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I just wondered why I can have a kaspersky add on on firefox 4 but its not available on the upgrade to firefox 5 ?


you have recent asked whether i want to upgrade to firefox 5, which of course i would love to as i love firefox. But upon trying to upgrade it says that some addons are not available. In particular I want to use the virtual keyboard from kaspersky Virus protector, as I use internet banking. I therefore wont upgrade unless this feature is still available, can you advise me as to why its not available on the newer version. ?

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Firefox 5.0 isn't due to be released until June 21, so you are probably on the Beta Channel for updates and were offered a 5.0beta upgrade.

That Kaspersky add-on probably needs to be updated by Kaspersky for Firefox 5.0. Contact them and inquire about their schedule for updating their Firefox add-ons for this new version.

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Thankyou for your answer, very helpful, I shall look into it, Jon

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You're welcome.

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But the Kaspersky plugins don't work in Firefox 5. What's going on. The same problem occured between FF3 and 4.

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Logic should dictate that if Kaspersky was slow at updating their stuff for Firefox 4.0 that the same might hold true for Firefox 5.0, wouldn't it?

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I was told by Kaspersky support staff yesterday (6-22-11) that they won't fix this problem for KIS 2011 (for FF5) because KIS 2012 will be officially released in August. That's 2 months away -- longer if you don't want the hazard of being an early adopter of KIS 2012! And what happens when FF6 (or whatever) is released & is once again not compat. with KIS? Will we have to wait for KIS 2013 in another year? All you Kaspersky users... get on the phone to Kaspersky & complain... tell 'em it's their job (& why we pay good money) to have them keep their products compat. with programs such as FF!