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firefox message: "The page isn't redirecting properly" Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. * why does this mess

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"The page isn't redirecting properly?"

i receive this warning on a daily basis. it seems to occur whenever i open a message  in gmail or try to send a message. anybody have a clue about this? thanks!

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

   *   This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept

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Thanks to cor-el for the suggestion given in the link. Sadly I have to report: 1) It is not a bookmark problem and it makes no difference whether I put or in the address bar. 2) Cookies are allowed and there are no exceptions set 3) All cookies have been deleted 4) network.http.sendRefererHeader is already set to 2

That deals with the items in the linked document. Additional information:

5) I can get into the adobe site from a clean "in memory" installation of PuppyLinux using Seamonkey using the same router and dhcp setup.

6) un-installing all Mozilla products - rebooting and re-installing makes no difference even when I remove the mozilla folder from docs&settings.

so as I said in previous post (as annonymous) not a lot makes sense.

Bear in mind that I have no problem running tracert in a command window Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

   1    11 ms    10 ms     9 ms
   2    13 ms    12 ms    11 ms []
   3    13 ms    12 ms    11 ms []
   4    14 ms    12 ms    13 ms []
   5    17 ms    16 ms    17 ms []
   6    17 ms    17 ms    16 ms
   7    16 ms    17 ms    17 ms []
   8    91 ms    92 ms    99 ms []
   9    92 ms    92 ms    93 ms []
  10   162 ms   170 ms   162 ms []
  11   166 ms   166 ms   165 ms []
  12   162 ms   163 ms   161 ms []
  13   166 ms   163 ms   161 ms
  14   166 ms   166 ms   165 ms []

Trace complete.

and I can ping the site.

so where now ?

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I have this problem too, but only for one site - a survey site. It used to be ok, and then the address/survey invites started to get the word 'router' in e.g. - here is part of one of their links I have explained to them by e-mail that the page won't load whatever I do [I do accept their cookies] and they cannot seem to grasp what I mean I do think it is something that FF does

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@ mazbeth Re: Posted December 31, 2010 4:39:48 AM PST:

I just thought I would mention I can get into the site you mention

Maybe you need to check the part you are trying to access still exists, and is infact an open area that you would be allowed access to.

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Sorry, both should have been mozillaZine KB links. I fixed up that first mozillaZine KB link wrongly (I save such links as [network.http.redirection-limit] in a text file)

Should be:

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I had the same problem and what I did was I disable my anti-virus safe search and then enable it again and i got it to work again. At first I also tried what cor-el was posting and it didn't work also.

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best thing to do is DISABLE ALL YOUR ADDONS then re-enable them one by one this is what i did and it worked for me

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I invariably get this message when someone has sent me a link to a news story that has the /print directive at the end -- IOW, the person who sent me the link had been viewing it in a "printable" format. The problem is, most news services generate those printable pages on the fly, and the settings are particular to that person.

When I copy the URL, remove the /print section, and then click on the URL, I get sent to the page with no problems.