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Save Link As/New Folder/Save/ Causes Firefox to crash

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Right-click a link and choose 'save link as...' Browse to desired location and click 'new folder' Name the folder and open it click 'save' Firefox crashes -- restart and use the new folder or any existing folder and everything is fine after that.

Right-click a link and choose 'save link as...' Browse to desired location and click 'new folder' Name the folder and open it click 'save' Firefox crashes -- restart and use the new folder or any existing folder and everything is fine after that.

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(See also for the background)

Here is your crash report, from the Crash ID you furnished in "more system details":

Firefox 7.0.1 Crash Report [@ memset | DebugInit ]
ID: 3e7924b9-35b2-4a37-afb5-a80a42111027
Signature: memset | DebugInit 

I'm sorry that no one was able to help you with this. One clue I was able to get from the crash report was from the Modules list, where the first listed file AVLibrary.dll has no identifying information. It is also listed in the details of the crash report, in the Winsock LSP box.

I'm thinking that this crash is related to your AntiVirus sofware. I asked you before in the article discussion forum: Did you try the solution in the Firefox crashes when downloaded files are checked by virus scan article?

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Yes, I have tried disabling my f-secure anti-virus. But that does not help.

I spent a bit of time analyzing this problem and, as I reported, Firefox crashes ONLY if I am using a newly created folder for the download. If I am using an old folder (used before, even by a crash,) then Firefox does NOT crash. (It is not enough for the folder to be created before Firefix is started, that does NOT avoid the crash. The folder has to be used either by Firefox or just be an old, used folder.

This problem is not very likely to be related to anti-virus.

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Here is yet another test: 1. Create a new folder 2. copy a file into it 3. delete the file 4. download a file to the folder = Firefox does not crash downloading into that folder 1. Create a new folder 2. download a file to the folder = Firefox crashes

SO: a completely new folder that has never had a file in it, Firefox crashes on the first attempt to use that folder. It does not matter if Firefox is started before or after the folder creation.

If that isn't a Firefox problem, I don't know what a Firefox problem looks like.

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AND, I tested again with my anti-virus unloaded and the crash continues.

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Yes, but did you try the solution in the Firefox crashes when downloaded files are checked by virus scan article? That disables a Firefox preference that causes files to be scanned by your installed antivirus program when you download them using Firefox. You don't need to disable your antivirus program itself, only change a Firefox setting.

Try this:

In the Firefox Location bar (address bar) type about:config and press Enter.

The about:config "This might void your warranty!" warning page may appear. Click I'll be careful, I promise!, to continue to the about:config page.

Locate the preference and double click it to change the value to false.

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(I'm about to leave for the day.) Why do you think this will make a difference? If I use a folder that has held a file before, the download works perfectly.

Having 'file scan' off is a very unlikely solution.

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Create a new profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problems.

See "Basic Troubleshooting: Make a new profile":

There may be extensions and plugins installed by default in a new profile, so check that in "Tools > Add-ons > Extensions & Plugins" in case there are still problems.

If that new profile works then you can transfer some files from the old profile to that new profile, but be careful not to copy corrupted files.


Try to delete the MRU (Most Recently Used) ComDlg32 registry keys with the regedit.exe program.

Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ComDlg32

Delete the subkeys (LastVisitedPidlMRU and OpenSavePidlMRU)

Be careful with editing the registry as there is no Undo possible: all changes are applied immediately. You can export key(s) before making changes.

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I have a very specific problem situation. If and ONLY IF I try to download to a newly created folder, then Firefox crashes. Otherwise there are no problems with downloading.

Can you give me ANY rational reason for thinking a currupted profile might affect ONLY a freshly created folder and yet be perfectly OK otherwise.

I appreciate assistance, but spending lots of time shooting in the dark, that's not helping.

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Joschka, These suggestions are not "shooting in the dark", they are systematic troubleshooting steps to 1) RULE OUT issues with how Firefox attempts to perform a virus scan of downloaded files (note that, even though you've disabled f-secure anti-virus, you may have other security software running on your system that you think you've uninstalled or disabled but which is still active - I'm thinking, Windows Defender or another AV that was partially removed) and 2) RULE OUT issues specific to your Firefox profile, which includes added extensions and changed preference settings as well as corrupt files. If those don't work, a clean reinstall of Firefox would be the next troubleshooting step.

