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How do I get my image to fit into the size of the screen w/out zooming? Thanks

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My HTML file image gets automatically larger than the screen when I download it. When I try zooming smaller to make the top of the image appear, then the bottom of the image disappears. The pixel dimensions of the original image are 4:3 (4 horizontal...3 vertical), set up for the apple ipad. It would be OK for me if the image was stretched or squished a little to fit, but the image cannot be cropped unnecessarily to fit. Is there a "fit image into screen" button I'm missing? Thanks for your help Best Regards Richard

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Is this your website?

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Is this an HTML file that only has this one image in the body tag?

What are the dimensions of this image?

Computer monitors are usually 16:10, so a 4:3 image would have to be stretched horizontally considerably if you want to make it fit the screen. Firefox usually doesn't do this and you may have to provide proper width and height attributes or CSS rules. If the width is 100% then the image will extend beyond the screen.

See also the Inspector.

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I am searching for a way to make my original image "fit the screen" which has not been a problem until I downloaded my image onto the Firefox browser.

Does anyone know of a way within the Firefox browser to make an adjustment so that my original image is made to "fit the screen".

Thanks for your help Best Regards Richard

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How about answering the three questions that were asked of you?

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Hi Richard, if you are viewing an image "stand alone" -- the address bar would have the typical .jpg, .png, or .gif extension -- when you click the image, Firefox toggles between actual size and fit to viewport. Fit to viewport fits both dimensions. There is no "fit width, scroll vertically" setting, or vice versa.

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To follow up the previous three questions:

This is not my web site…. I’m trying to download an HTML file, a book, generated by TigerCreate software on our apple computer. The books are now on Apple iBooks and I want to make them accessible on Windows PCs and this is a test to download them on our windows PC. Firefox is set up with HTML which I thought would be the best browser. And Firefox does show the animations and narration and music that come with the book which is fantastic. Why the image doesn’t fit is surprising.

So because the file contains the whole book, I assume this image has one body tag although I don’t really know about body tags. It's interesting that the screenshots at the top of the page include the entire image of each illustration.

The pixel count is 1464 x 1100

So thanks to all who are helping. Best Regards Richard

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What was the actual starting point? For example, a Pages/Word document, a PDF, an iBook, or something else? You usually get the cleanest and most easily editable/fixable HTML conversion from the original source document.

Modified by jscher2000

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Okay now that I looked up TigerCreate... It seems you can directly save in HTML format so you an open that in a browser without going through any download or later conversion. Let's forget about downloading and iBooks and just talk about viewing the HTML product of TigerCreate.

Does it work as expected in Safari, just not in Firefox?

Do you have their latest update in case they are embedding style rules that have become obsolete?

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It works in Safari as an epub file that iBooks uses. And when I publish in HTML, it also works in Safari.

Yes the latest updates are included. This is the latest communication from David, the TigerCreate software developer:

Hi Richard,

If you want your project to work in a web browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox you need to put it on a Web Server. This means practically to upload the entire folder "TC2WebPlayer" that's being created on publish to a Web Server you have access to. Typically this is done using an ftp client. Afterwards you can open the project in the browser with the address of your server, like

For the basic setup of a Web Server we can't give you any support unfortunately.

Hope this helps.

Best David

Thanks again jscher2000 for your help Best Regards Richard

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I also found this message before the preload screen. Is this part of the adjustment that needs to be made? Thanks again Richard

Include the TC2 Web Player in an iframe via:

<iframe style="position:absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width:100%; height:100%" src="TC2WebPlayer/index.html?language=EN" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0"></iframe>
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Generally speaking images will be given their natural (full) size unless dimensions are applied to them using either attributes or style rules (CSS). As examples:

Attributes: <img src="puppies.jpg" width="640" height="480">

Inline CSS: <img src="puppies.jpg" style="width:640px; height:480px">

In addition to specific dimensions, it's possible to specify percentages, meaning, how much of the "parent" or "containing" element. But depending on the layout of the page, percentages can work differently in different browsers.

Presumably you aren't setting any of this by hand, the converter is doing it. But you might be able to override it after conversion by editing one or more files.

But where and which files?! Good question.

Can you create and post on a web server a simple project illustrating this problem? It's really difficult to get a handle on it without putting hands on.

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If the TigerCreate program that created the HTML file to begin with (including the TC2WebPlayer) automatically fits the image in the screen using the Safari browser.....and I take this same HTML file and send it to a windows PC and open it with the Firefox browser and everything works except the top 20% (approximately) of the image no longer appears on the screen and when I try to reduce the size of the image to fit, the bottom of the image disappears. Isn't there a way of introducing a "command" to "fit image into screen" in the Firefox protocol? Thanks again for your help Richard

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Why doesn't the top 20% fit on the screen? Do you need to scroll up? If you do that, does the bottom 20% not fit on the screen? Or is it impossible to scroll up enough to see the top of the image?

I don't understand what you mean by:

Drovy said

when I try to reduce the size of the image to fit, the bottom of the image disappears.

Is this a problem with Firefox's Zoom feature, or an HTML edit of some kind?

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The image doesn't scroll at all. I tried to reduce the size of the image by using the zoom feature which gained a little of the top while at the same time cutting off the bottom. No matter how much I zoom I'm not able to see the top of the image. Thanks again Richard

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I can't do this blind, sorry.

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Does the Inspector gives any clues about the viewport?

You can right-click and select "Inspect Element" to open the builtin Inspector with this element selected.

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Thanks cor-el for your suggestion. I will have to pursue your suggestion in detail when we return home tomorrow. Until then Best Regards Richard

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Hi cor-el

To answer your question, so far in the inspector I have not found any clues about the viewport.

Although In the readme file that appears next to the TC2WebPlayer it says:

"1. Offline test For a quick test of the web player, before uploading to your own web server, Firefox can open the index.html contained in the folder."

Yet whenever I click on index.html, a small image of the first page appears with the following message in red above it:

"Include the TC2 Web Player in an iframe via:

<iframe style="position:absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width:100%; height:100%" src="TC2WebPlayer/index.html?language=EN" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0"></iframe>

When I enlarge the image clicking on the two arrows pointing in opposite directions, that's when the image expands beyond the top of the screen, yet the bottom of the image stays included within the screen.

How do I Include the TC2 Web Player in an iframe as instructed above? Will this solve the problem and contain the image within the screen?

Thanks for your help Richard