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How to import booksmarks into a specific folder

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Hey guys,

Is there a way to import bookmarks from an HTML file directly into a folder so that the bookmarks are organized immediately upon import?

Thanks for your help.

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Did you want to import the file to its own folder? If you import an HTML bookmark file, its data is added to the current.

more options Did you update Firefox to the latest version 66.0.4 May 5, 2019 Fixes add-on certificate issue. 66.0.5 May 7, 2019 Further improvements to re-enable web extensions

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A file with simple <A HREF="<URL>">Title</A> should be sufficient to work as an HTML import.

A copy in the Library places this code as text/html on the clipboard in the current Firefox release:

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
<A HREF="">/questions/1258814</A>
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Hi Everyone,

Thank you very much for your comments and time.

I can confirm my Firefox version is 66.0.5 May 7, 2019

I created a simple HTML file cor-el suggested.

Then I opened a newly created Booksmarks folder which has nothing in it.

That was then followed by running the import "Import Booksmarks from HTML"

Select the .HTM file on my Mac.

What happened was the bookmarks all ended up in Recently Bookmarked, but I cannot find them in the newly created folder or for that matter anywhere else within the Booksmarks structure.

I imported a little over 200 bookmarks.

What is interesting is in the "Recently Bookmarked" area only 10 of them show up at a time. When I deleted 10 of them, the next 10 displays.

From what I can tell, there doesn't seem to be a specific way to import directly to a specified Bookmarks least the import process should ask even if one is open.

Another item is when you import, there is no confirmation as to how many imports were made or a confirmation that any imports were completed.

It seems like this process could be better developed in future revisions.

Passing along my two cents from my experience.

Open to other thoughts.

Thanks again.

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To get them in a specific folder you would have to add a folder structure in the HTML file. That would require at least H1 tag for the main folder (Bookmarks Menu) and H3 tags for bookmark folders and DL and DT tags for bookmarks as you can see if you inspect an HTML backup. For me the imported bookmarks were at the bottom of the Bookmarks Menu folder and not in the Unsorted/Other Bookmarks folder. I assume that will make a new folder structure getting added at the bottom of the specified root folder. The main structure looks something like this:

<H1>Bookmarks Menu</H1>
   <DT><A HREF="URL" >BOOKMARK</A></DT><p>
 <H3 personal_toolbar_folder="true" >Bookmarks Toolbar</H3>
 <H3 unfiled_bookmarks_folder="true" >Other Bookmarks</H3>
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smartfinds said

What happened was the bookmarks all ended up in Recently Bookmarked, but I cannot find them in the newly created folder or for that matter anywhere else within the Booksmarks structure.

I think you would usually expect to find an "Imported Bookmarks" folder at the end of the Bookmarks Menu when you import a bookmarks.htm file. If you check the Bookmarks menu up on the menu bar, does that one show it?

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Sorry, forgot to mention: Recently Bookmarked is generated by running a query across your bookmarks in all folders to show the ones most recently added regardless of location. It is "live" in the sense that deleting items from that list deletes them from their (secret, undisclosed) location, but it also is strong evidence that they must be somewhere.

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Hi Everyone,

Overall, I was able to successfully import booksmarks from a self-created HTML file. Unfortunately, the booksmarks did not end up anywhere useful.

The process to import the bookmarks to a specific folder seems a bit convoluted and complicated for the average person to understand.

Best as I can tell this issue needs more attention by the Firefox team to improve the import process to a specific folder.

I cannot say this problem is resolved. However, I don't see a reason to add any additional comments.

Thank you very much for collaborating.

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Weren't those imported bookmarks added at the bottom of the Bookmarks Menu folder?

Where would you want them to be added?

You mentioned the "Recently Bookmarked" folder as where you found them, but this folder is not a real folder, but is a folder that shows the result of a database query. Folders that show in this list are located elsewhere. If you can't find them then simply open a bookmark in a tab and click the highlighted star. Open the full folder tree to check where the bookmark is located (use the scroll bar or the mouse scroll wheel until you notice the selected profile).