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firefox.exe has stopped working

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Ever since upgrading to the new Firefox Quantum, I get the dreaded "firefox.exe has stopped working" error. It use to only happen every couple days and now it happens multiple times a day. I had to start using another browser to keep my sanity. I hope someone can help me out because I love Firefox and have no desire to use anything else.

My crash reports always show "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_EXEC" as the reason.

As far as I can tell, all of my drivers are up to date. I know for sure that my iGPU and dGPU are current. I'm running Win 10.

Thanks, Clint

Last 5 crash reports: bp-b727b337-798d-4159-8e39-8db810180617 bp-09ba0974-1b84-44d0-ad50-27ddd0180617 bp-315aa1a0-93f7-4b60-bed2-e88f91180616 bp-238b5b7c-735f-48ca-81b8-b851f1180613 bp-2331e2c6-664b-4726-9cc9-e4be10180613

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I would think 8gigs of ram is your main issue. Usually this is Video Card Driver issue also.

Windows 10 can change any and all hardware drivers and replace them with Microsoft's Search for Device Manager and check also date of driver by Right Click Properties.

Increase your Swap File size. Use the Max # in both Minimum and Max boxes. Apply, Reboot.

Turn off Hardware Acceleration for your Video Card.

Optimize Windows 10 by deleting by Right Click everything that is possible in the Start Menu and the Tiles that you do not use. Delete all Tiles if do not use them.

Go through Settings and each Subject and turn off everything you do not use like maps, then delete stored maps, turn off microphones and cameras if do not use them, turn off share everything with anything.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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Pkshadow, thank you for your input. Can you please clarify what you mean by "I would think 8gigs of ram is your main issue."? Also just an FYI, I have 16GB of RAM. Now that you know this, do you you still recommend changing the Swap File?

I have just finished applying your suggestions(minus swap file) and will test Firefox thoroughly tonight.


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HI, maybe confusion : Available Physical Memory 9,195,626,496 bytes (9.2 GB) Available Page File 8,229,814,272 bytes (8.23 GB) Available Virtual Memory 138,536,539,471,872 bytes (138.54 TB)

Total Virtual Memory 	140,737,488,224,256 bytes (140.74 TB)
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There is no harm in changing it as it will be set lower than what is actually recommended when you get in there and look.

Setting both min and max with the max number is a old hack, still works but you can put in the new min/max that is recommended.

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Well I have followed all your suggestions and I am still having the same problems.

bp-a992729b-cb0c-4da7-9c23-5f8801180619 bp-41d3e88d-a718-4319-a5fe-001b91180619 bp-1e7f0c82-8e87-4ed4-8c2f-3ebda1180619 bp-c8bf6bce-6f57-4c6e-9c27-890a11180619

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It is crashing when compiling some java script on a page you visited firefox crash js::jit::EliminateDeadResumePointOperands ucrtbase.dll Visual Studio file.

I can not come up with a clear solution for you so will ask you to do this please : SAFE MODE

In Firefox Safe mode these changes are effective:

  • all extensions are disabled (about:addons)
  • default theme is used (no persona)
  • userChrome.css and userContent.css are ignored (chrome folder)
  • default toolbar layout is used (file: localstore-safe.rdf)
  • Javascript JIT compilers are disabled (prefs: javascript.options.*jit)
  • hardware acceleration is disabled (Options > Advanced > General)
  • plugins are not affected
  • preferences are not affected

TEST''''is issue still there ? Test long enough for issue to present it self.

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I will do it again in order to provide you with a specific crash report, but I have tried Safe Mode many times with no relief from the ""EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_EXEC" crash reason.

After following your first suggestions (i.e. disable hardware acceleration, optimize Windows, Page File, etc.) I was still getting the same errors, I got fed up and tried the following: 1- Uninstalled Firefox and deleted all previous folders 2- Reinstalled Firefox and left it stock(no changes to settings, no extensions added, etc) 3- Got ticked off and did a full PC restore with a clean install of Windows with Firefox being the first and only software I added and still had the Firefox problem. That is when I provided you the most recent crash reports.

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It has crashed multiple times today in Safe Mode, however not one crash report was generated.

I really don't want to use Google Chrome

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Hi you did all the right uninstall but did you get the full version install as that can make the difference :

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Did you install version 1803 of Win10 ?

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Hi, also what does the Windows Event Viewer Show as the crash issue ?

If it is kernel32.dll & ntdll.dll Can you post your question at one of these have already mentioned : & as they may have a answer as to why those are crashing Firefox out. Put a link back to here in your question.

Yes know it is frustrating and we are trying to get you going.

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No, I did not realize there were full versions of Firefox compared to the download version on the Firefox homepage. I will install the ALL version now. What is the difference?

I am currently using version 1709 of Win10 with a clean install as it has been much more stable for me than 1803. Firefox had the same error on both Windows builds.

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full version install doesn't work either.

I don't know how to read Windows Event Viewer reports. I know how to view them but it's all greek to me. I guess I will go try to research how to read them unless can give me some insight.

ERROR: Faulting application name: firefox.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5b16d65f Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00007ff88a530001 Faulting process id: 0x1dfc Faulting application start time: 0x01d40827c3a07623 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe Faulting module path: unknown Report Id: dbe87491-dcd4-4ade-8b22-8d4e3b302486 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID:

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Any other suggestions?

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Hi insomniac125, 8 gigs of RAM should be fine. What you're experiencing is not normal behaviour. First, let's try refreshing Firefox. This will purge a lot of your Firefox files, while retaining most of your personal data. For instructions, check out the following article: Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings

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Thanks Chris, but refreshing Firefox is not going to help. Not only did I try this from the beginning, but I had also tried a completely clean/fresh install of Win 10 and then installed Firefox with no changes to the problem.

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Are you running any third-party software, such as the following:

  • security software, firewalls, or internet safety
  • virus or malware checkers
  • backup or disk utility or cleaner software

If yes, can you provide the names of those software products?

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No on all 3 questions.

I believe I mentioned earlier that I have also tested it after doing a clean/fresh install of Windows 10, no other software, and then installing Firefox to see if I could duplicate the problem and Firefox still crashes with the same "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_EXEC" error. Then I tried another fresh Win 10 install, updated all drivers, allowed Windows to install all available updates, installed Firefox, and still have the same problem.