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Can I replace (edit) a Folder Icon on the bookmark bar?


I've got most of my bookmarks in Folders on the Bookmark bar as I did in IE. To get as many as possible showing on the bar I gave each folder a distinct and telling icon and then only had to use one letter in IE for description. Zero letters would be even better.

How can I edit the generic yellow folder icon to a custom icon in Firefox?

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See this UserStyle for the basic code that is needed. You will need to use that code for every folder you want to customize.
http://userstyles.org/styles/34038 - hit the Show Code to see the code

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Add code to userChrome.css below the @namespace line.
Substitute the Folder_Name with the real folder name(s) (case sensitive).
Place the folder icons in the chrome folder where userChrome.css resides.

@namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"); /* only needed once */

#personal-bookmarks .bookmark-item[container][label="Folder_Name"] {
 list-style-image:url('folder-icon.png') !important;
 -moz-image-region:auto !important;

#personal-bookmarks toolbarbutton.bookmark-item[container] > .toolbarbutton-text {
 display:none !important;

See http://kb.mozillazine.org/Editing_configuration#How_to_edit_configuration_files

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Thanks for the quick replies. Unfortunately I'm new to Firefox and don't know what to do with the info that you kindly provided. Find myself clicking from link to link getting more confused as I go along. In IE I simply right click on the Folder/Options/Change Icon.

I really just want to use a browser without spending a whole lot of time learning new tricks.

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I am having this problem as well. I have folders on my tool bar that I would love to give icons to so that I can distinguish between them more easily.

Is there a plugin developed for this yet? If not, can someone shoot a video on it??



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