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With FF4, and Roboform 7, how can I get the Roboform toolbar to work with Personas?


Just upgraded to FF4, also had to upgrade to Roboform 7 (surprise fees included, albeit probably a fee I can justify paying).

Problem is the color/design from Personas is not allowed to fill the roboform toolbar (the roboform toolbar stays the standard light grey color). I love the new "Giz gaz" persona but not happy that FF 3.6 and Roboform 6.x worked together on Personas, but not in the current environment.

Anyone else have an easy solution to this problem, and if not is this a FF or a Roboform issue to fix?

Lastly, if someone can tell me how to just merge the roboform toolbar into the "Add-on" toolbar on the bottom of the page I could settle for that, but I don't think its possible.

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Question owner

I've attached 2 images, one w/o the Roboform toolbar (personas works) and one w/ the roboform toolbar NOT working with personas.

Question owner

Roboform has responded w/ the following: "We are aware of the issue with toolbar background in FireFox, the developers are trying to fix it now."

Question owner

Fixed!! 4/14/11. Works today after reboot.

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how was it fix?

Question owner

Not sure, maybe its not all personas that are fixed? I don't remember updating either RF or FF, just a few reboots with some windows updates thrown in last 2 days. GIZ GAZ persona just all of a sudden started working, see image:

Modified by FFfanguy

Question owner

arrrgghh...the error is back! Only change was registering for RF "Everywhere"...tried to update to the latest RF and my FF is up to date, so annoying...

Question owner

Well...looks like they've got it fixed again...I didn't do any updates just appears to be working today somehow...same persona as before...

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Well shoot...the glitch is back (FF updates today to 4.0.1, not sure if that's what did it).

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Have you contacted Roboform about that issue? My guess is that the Roboform toolbar is a bit flaky and is overriding the Personas image.

Question owner

Yes...twice now (once in the quote above), they realize its an issue that they are working on...

Daniël 0 solutions 2 answers

Helpful Reply

Same problem here... The first 2 seconds when Firefox 4 starts the Roboform toolbar has the persona-skin, but after that it turns into a grey toolbar. Like it is a transparency problem. I have this problem since I updated to Firefox 4.

I've got Windows 7 64bit. Firefox and Roboform are both updated to the latest version. My sister has got the same Firefox and Roboform, but her persona works fine.. Also on my laptop with Windows XP and Firefox 4 it works fine. Could it be that those two are 32bit?


Question owner

A new wrinkle in the issue (for me), is that the Personas works within FF4 if I move the FF window to my laptop screen. However, if I drag the FF window over to my external monitor (I run a 2nd monitor at work), the Personas stops working immediately on Roboform toolbar.

I can do this back & forth all day, for a week+ now, Roboform Toobar & Personas works on the laptop screen, then doesn't work on the external screen. I've sent Roboform another ticket detailing this, the more tickets they get from users the higher the priority this will be hopefully.

mistertee2011 0 solutions 1 answers

Helpful Reply

From the Firefox "Tools" menu select:

Options > Advanced > General

In the "Browsing" segment of the window, UN-CHECK the "use hardware acceleration when available" box. Click "OK" and restart Firefox. The Roboform toolbar should now be transparent with Personas.

Worked for me. Give it a try and let the forum know your results.

Question owner

Hello Mistertee, Thanks for the advice, I attempted the fix and still no luck. Screenshot after restarting FF attached. RF replied to my ticket saying they were escalating the case last week, no other response yet.

SomersetHornet 0 solutions 1 answers

Can confirm that unchecking the "use hardware acceleration" box works here and the tool bar is now transparent in Firefox 4.01 with Roboform 7.2.9.

waterhzrd 0 solutions 2 answers

After trying every way I could think of to correct this, turning off hardware acceleration actually fixed this issue for me as well. Not sure now though if I want to loose that feature just to correct the background color of my toolbar (I don't use personas, so really for me it's a matter of having a gray'ish toolbar instead of matching the default win7 blue'ish colored toolbars).

I really don't however notice much difference with hardware acceleration turned off rather than on.

Daniël 0 solutions 2 answers

The tip of mistertee2011 worked for me! Tnx! Very happy! :D It still needs to be fixed for other users and that takes too long in my opinion..

Question owner

The hardware acceleration fix does not fix my problem, although I'm glad its fixed the problem for other users.

In fact, FF Personas and Roboform toolbar now work just fine for me WITHOUT having to disable the hardware acceleration on my Asus laptop!

Like my recent post explained, the problem is that Personas works within FF4 on my laptop screen. However, if I drag the FF window over to my external monitor (I run a 2nd monitor at work), the Personas stops working immediately on Roboform toolbar.

I can do this back & forth all day long, Roboform Toobar & Personas works on the laptop screen, but if I drag the FF screen over to the external screen, it immediately stops working. I've sent Roboform another ticket detailing this.

This wouldn't be such an issue if I hadn't paid for the "Pro" license before, and now had to pay again for the "everywhere" license, for something that isn't working correctly...although I'll be honest I can't live without Roboform.