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How do i remove plugins that came with the install FF 3.6

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When I installed Firefox 3.6 it had plugins from Google in it. I don't want Google trackers, updates, or anything with the name Google on it running in my systems. How do I clean my FF from the Google plugins Why is Firefox including Google updaters in the install without a delete option? If I have to have Google with Firefox its time we say goodbye.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== I installed FF 3.6

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Firefox doesn't come with any Google plugins or extensions.

Some Google desktop software will automatically install the Google Toolbar in Firefox. You can view all extensions and plugins in Tools->Add-Ons, and you can disable them from there. If you disable a plugin or extension, it is no longer used.

For more information, see Disable or remove Add-ons

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Sorry to burst your bubble but the Google updater plugin came with a fresh install of Firefox 3.6.3. I don't use Google apps. I don't know what deal FF and Google have on this but it was documented in the install information. This came with Firefox and its a plugin that put an updater in my running processes that will not stop after stopping it in services and dsiabling it in Fire fox and scanning for any Google software. Its stubborn and intrusive and against anything Firefox has done before. This is why I don't use Google stuff, They invade your system and track you and won't leave nicely.

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Firefox does not come with (and has never come with) the Google Updater Plugin, so you must have obtained this from somewhere else. Just because it's showing up in Firefox's plugin list doesn't mean that it came from Firefox.

If you remove all Google software from add/remove programs, the Google Updater should remove itself. This includes Picasa, Google Earth, Google Desktop, and all other Google programs.

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So your saying an existing install of Google apps installed this plugin without any warning or notice as I installed Firefox? I uninstalled all Google files I could find and the plugin is still on Firefox and the updater is still going, it resist all attempts to remove it and it is reporting to Google and not just updating. Something is wrong here. No matter what, Firefox should have a warning if the plugin folder can be exploited with secret installs. From what I am reading Microsoft is exploiting this folder as well by including Firefox plugins with service packs. How can I know what is going in the Firefox plugins folder? Its not secure in any way? Looks like I have to edit the registry or reinstall windows to get rid of these plugins as Firefox offers no uninstall for them.

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If you have disabled the plugins, they are no longer in use. Firefox still lists disabled plugins in the list, so that you know they are still installed, but they are not used as long as you have them disabled.

The plugin itself is probably registered in the Windows Registry, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/MozillaPlugins or HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/MozillaPlugins. If you are familiar with the registry, you can safely remove the plugins entirely by removing their registry keys.

Unless you are comfortable making changes to your Windows registry, I would advise to just leave the plugins disabled in Firefox. (Making mistakes when editing the registry can cause Windows to severely malfunction)

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It is disabled in plugins and services and uninstalled it and removed it from my start up config file and I still have the Google updater running in the background. I am comfortable booting Google out of the registry if it takes all day and a computer. I would sell this rig and get a new one before I live with this mess on my rig. Firefox does need to secure the plugins folder. Chrome and Explorer's owners are trying to make FireFox look bad as they both install secret plugins included with with service packs and apps. This is a nightmare to get rid of.

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I have used RegScanner v1.80 ( ) and removed all sorts of nasties like Google, HP (Cr)appware, Roxio, Apple, etc. from my workstation.

Be careful and backup registry before making any changes

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To uninstall Google Earth Plugin


Select Start > Programs (or All Programs) > Google Earth > Uninstall Google Earth Plug-in.


Delete /Library/Internet Plug-ins/Google Earth Web Plug-in.plugin before restarting your browser.

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As has been said already, the official distribution of Firefox doesn't include any add-ons, be them plugins or extensions. Plugins already installed on your system will be enabled, by default, on a fresh install of Firefox. You can disable and enable plugins by going into Tools > Add-ons > Plugins.

Also, in case you had Firefox installed on a previous occasion on your system and didn't erase your Firefox profile, all your information will have been kept, and extensions that were previously installed (as well as browsing history, passwords, settings, themes and so on) will be shown and used in the new installation, since you'll be using your old profile. Again, this is only in the case you already had a Firefox profile on your system before installing it.

If you downloaded a different distribution of Firefox (if you downloaded Firefox off the official site, you had the official distribution), it's possible that it came with bundled add-ons, but we can't say anything about that, since only the official distribution is supported here.

As a general rule, never download Firefox off sites you don't trust, always download it from the official site, and always remember that Firefox is totally free (if you want to use it, modify it, redistribute it, study it, you can, totally free of charge) and you will never have to pay for Firefox. If you did, you were scammed. Firefox is also free of advertising, except for the inbuilt search engines, that can be easily disabled and even removed completely, and except for the default home page, that can be easily changed.