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MOZILLA SUPPORT SUCKS: SQLite is a work-around to find misplaced Folders in Firefox but...

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Since DAY ONE Firefox has not allowed users to find misplaced folders because it has no feature to do so that actually functions for this task. There are outdated extensions and several methods that simply do not work yet for some reason folders containing other folders and bookmarks constantly disappear and are usally relocated into some other folder.

Sure, maybe we can remember a keyword for searching and can find an entire list of bookmarks that way but what about all of the others in the misplaced hierarchy of folders and bookmarks?


They know damn well this has been a serious problem for years and have not responded when updating Firefox. They suck so bad they won't even write a tutorial that actually explains how to use SQLite for example to search through places.sqlite which will in fact at least identify the path where the misplaced folder(s) are located so a user can relocate back to where they can be seen and used.

I can use SQLite Browser to find bookmarks but not the folder they are in or the path where the folder is located.

Where's the tutorial for SQLite?

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I haven't tested this add-on to see if if include bookmark folders, but it looks like it may help:

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Please continue your question where you started it please as it has been answered there. <strike> 1208857</strike>

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Hi, I'm a moderator of this support forum. Please do not continue your question in the other thread, as that is someone else's thread.

Starting a new thread was the right thing to do. :)

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In the Firefox SQLite Manager extension this query used to work:

SELECT AS "Bookmark ID", b.title AS "Title", p.title AS "Folder", ia.content, AS "AnnoAttribute"
FROM (moz_bookmarks AS b INNER JOIN moz_bookmarks AS p ON = b.parent), moz_items_annos AS ia, moz_anno_attributes AS aa
WHERE ( = ia.item_id) AND (ia.anno_attribute_id = AND ( LIKE 'bookmarkPropertiesDialog/folderLastUsed')
ORDER BY ia.content DESC
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Thanks for the sql query cor-el. It stills runs on sqlite 3.10.1 but it does not solve the problem yet but I did mark as helpful because it is a helpful query and given the time to hack it up further I'll see what I can learn.

That said, the "Bookmark search plus 2" add-on was recommended and does in fact help we users to identify the location of a folder hierarchy that was somehow relocated into another folder.

However, Mozilla still sucks as this has been a Day One problem and the developers should have developed a native means to search for folders by now as one would surmise AFTER 60 HISTORCAL UPDATES as of the date of this rant.

The best way IMO would be searching on a known term that exists in the name of a bookmark such as "inkscape" so search results on that known term returns the folder hierarchy where all such found instances of the search term resides.

But that's just me...

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Chosen Solution

I haven't tested this add-on to see if if include bookmark folders, but it looks like it may help:

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That add-on did work Chris thank you for recommending it.