slowly unfortunately.