I don't know what cor-el has in mind with the registry edit but if you don't feel comfortable with that, leave it aside for now.

If you don't want to try these suggestions, another option would be to file a bug report, which you can do from the Bugzilla "Report this crash" link in a recent crash report such as the one at

If those steps don't help then you also might want to do a scan for malware - See Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware.. I'm still thinking about your crash report with that unknown file in Winsock LSP listing, C:\Windows\system32\AVLibrary.dll (do you know what that file is?).

Modified by AliceWyman

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With all due respect, I must disagree with you about this methodology known as 'systematic troubleshooting,' which is a methodology that saves time and effort for support organizations by imposing a fixed and totally unfocused set of processes on the end user (and or first level support people.) While I've exaggerated a bit, it most certainly is very close to shooting in the dark.

When working with a 'freshly created folder:' 1. Firefox creates an empty file in the target folder 2. Firefox crashes (Restarting Firefox and repeating the download, will prompt to overwrite the first empty file and then do problems are evident.)

When working with a 'used folder:' 1. NO problems are evident

If you know any of the basics of what sequences any software must necessarily follow, you will immediately realize that Firefox cannot possibly be trying to scan this file since it has not yet been downloaded. (Scans are done only AFTER the file is received. The file cannot be scanned remotely.) You will also realize that file scanning is working flawlessly since either a 'used folder' or retrying after a crash will both result in complete success. It should also be clear that my profile is rather unlikely to be corrupted. Again, because if the folder is 'used' there are no failures.

While I fully understand that many people using microcomputers do not know what software (including AV software) is installed and working, 1. I periodically format my systems and reinstall everything I'm still actively using. Generally I install about 75 software packages and discard perhaps 25 I am no longer using. 2. I can assure you that Windows defender is not active because when I disable f-secure, the Windows system itself notifies me that f-secure and windows defender at both turned off.

As for AVlibrary.dll, I've checked the signature and traced that to AVsoftware in Bulgaria. I use a product named Hide the IP because I'm an American living in Taiwan and any number of financial or business organizations are using security procedures that automatically assume I am a thief when I try to use my US based credit cards while located here. So I spend the roughly $100/year necessary to have an IP proxy server available. With this I can bypass these childless security procedures. (Note that any serious thief will do the same as I am and so the socalled security does nothing more than inconvenience honest customers.) AVSoftware does not sell ANY Anti-Virus software and that library is not related to anti-virus in any way.

In summary, the detailed debugging results I have submitted should/would provide considerable assistance to a software engineer who knows rather precisely how Firefox works. The very first thing someone should have done is attempt to reproduce the crash using the steps I have provided. If the problem can be reproduced on another machine of known configuration, then there would be no reaons for me to waste time on this socalled 'systematic debugging' nonsense.

PS: I've been writing and debugging software since 1968 (no, that is not a typo) and I actually know a bit about how to do this.

It's been about three months since I did the last system rebuild (which takes about a week) so I would be willing to remove Firefox and reinstall it. (Can you give me some instructions on how to be sure it really is uninstalled? As we all know, 'standard uninstall' processes frequently leave unwanted pieces around.)

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Chosen Solution

To completely uninstall Firefox, see

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P.S. You commented, The very first thing someone should have done is attempt to reproduce the crash using the steps I have provided.

Right-click a link and choose 'save link as...' Browse to desired location and click 'new folder' Name the folder and open it click 'save'

I tried this on my Windows 7 laptop running Firefox 8.0 and the file saves with no problem. Test pages: (first link to "completed.wav") and (Windows 64-bit "Flash Player for other browsers" link to "install_flash_player_11_plugin_64bit.exe")

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As painful as it often is to entirely remove a program that has accumulated a whole collection of configuration settings and passwords (such that it's essentiall unreproducable) it is also true that installation process have become so complex that it no longer makes sense to attempt debugging all the steps one by one.

The sad result is that one user gets rid of his/her problem, but the underlying problem, is never identified or fixed. This is a big part of what makes microcomputer software such junk. <sigh>

In any case, Firefox is now able to download a file to a 'fresh' folder.

Firefox has a number of very convenient and well thought out features. But the effort it takes to configure them every time Firefox breaks is a serious deterrent to using them.

Thank you for your efforts on my behalf, Jim Kay

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You're welcome. I'm glad to hear that a clean reinstall and a fresh profile got Firefox working again.